Climate Change News, Aug 2022



US startup unveils plug-and-play solid-state battery for residential applications – pv magazine International

Unplug These Appliances to Save $100 Each Year | CNET

The Hank Hill Solution to Climate Change | The American Prospect

Tesla met with federal government four times in the last six months over potential Canadian factory | Drive Tesla

Pakistan: Deadly floods reminder to wealthy countries to remedy unfettered climate change | Amnesty International

Opinion | What is the worst-case AI scenario? Human extinction. | The Washington Post

One skill shortage more than any is holding back Australia in the race to net zero | RenewEconomy

Landcare warns climate-driven crisis hampering community projects across Australia | ABC News

Get ready for a rare ‘triple-dip’ La Niña | The Verge

EVs Cause More Costly Collisions, Do More Damage than ICE

Converting An Old ATV To Electric Drive | Hackaday

Climate Change Remains Top Global Threat Across 19-Country Survey | Pew Research Center

Chevrolet Recalls 121,000 Sparks Because The Hood May Pop Open

Canoo’s Manufacturing Head Is Out as EV Maker Plans Outsourcing

BMW and Bosch Are Getting Deeper Into Hydrogen Fuel Cells

A unique ferroelectric and lead-free material may change solar cell manufacturing


Yars: Recharged Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

Tesla files to build EV batteries on new production lines at Fremont Factory

Solar farms use vast amounts of land | Daily Friend

Polestar 2 Battery Replacement Far Exceeds Car’s Price In China

New contra-rotating turbine design produces double the energy of the world's largest turbine

Lab-made perovskite solar panel loses 25% of efficiency over 9-month period – pv magazine International

Green aviation takes wing with electric aircraft designs | Research and Innovation

Germany’s Ultra-Cheap Train Ticket Saved 1.8 Million Tons of CO2

Flood-Ravaged Pakistan Faces “Monsoon on Steroids” – Mother Jones

Data centers face drought and climate risk : NPR

Contra-rotating floating turbines promise unprecedented scale and power

Climate change: Pakistan emits less than 1% of the world’s planet-warming gases. It’s now drowning | CNN

China's Dominance in the Solar Panel Supply Chain


‘Zombie ice’ from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches | World News |

Why Pakistan is at ‘ground zero’ of the climate crisis after suffering deadly flooding | World News | Sky News

Wave-riding generators promise the cheapest clean energy ever

U.K. official: Don’t be squeamish over drinking reused sewage water | The Washington Post

Tesla quietly built a virtual power plant in Japan | The Verge

Scientists unlock how to charge EVs even faster | Popular Science

Rivers all over the world are drying up, not just the Colorado

Pakistan floods underscore debate about who pays for climate damages | The Washington Post

New AI Chip Twice as Energy Efficient as Alternatives | IEEE Spectrum

Last drinks: How to farewell internal combustion in style | CarExpert

In a summer of extreme weather events, a simultaneous great drought and deluge | The Washington Post

Haval to stop selling internal combustion-engined vehicles by 2030, NEVs to comprise 80% sales by 2025 |

GAF Energy breaks ground on US solar roofing factory – pv magazine International

Extreme weather events could cost Canada $139 billion by 2050: report | National |

Copper Thieves Are Cutting Electric Car Charging Cables and Stealing Them

A New Approach to Car Batteries Is About to Transform EVs | WIRED


Sweden’s mining hurdles impede EU’s domestic battery push | MINING.COM

Lake Powell is doomed, Robert Gehrke writes. Now is the time to prepare for a post-Powell future.

I took a 500-mile trip in an EV — but range anxiety was the least of my problems | Tom’s Guide

Climate lawsuit over melting Peru glacier could set global precedent | Washington Post


What Happens When an Electric Vehicle Battery Dies? – Review Geek

Global Renewable Energy Consumption Is Soaring |


Germans are stocking up on firewood as natural gas prices soar — Quartz


The Big Winner of the Inflation Reduction Act |

Portable Solar Energy Systems for Home & On the Go | Earth911

How severe drought is affecting much of the northern hemisphere | The Economist

Cheap, Simple, At-Home EV Charging for the Masses | GearJunkie


We must fundamentally rethink “net-zero” climate plans. Here are six ways how. | MIT Technology Review

Study on underwater methane release raises climate fears | The Washington Post

Software Turns Promise Up for Offshore Wind | IEEE Spectrum

Panasonic launches new warranty package for solar and battery storage – pv magazine International

