Petition: STOP Free Trade deal between the EU and Mercosur

Please sign the petitions at Avaaz , WeMove.EU, Rainforest-Rescue, and SumOfUs.

(Note: Text below taken from the Avaaz site)

The Amazon is at greater risk than ever before and the European Union is about to make it worse!


The European Commission has signed a Free Trade deal with Brazil and MERCOSUR on June 28, 2019, giving a green light to destruction and exploitation of the Amazon rainforest for the production of cheap meat and animal feed.
This agreement needs European Parliament approval to become law so now is our chance to prevent it!

The leaders of the member states of the EU must place their vote against this catastrophic deal.


  • Mercosur is an economic and political union comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
  • Free trade deal with the European Union and Mercosur means tax-free import of agricultural goods (cheap meat and soy used for animal feed) from South American countries to the European Union.
  • As breeding cows and growing cheap soy for animal feed contributes to 91% of the Amazon rainforest destruction, this means that the European Union is willing to pay Mercosur to exploit and destroy the biggest rainforest in the world
  • This will inflict irreparable damage to the ecosystem and greatly contribute to the climate crisis which will influence every human on the planet.

The EU Commission has already signed this agreement in June 2019, which led Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro celebrate it and increased destruction of the rainforests with the fires we all witnessed this summer. However, the deal is not enforced until European Parliament approves it.

According to IPCC reports, with today’s emission rates, CO2 budgets for a 1.5 degrees Celsius warming limit will be entirely gone in less than 8 and a half years. With rainforest destruction, there will be less time left before the carbon budget is gone.

Mercosur means a disaster for climate, nature, animals and the environment.

If the agreement gets its approval, we will witness a total destruction of the Amazon and we must prevent it by requesting EU member states to disapprove it and block the agreement.

Please sign the petitions at Avaaz , WeMove.EU, Rainforest-Rescue, and SumOfUs.

Read more at Wikipedia , The Guardian and NASA.

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