10 years of Climate Marches in Waterloo Ontario

Louisette Lanteigne created this video illustrating 10 years of social activism in the Waterloo Region to stop climate change by opposing pipelines, honoring treaty rights and all our other climate activism.

Waterloo Region RISES for Climate Justice and the Global Climate Strike!

350 Canada Climate Strike Video:

History was made with #ClimateStrike in Canada

We just made history. Here are the numbers so far:✊Montreal: 500K ✊Vancouver: 100K ✊Toronto: 50K+✊Ottawa: 20K✊Winnipeg 12K✊Victoria: 20K ✊Halifax, Saint John's & Winnipeg: 10K+ a piece That is nearly 800,000 people in Canada, making the global count 3+ million for today!That brings the total for global #ClimateStrike between September 20-27th to nearly 7 million people. And the numbers are still rolling in.Let that sink in.This is just the beginning. Join the movement >> text VOTE to 67076.

Posted by 350 Canada on Friday, September 27, 2019
Kitchener made the cut at 0:42 seconds into video.

More Climate Strike Waterloo Region Videos:

Here are our videos from our Climate Strike on Sept 27th,2019 — so far.

Other videos:

Greta Thunberg – Global Climate Strike 20th September. NOTE: Waterloo Region will be striking on September 27,2019.
Calling Adults Everywhere to Action #ClimateStrike. NOTE: Waterloo Region will be striking on September 27,2019. Published on 23 Jul 2019
This video is a call to action from Greta Thunberg and people all over the world who are responding to the call to join youth in the streets for the Global Climate Strikes this September 20-27 NOTE: Waterloo Region will be striking on September 27,2019.

Sing For the Climate Belgium

Sing For The Climate Lyrics

Do it now. Sing for the climate (English version)

With this song, 60 well known Flemish artists demand action to put a stop on climate change. It’s the Flemish ‘Big Ask’.
The Big Ask brings together 18 countries all with the same big ask – That their governments commit to reduce carbon emissions, year on year. Every year. We need strong leadership on climate change to put a stop on the devastation it brings to the world and especially the developing world.

This song resonated on the 22th and 23th of September 2012 throughout 180 cities and communities during a ‘Sing for the Climate song manifestation’.

‘Sing for the Climate’ is supported bij 11.11.11, de Flemish umbrella organization of Flemish NGO’s for development cooperation and CNCD, its Walloon counterpart.

We need your help to ensure that governments ‘Do it Now’. Join ‘Sing for the Climate’ now. See –