Looks like three more dry months ahead for Europe | Canada’s National Observer: News & Analysis

Experiment on YouTube reveals potential to ‘inoculate’ millions of users against misinformation

EV prices are going in the wrong direction | The Verge

Coradia iLint: The world's first hydrogen passenger trains | CNN Travel

Cheap, high capacity, and fast: New aluminum battery tech promises it all | Ars Technica

A near 100 per cent renewables grid is well within reach, and with little storage | RenewEconomy


Wildfires rage as China's Chongqing suffers unrelenting record heat wave | CNN

Up to 1 in 6 U.S. tree species threatened with extinction, study finds | The Washington Post

The world’s largest solar park will produce 5 GW energy by 2030

Solar-powered coffee bikes from Germany – pv magazine International

New battery for residential, commercial applications – pv magazine International

How Google uses NLP to better understand search queries, content

Google Researchers Add Powerful Denoise Tool to NeRF AI Program | PetaPixel

Does turning the air conditioning off when you’re not home save energy? | Ars Technica

Chart: America's surge of spending on clean energy


Switzerland's glaciers lost more than half their volume since 1931 | CNN

PV with gravity storage, redox flow batteries in buildings – pv magazine International

Maximizing could be key to minimizing our environmental footprint

Lake Powell Chronicle | Business as usual for the Colorado River

England’s water industry now represents the unacceptable face of capitalism | Water | The Guardian

China's 70-day heat streak is unprecedented globally

China: Brush fires force evacuations during record heat | CTV News

Can rivers and lakes recover from drought? | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 22.08.2022

Australia’s largest solar farm begins exporting to grid – pv magazine International


Letters to the editor: A new energy project in Newfoundland? What could go wrong? | National Post

5 Lakes That Have Almost Dried Up in 2022’s Heat | AZ Animals


You’ll Almost Have to Buy an Electric Vehicle if Climate Bill Passes | TheStreet

Yes, You Need to Replace Your Furnace Filter Year Round | CNET

The world's rivers are drying up in drought and heat. Here's how 6 look from space | CNN

Rivian discontinues its cheapest electric truck option | CNN

Newest cause for climate optimism? The U.S. rivalry with China | POLITICO

‘Hunger stones’ resurface across Europe as a warning from droughts past

Handle a Blackout With Ease by Doing These 11 Things | CNET

Germany’s painful lesson for US climate warriors on the dangers of going green

Column: It shouldn't be so hard to buy an electric car | Los Angeles Times

China drought: Farmers struggle as crops wilt | CTV News


Tindo unveils 410 W solar panel with 20.6% efficiency – pv magazine International

Tesla and Canada show their support for one another

Surprising attractiveness of hurdle to developing safe, clean and carbon-free energy

Solar power plants with smart batteries: It’s just a matter of time – pv magazine International

Solar Parking Lots Benefit Drivers and the Environment. Why Aren’t There More of Them? | CNET

Rumor: China-Made Tesla Model 3 To Get CATL's M3P Batteries

Ontario Human Rights Commission calls on Ford government to make air conditioning a ‘vital service’ | CityNews

Measurement Canada to allow kWh billing at EV chargers before the end of 2022 | Drive Tesla

Japanese Companies Make Progress with Tension Leg Floating Tech | Offshore Wind

General Motors reinstates dividend; CEO Mary Barra cites confidence driven by electric vehicle growth

FACT SHEET: The Inflation Reduction Act Supports Workers and Families | The White House

EVs and solar just the start of becoming renewable superpower, says Cannon-Brookes | RenewEconomy

Americans Are Well Aware Of Climate Change — But Not About The Government’s Efforts To Fight It | FiveThirtyEight


New self-charging device generates electricity from air moisture

Harbour Air’s electric plane makes successful test flight | BC News |

H2Fly’s New HY4 Aircraft Could Be the First to Fly on Liquid Hydrogen – Robb Report

Greenland’s Indigenous population favors extracting and exporting sand from melting ice sheet

GMC Hummer EV Shows That Electric Cars Can Have $100 Fillups Too

Extreme heat is slamming the world’s three biggest economies all at once | CNN

Explained: Bifacial Solar Panels | Saur Energy International

China hit by drought, floods, as Yangtze River runs dry | The Washington Post

A new tool will help make vertical wind turbine farms possible

AI Could Make Air Conditioners 10x Better | IEEE Spectrum


Volvo Plug-In Electric Car Sales Decreased Again In July 2022

The Danube’s historically low levels are damaging the environment and the economy

