Truthout: Groundbreaking Study Links Human-Caused Climate Change to Global Daily Weather

Winona LaDuke, Sally Field, Jane Fonda and Baltimore Teachers Union president Diamonté Brown demonstrate on Capitol Hill during “Fire Drill Friday” climate change protest on December 13, 2019, in Washington, D.C. John Lamparski / Getty Images

Scientists can now detect the “fingerprint” of human-caused climate change in global daily weather patterns, according to a groundbreaking analysis published Thursday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

The study, Climate Change Now Detectable From Any Single Day of Weather at Global Scale, complicates the well-established narrative about the difference between weather and climate. Generally, the former refers to the conditions of the atmosphere in terms of factors like cloudiness, moisture, pressure, temperature, and wind over a short period of time while the latter is average weather in a region over longer periods.

“For generations, climate scientists have educated the public that ‘weather is not climate,’ and climate change has been framed as the change in the distribution of weather that slowly emerges from large variability over decades,” the study says. “However, weather when considered globally is now in uncharted territory.”

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