Climate Change News, May 2022



Wren | Offset your carbon footprint

What’s wrong with Hong Kong’s weather? How climate change has caused recent erratic conditions | South China Morning Post

West Midlands to get research hub for next generation electric car batteries

U.S. Navy Wants 100% Green Electricity, 100% Electric Ground Vehicles

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Supreme Court decisions due on abortion, guns, religion | Los Angeles Times

Share Your Views On Publicly Funded Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Russia expands Europe gas supply cutoffs | The Hill

Researchers develop alternative to lithium batteries

PETITION: Tell Canadian banks to stop funding fossil fuels

PETITION: Sign this petition to stop dirty palm oil! | Greenpeace Canada

Only 2 Pickup Trucks Have a 3-Second 0-60 MPH Time — and They’re Both Electric

NEE reaches settlement with NMGC to save ratepayers $21.4M and prevent ratepayer charges for hydrogen and CNG

NASA GISS: Climate Impacts Research

Most households still waiting for Government advice on how to be more energy efficient |

Iconic DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’ is rebooted as an all-electric car | Daily Mail Online

How Europeans saw climate change in May – POLITICO

Guest post: How the US can cut its emissions in half by 2030 | Carbon Brief

Global automakers face electric shock in China | MINING.COM

Germany: Deutsche Bank raided in ′greenwashing′ probe | News | DW | 31.05.2022

Floating solar, tidal energy plant goes online in China – pv magazine International

EU agrees Russia oil embargo, gives Hungary exemptions; Zelenskiy vows more sanctions | Reuters

Energy Efficiency First Summit Tickets, Tue, May 31, 2022 at 11:00 AM | Eventbrite

Encore Renewable Energy secures $20 million senior loan to advance innovative clean energy solutions

DeLorean to realize John Z.’s sedan dream, eight-seat Defender, 85K reservations for Silverado EV work trucks | Hagerty Media

COP27: Call for Enhanced Implementation | World Resources Institute

Climate Action NOW | Take Action with Global Citizen

Canada: Stop Bankrolling Fossil Fuels | Amnesty International Canada

Canada’s Big Banks Are Secretly Supporting Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

BOOK: What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming: Toward a New Psychology of Climate Action by Per Espen Stoknes

BOOK: Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety | Jessica Kingsley Publishers | USA

Appalachia Does Not Need More Fossil Fuel Greed | DeSmog

An advance market commitment to accelerate carbon removal | Frontier

5 Clean Cars Investments Congress Must Include in Reconciliation | Evergreen Action


World's fastest carbon capture system claims 99% efficiency in ambient air

Weaning Ourselves off Fossil Fuels Is Going to Hurt – Mother Jones

Waaree Energies Gets Legal Nod to Acquire Solar Cell Producer Indosolar | Mercom India

Trina Solar’s pathway to TOPCon – pv magazine International

Torture Testing Reveals Modern Solar Panels Are Tougher Than Ever

Solar-plus-storage vs. wind-plus-storage – pv magazine International

Small modular reactors produce high levels of nuclear waste | Stanford News

Scientists uncover decades old methane leak in Algerian desert | Unearthed

Scientists plan to feed primary school children crickets and mealworms to make the UK greener | Daily Mail Online

Saipem, Havfram to Gauge Offshore Wind Tie-Up | Offshore Wind

renewable energy: How wind power can enable a sustainable future | The Economic Times

Rejecting Gas, Kosovo Eyes US Funds for Renewable Energy | Balkan Insight

Nuclear fusion could give the world a limitless source of clean energy. We’re closer than ever to it

Netherlands generated record amount sustainable electricity this spring | NL Times

Mona Lisa Attacked With Cake In The Louvre By Climate Activist

Least Developed Countries want major emitters, G20 to increase climate efforts

Lack of European solar manufacturing could cripple RePower EU bid – pv magazine International

India aims to cut power output from at least 81 coal-fired plants over 4 years | Reuters

Here's how banks are helping homeowners finance solar power systems | Fin24

Golfech nuclear power plant: reactor no. 1 shut down for another six months due to corrosion

Global warming: a quest for truth? | The Spectator Australia

George Monbiot: Regenesis | The Guardian Members

Future reversal of warming-enhanced vegetation productivity in the Northern Hemisphere | Nature Climate Change

Fraunhofer ISE achieves 47.6% efficiency with III-V four-junction CPV cell – pv magazine International