The Colorado River drought across Lake Mead and Lake Powell, as seen in NASA satellite images | Vox

Tesla Briefly Launches Supercharger Program In US For Non-Tesla EVs

Hygenco, Jindal Stainless sign India’s first long-term green hydrogen offtake deal – pv magazine International

How drought threatens the power grid- POLITICO

Gen Zers trail baby boomers in sustainability awareness, climate action: Study | CNA

For business, water scarcity is where climate change hits home | The Economist

Europe Dries Up |

Electric vehicle owners are fed up with broken EV chargers and janky software | The Verge

Coils In The Road Could Charge EVs While Driving | Hackaday

Climate change: 'Staggering' rate of global tree losses from fires | BBC News

China’s heatwave closes factories that supply parts to Tesla, Intel, and Toyota | The Verge

China is seeding clouds to replenish its shrinking Yangtze River | CNN

Australia’s only solar manufacturer launches its most powerful rooftop module yet | One Step Off The Grid

Australian off-grid demand gives rise to compact, pre-wired systems – pv magazine International

As West water crisis grows, some officials say it’s time for feds to make a move on water cuts | CNN


Your next Lyft in Las Vegas might be a driverless EV | Engadget

Western states hit with more cuts to Colorado River water | CityNews Kitchener

Western states hit with more cuts to Colorado River water | CityNews Halifax

U.S. Energy Information Administration | EIA | Independent Statistics and Analysis

The most important river in the American West is drying up | The Economist

Report: Panasonic To Boost Production At Tesla Gigafactory In Nevada

Progress to Higher Efficiency Thin Film Solar Cells |

Presenting the Electric Six: Mazda 6 replacement likely to become an electric car rival for Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2 | Car News | CarsGuide

Porsche Macan EV Spied Lapping The Nurburgring

Polestar 6 confirmed: the electric roadster is coming | CAR Magazine

MSEDCL Invites Bids to Procure of 250 MW of Renewable Power with Energy Storage | Mercom India

More than 3 GW of solar panels held by US customs under forced labor law – pv magazine International

Money pours into funds targeting solar power, cell towers and data centers | Mint

Manx Utilities considering use of floating solar panels on Sulby Reservoir | Manx Radio

Iqaluit man drapes home in solar panels, whittles May energy bill to one cent | Nunatsiaq News

Interior Department Announces Actions to Protect Colorado River System, Sets 2023 Operating Conditions for Lake Powell and Lake Mead | U.S. Department of the Interior

Hoover Dam hydropower is threatened by West’s historic drought | CNN

Germany: Electric Car Sales Up, Plug-In Hybrids Down In July 2022

France′s nuclear energy option threatens a warming environment | DW News | latest news and breaking stories | DW | 16.08.2022

Ford Motor to Procure 650 MW Solar Energy to Power its Michigan Operations | Mercom India

EPC Tender Issued for 5 MW Solar with 16 MWh Battery Energy Storage | Mercom India

Embedded solar panels generate 50 times more power than regular solar panels

CERC Directs SECI to Compensate Solar Developer for GST Claims | Mercom India

Can The Ford F-150 Lightning Tow A Tesla While Charging It?

Back to the drawing board: Reinventing offshore wind turbines

Ask Hackaday: How Can You Store Energy At Home? | Hackaday

420-Watt Solar Install With Unistruts and VHB Tape

2026 Polestar 6 EV Roadster Confirmed with 884-HP Powertrain

2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup Edition 1 for sale on BaT Auctions | sold for $187,500 on August 16, 2022 (Lot #81,684) | Bring a Trailer


Video: Children used to “prove” Tesla pedestrian avoidance tech | Drive

US: Survey Reveals How Long Customers Have Waited For Tesla Model 3/Y

UK heatwave: Hosepipe ban in Cornwall first in 26 years | BBC News

The race to power a low-carbon future with next-generation EV batteries | The Japan Times

Tesla has world's 7th largest supercomputer by GPU count: AI lead

Southwest faces water cuts deadline as Colorado River at drought tipping point

South Africa's 'silent revolution' as those with cash go solar | Fin24

Siemens and MAHLE are teaming up to develop wireless EV charging

Rooftop solar forces new grid demand low in Queensland, crunches coal output | RenewEconomy

"World's biggest" solar and storage project on track for state approval | RenewEconomy

Pakistan's first locally made electric car JAXERI for Rs4 million?

