Rabble.ca: New book fights neoliberal consensus on climate change

Sophia Reuss January 30, 2020

San Francisco youth climate strike, March 2019. Image: Marti Johnson/Wikimedia Commons

Of all the lessons that the architects of neoliberalism have imparted over the past four decades, perhaps the most insidious was the idea that there would not be losers along the road to 21st-century progress. Instead, the prospect of the end of history brought with it the promise that all of us would be winners.

The future was frictionless. Or so the political logic went.

Today, that logic has worn thin around the edges. The reality of climate breakdown has exposed the idea that a better, human future was inevitable for what it was: a new-fangled political cover to mask the realities of capitalist wealth concentration. A better future — or any future at all, it seems — must be fought for, vigorously.

If the very fact of climate change has mainstreamed the trickery of this neoliberal logic, then the authors of A Planet to Win (Kate Aronoff, Alyssa Battistoni, Daniel Aldana Cohen and Thea Riofrancos, all prominent climate activists and scholars) put it to rest once and for all. Within the context of late-stage capitalism and climate collapse, the authors argue that the activist left must popularize a new moral and political calculus, one aimed at building a world where all people can live a good life. For Aronoff, Battistoni, Cohen and Riofrancos, this means fighting for — and winning — a radical Green New Deal. 

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