Fire burns in Angeles National Forest near Bouquet Reservoir | Los Angeles Times

Extreme climate events trigger migration in Odisha’s Kendrapara, Jharkhand’s Palamu | The Hindu

Europe's dash for gas puts Australia's LNG import plans at risk | Reuters

EU missed climate spending target despite claiming it was met -auditors | Reuters

Elon Musk gives ringing endorsement to China’s global lead in renewable energy and electric vehicles on Twitter and Weibo | South China Morning Post

CSSC Installing 'Largest Floating Wind Turbine in China' | Offshore Wind

Ciel et Terre presents new solar floater models – pv magazine International

China’s first solar-tidal photovoltaic power plant fully operational | CGTN

China’s first salt cavern for compressed air energy storage goes online – pv magazine International

Cambridge engineers invent world’s first zero emissions cement | Department of Engineering

Banking on a sustainable future! ecolytiq rakes in €13.5 million to help banks take effective climate action |

Analysis: China's CO2 emissions see longest sustained drop in a decade | Carbon Brief

America's next wind powerhouse: The Gulf of Mexico? | POLITICO

Agrivoltaics for rice growers – pv magazine International

Acciona Energía Puts Money Behind Four-Armed Floating Offshore Wind Turbines | Offshore Wind


Top HSBC investor backs free speech after climate ‘nut job’ banker suspended

Tesla Owners Race To Use Superchargers Like They're Playing Pokemon Go | Carscoops

Tesla EVs to take wind, humidity and temperature to calculate battery percentage | Electric Vehicles News

Spain and Portugal to slash energy bills by 40% by breaking ranks with EU

Opinion | Another monster hurricane season looms as we dawdle on climate change | The Washington Post

Leave It To A VW Dealer To Markup A Used Tesla Model 3 By $10k | Carscoops

Goldman Says Bull Market in Battery Metals Is Finished for Now | Bloomberg

Death toll in Brazilian floods rises to 57, thousands displaced | Reuters

COP26: ‘Serious lessons’ to be learned as Glasgow summit proves to be the most polluting COP in history | The Scotsman


Where will Canada get its electricity? | Vancouver Is Awesome

This fall, you’ll be able to buy solar panels at Ikea | CNN

The legal strategy young people are leveraging to address the climate crisis : NPR

The hamburger is an American staple: Climate change threatens it in profound and subtle ways | The Hill

Kitchener-Waterloo high school students put hand-built electric cars to the test | CTV News

Kia EV6 vs Tesla Model 3: An unconventional but fun comparison

G7 backslides on climate as Russia sanctions force search for more oil | Financial Post

Food shortages could be solved by new 'false banana' and insects – what we'll be eating in 2050 | The Sun

China has discreetly taken 10 per cent of the world’s market for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. Here’s a look at the company leading the charge | South China Morning Post

CATL Will Supply Cylindrical Battery Cells For Next Gen BMW EVs

Airbus Boosts UK Presence With Zero Emission Development Centre Launch

5 Best Electric Cars And 5 Hybrids We’d Buy Instead Of The Tesla Model 3


Wood Pellet Market Size: Global Industry Trends, Share, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast by 2029 | EIN Presswire

Wind energy in 2035: Cheaper, more efficient, and bigger turbines

U.S. Senator Manchin could back climate provisions in slimmer spending bill, sources say | Reuters

United Nations names David Attenborough Champion of the Earth | News and Star

UK ‘megafleets’ to help close kerbside EV charging gaps | Autocar

The G7 wants to dump natural gas … but not yet – POLITICO

Tesla, other EV makers, and envt'l groups are lobbying for heavy-duty EV charging

Terbium-doped perovskite solar cell with 17.5% efficiency – pv magazine International

Sharp presents 375 W rooftop PV module for gable roofs – pv magazine International

Rishi Sunak's windfall tax on energy companies is welcome. But cost-of-living help should have been better targeted at the poorest – Scotsman comment | The Scotsman

Rapidly rising electric vehicle charging costs outpaced by petrol prices | E&ampT Magazine

PV module degradation mechanisms at a glance – pv magazine International

NTPC Issues Tender for the Supply of EV Chargers | Mercom India

Israeli study: Climate change already causing storm levels only expected in 2080 | The Times of Israel