Nick Hedley | How growing crops under solar panels could be a game-changer for South Africa | Fin24

Mahindra Unveils Five New Electric SUV Concepts Based On The Brand New INGLO Platform

Home solar panels will now pay for themselves in just four years as energy bills soar

French nuclear plants break a sweat over heat wave | Business | Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 15.08.2022

First Tesla Model Y deliveries in New Zealand: First Impressions

Eskom coal supplier Seriti buys controlling stake in wind and solar firm | Fin24

Critics question release of greenhouse gas in forests and parks : NPR

Construction Work Progresses at World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm | Offshore Wind

Colorful solar panels could make the technology more attractive

Clean Energy: Torrent Power leads race to buy clean energy firm Vector Green | The Economic Times

BMW’s g Nearly Four Timesall-electric i7 priced ahead of Q4 launch

Australian steel giant cashes in on energy price windfall from solar farm contract | RenewEconomy

Audi reveals electric vehicle charging stations across the country – here’s where you can find them

550 Spencer building with solar facade will produce more electricity than it requires |


Why Hackers Are Now Targeting Electric Car Charging Stations

The Unstoppable Growth Of Carbon Markets |

Southwest states facing tough choices about water as Colorado River diminishes | 60 Minutes | CBS News

River cruising on the Rhine and Danube in jeopardy thanks to Europe's drought | CNN Travel

Rhine River at Key Waypoint Set to Steady at Low Water Level | Financial Post

Renewable energy projects are taking off but where is the workforce? | ABC News

Ralph Nader calls on NHTSA to recall Tesla’s ‘dangerous’ FSD | Autoblog

Mercedes-Benz Expands Its Battery Supply Partnership With CATL

Lincoln’s Aviator-Sized EV Lifts Off In 2024 Ahead of More Electric SUVs

Hyundai's Hydrogen Future Is In Safe Hands | CarBuzz

Geothermal energy is already reliable – soon it might be carbon-neutral, too

CSOs, govt in drive to restore 70,000 hectares of trees | Monitor

Coal giants are making mega profits as climate crisis grips the world | Deccan Herald

Climate-Fueled Droughts Are Unearthing Unexpected Discoveries

Climate Catastrophe Is Coming. But It’s Not the End of the Story. | POLITICO

Antarctica ice shelves melting faster: Caltech, JPL study | CTV News


XPeng set to reveal a ‘disruptive’ 480kW EV charging network whose mass-produced stations add 125 miles of range in 5 minutes | News

World’s biggest ice sheet could cause massive sea rise without action: study

US And Canada: Tesla Stopped Taking Orders For Model 3 Long Range

Unveiling the First Electric Car of Pakistan | PakWheels Blog

Top 10 Electric Cars July 2022 | Nexon, Tigor, Kona, ZS, eVerito

The weekend read: Hype and hope for solid-state batteries – pv magazine International

Satellite data finds landfills are methane ‘super emitters’

Report: Arctic heating nearly 4 times faster than rest of Earth | The Week

New Electric Car Tax Credits Are About to Radically Change Buying EVs | CNET

Hyundai Motor Reports Over 16,000 BEV Retail Sales In July 2022

Government urged to hasten payments for surplus solar power ahead of feared energy shortages

Global warming threatening world’s biggest ice sheet…

Doomsday prediction as Earth is moving towards ‘sixth mass extinction event’, experts say | Daily Star

China building world’s largest ‘green hydrogen’ factory | South China Morning Post

Can the electric car save the sedan? Tesla Model 3, Polestar 2, Hyundai Ioniq 6 and other new models that could fend off the rise of SUVs | Car News | CarsGuide

Big Oil Looks To Capitalize On The $1 Trillion Offshore Wind Boom |

4 Cheaper Solar Power Options for Your Home | CNET

4 Cheaper Solar Power Options for Your Home | CNET

17 photos show parched fields, dwindling rivers and barren reservoirs across Derbyshire – as drought is officially declared | Derbyshire Times


Why Solar Power Is Failing Amid Record-Breaking Heat |

The Staggering Economics of the Tesla Semi | Torque News

The Hydrogen Stream: Traditional hydrogen blending could damage gas pipelines, say researchers – pv magazine International

Tesla Model Y with BYD batteries has received EU approval, report says | CnEVPost

Tesla Model 3 & Y Are Most Sought-After Luxury Cars in US for Auto Loa

Tesla Giving Up Gas Guzzlers, Converting Energy Fleet To Model Y SUVs

TAE's Copernicus fusion reactor has secured additional funding for its development

Startup's new stunning kite can pull energy from the sky

Spark unveils new plans for giga-scale wind farm and big battery | RenewEconomy

Solar plus storage: Hybrid renewables become new normal in US | RenewEconomy

Researchers develop new faster charging hydrogen fuel cell

REC set to unveil new Alpha Pure-R solar panels – pv magazine International

Rapunzel-like charging stations help cities like Melrose build EV infrastructure | The Verge

Opinion: The Inflation Reduction Act is a huge victory in this existential fight | CNN

NASA Study Reveals Decades of Antarctic Ice Loss That Went Under the Radar | CNET

MPower completes acquisition of pioneering solar and battery project | RenewEconomy

London-area businesses share $600K in federal cash to go green | London Free Press

John Ducker: EVs are the future, but are they too fast? | Victoria Times Colonist

GUVNL Invites Bids for 1 GWh of Standalone Battery Energy Storage Systems | Mercom India

Govt may cancel solar park allocations on slow progress | Mint

Fully Charged Checks Out Aptera, Drives The Three-Wheeler Solar EV

FlexGen launches modular C&I battery – pv magazine International

EV startup Fisker to ramp up production in 2023, exploring US manufacturing | Fox Business

England drought declared in parts after months of scant rainfall | CNN

Energy transition: Australia to get giant wind turbines

Electrify America’s fastest EV chargers are coming to Ikea stores | The Verge

Electric Vehicles Are Way, Way More Energy-Efficient Than Internal Combustion Vehicles

Canoo To Outsource Initial Production Of Electric Vans For Walmart

California proposes to extend life of last nuclear plant at cost of $1.4 billion | POLITICO

Biden to sign $430 bln climate and tax bill into law next week | National Post

Beyond net-zero: We should, if we can, cool the planet back to pre-industrial levels

Antarctica Is in Trouble

A fresh look into grasslands as carbon sinks

Actually, solar users should pay more to access the grid | here's why | TechCentral


United Airlines puts $10 million behind plan to shuttle customers by helicopter | CNN

This Carbon-Neutral Cement Is the Future of Infrastructure

The Arctic Is Warming Nearly Four Times Faster Than the Rest of the World

Tesla Giga Berlin Receives EU Approval to Produce Model Y with BYD Str

Synthetic genetic circuits could help plants adapt to climate change

Sunora Solar unveils mono PERC module with 21.03% efficiency – pv magazine International

Perovskite material with superlattice structure might surpass efficiency of a ‘perfect’ solar cell

Meyers Manx 2.0 Electric: The legendary dune buggy is back with an electric motor

I-Team: Las Vegas family suspects Lake Mead remains are Army veteran who drowned saving wife

I Did 1,200 Miles in a Chevy Bolt EUV, but the Charging Network Didn’t Help

How cost effective is it to buy solar batteries when installing solar panels at home?

Heat pumps: what they do and why they’re hot now | The Verge

France Announces Emergency Renewable Energy Package |

ENGWE X26 E-bike conquers all terrains with its 1000W motor and dual batteries | Yanko Design

Climate change is causing rapid Arctic warming : NPR

Chinese Solar Billionaire Doubles Fortune Despite US Sanctions

Carbon storage in harvested wood products

Australia's biggest solar contractor stung by floods and high labour costs | RenewEconomy

Arctic warming occurring even faster than previously thought, new study suggests | Climate News | Sky News

Antarctica ice sheet crumbling faster than previously thought, satellite imagery shows | CNN

A new method boosts wind farms’ energy output, without new equipment | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A new method boosts wind farms’ energy output, without new equipment


Sun-Drenched Spain Turns on Europe’s Biggest Solar Power Plant

Rivian R1S Vs GMC Hummer EV SUV: Which Is The Better Electric SUV?

Rhine River could fall below critical mark, risking industry | AP News

Most of Florida’s newly-hatched sea turtles are female. Why? | Live Science

3 Least Desirable EVs of 2022


Wind Turbine with Recyclable Blades Starts Generating Power

Study: Climate Change Making More Than Half of Infectious Diseases Far Worse

Shortage of Male Sea Turtles in Florida as Temperatures Reach Record High | Earth.Org

Micro-engineered, high-performing anode for sodium-ion batteries – pv magazine International

How Deep is Lake Powell Right Now? | AZ Animals

2021 Toyota Mirai Yearlong Review: Is a Hydrogen Highway Trip Cause for Hyperventilation?


WWII bomb found as waters recede in drought-stricken Italian river | National |

The mobility rEVolution: Sunrun releases Level 2 EV charger – pv magazine International

Renewable Energy Stocks: 4 renewable energy stocks that are good long-term bets | The Economic Times

Pathogenic Diseases Are Exacerbated by Climate Change, Scientists Warn : ScienceAlert

No electric vehicles on the market today qualify for the new EV tax credit | The Verge

In the works—PLI scheme for offshore wind turbines | Mint

Infectious diseases connected to extreme climate: study | CTV News

Heat warnings continue across Canada amid scorching temperatures, humidity |

Heat warning is extended in Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Oakville and Milton | inSauga

Every Baby Sea Turtle in Florida Seems to Be Female. We Warned You, Scientists Say : ScienceAlert

Climate Change Is Supercharging Most Infectious Diseases, New Study Finds | HuffPost Impact

Climate change can make most human diseases worse | The Verge

Cheap Material Could Capture CO2 Exhaust From Auto Tailpipes

Canada weather: Heat warnings in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta and B.C. | CTV News


Zimbabwe eyes more solar water heaters as power grid struggles | Moneyweb

When the sun switches off the solar panels

The dirty secret of China’s clean energy ambition: millions of wind turbines and solar panels are near retirement age | South China Morning Post

Due to climate change, Nevada says goodbye to grass | CBS News

Climate crisis: Drought hitting more than half of Europe | these are the consequences | Climate News | Sky News


Solar Plane Might Be Able To Last Through The Night | Hackaday


The Hydrogen Stream: Hyundai to export heavy-duty hydrogen trucks to Germany – pv magazine International

Researchers show that 3D printing homes make them more energy-efficient | 3D Printing Industry

Making hydropower plants more sustainable | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

High-performance aqueous calcium-ion battery – pv magazine International

Canada may get new Tesla factory, according to lobby activities | Drive Tesla

Bill Gates-backed startup is using robots to build enormous solar farms

Australian solar park could generate hydrogen for less than $2/kg – pv magazine International


World’s largest underground hydrogen storage project – pv magazine International

Fact Check: Will shading an AC unit with a canopy lower energy bills?

Best home wind turbines of 2022 | Popular Science


World could install 250 GW of solar this year, claims Bloomberg analyst – pv magazine International

Troubling new research shows warm waters rushing towards the world’s biggest ice sheet in Antarctica

Prototype battery only needs seconds of sunlight to keep smart wearables charged

France to Curb Nuclear Output as Europe’s Energy Crisis Worsens

Do oceans absorb more CO2 than expected?


World’s Top 5 EV Automotive Groups Ranked By Sales: H1 2022

‘World’s cheapest green hydrogen’ | Start-up with ultra-efficient electrolyser to develop pilot factory after securing $29m | Recharge

Unsung climate hero: Heat pumps can cool homes and lower emissions | The Hill

Tesla OKs paid charging at Destination Chargers with a condition | Drive Tesla

It’s going to feel like 43 C in Toronto this week

How Long Do Solar Panels Last? – Review Geek

Government of Canada appoints Catherine Stewart as Canada’s Ambassador for Climate Change |

Gates-Led Fund Backs Robots to Automate Solar Panel Installation

Floating Wind Turbine Prototype Ready for Installation | Offshore Wind

Fiat 500e is most registered BEV in Western Europe above Tesla Model 3 | News

Aleo Solar unveils 345 W rooftop photovoltaic module – pv magazine International


When will the sixth mass extinction happen? A Japanese scientist may have an answer

What V2G Tells Us About EVs and the Grid | IEEE Spectrum

US solar sector prepares to meet smart inverter requirements – pv magazine International

New residential lithium-ion battery from China – pv magazine International

Climate change: Potential to end humanity is ‘dangerously underexplored’ say experts

Chances of climate catastrophe are ignored, scientists say | AP News

Blowhole wave energy generator exceeds expectations in 12-month test

BioLite adds portable power stations and a solar array to its charging lineup | Engadget

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