IMF secures $40 billion so far for new sustainability trust | Reuters

Human beings would perish If all bees die | FarmKenya Initiative

How to determine if you should install solar panels at home | Engadget

How Far is the Us From a 100% Renewable Energy Future? | Stacker

Group of Seven pledges to phase out coal plants by 2035 | The Washington Post

Great Wall Motors Is Launching a Hydrogen-Only, Luxury Brand: Report

Grains vs Biodiversity: Germany's new, greener govt stages balancing act | Reuters

G7 vows to end fossil-fuel financing abroad by end 2022: Statement | The Economic Times

G-7 Says OPEC Has Key Role to Play to Ease Tight Energy Markets | BNN Bloomberg

G7 pledges put coal on notice, could boost climate aid | CTV News

G-7 pledges put coal on notice, could boost climate aid | AP News

G7 nations pledge to phase out coal without setting deadline – Channel 4 News

G7 countries commit to working towards coal phase-out | Reuters

G7 commit to “predominantly” decarbonise electricity by 2035 | Clean Energy Wire

G7 commits to decarbonizing electricity by 2035 but leaves wiggle room for fossil fuels | CNN

G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers recognise IEA work on wide range of energy and climate issues | News | IEA

G7 calls on OPEC to play key role to ease global energy supplies | Reuters

G7 aims for mostly decarbonised electricity by 2035 | Argus Media

G7 agrees ′concrete steps′ to phase out coal | News | DW | 27.05.2022

France’s nuclear problems snarl attempts for EU to cut reliance on Russian gas

Ford delivers its first F-150 Lightning as EV truck war kicks into high gear | The Verge

Electric car rapid charging costs soar, says RAC | BBC News

EDF Nuclear Failures Undermine Europe’s Push to Exit Russian Gas | Bloomberg

Climate pressure and resignations rattle Shell, ExxonMobil | The Washington Post

China's no overseas coal power pledge: 15 projects cancelled so far

Canada’s clean hydrogen could help wean Europe from Russian oil, Liberal ministers tell G7 | National Post

2 Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy and 1 to Avoid | The Motley Fool


Why This NASA Scientist Is 'Stoked' to Risk Arrest for Climate Action

Why burning more money on coal is not the answer to India’s current or future power crises

What’s Ontario's heating future? Look to Enbridge Gas | The Narwhal

What does the EU’s ban on ICE cars by 2035 mean for ASX battery metal companies? | Stockhead

What are upfront and lifetime costs of heat pumps in the US? – pv magazine International

VW To Offer An Electric Truck In America, Decision On Scout Production Site Due Later This Year | Carscoops

U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs Republican-led states on greenhouse gas policy | Reuters

U.S. proposes offshore wind sale off California coast | Reuters

Ukrainian fighters use electric bikes in the war against Russia | The Washington Post

The EU’s plan to sell extra carbon permits is bad for the planet | The Economist

Tesla, other EV companies ask for federal investment in heavy-duty truck charging | The Verge

Tesla Model S Plaid Races 720S, Corvette, Hayabusa At Drag Strip

Tesla delaying deliveries due to missing charge port ECUs | Drive Tesla

Supreme Court allows Biden climate regulations while fight continues | The Washington Post

Supreme Court allows Biden administration to continue using social cost of carbon, for now | CNNPolitics

Struggle for environmental protection and energy efficiency

Stranded fossil-fuel assets translate to major losses for investors in advanced economies | Nature Climate Change

Risen launches 450 W rooftop solar module with 21.7% efficiency – pv magazine International

Revealed: the PR Firm Behind the UK's Net Zero Backlash | DeSmog

Renewable energy will mint an army of eco-billionaires

Regeneration of Abandoned Farmland Can Mitigate Climate Change, Study Finds

Paradise Burned to the Ground. Now It’s Another Hot Housing Market

Pakistan's mango production to fall by 50% due to heatwave, water shortage | Reuters

New data reveals climate change might be more rapid than predicted

Lake Mead water level running well below predictions, could drop another 12 feet by fall | CNN

Justices won't block Biden policy on 'social cost of carbon' | AP News

Japan to urge moving ahead with 'green' GDP indicator | draft | Reuters

Italian Activists’ Homes Searched by Police Following Gazprom Protests | DeSmog

Inside Charm Industrial's big bet on corn stalks for carbon removal | MIT Technology Review

Indiana utility delays plan to retire coal units as feds investigate solar tariff claims

Google Has Invested $3.5 Billion In Renewable Energy Projects Worldwide

Global Citizen Prize: 17 of the Best & Most Inspirational Quotes From a Night of Celebrating Activists

Germany: G-7 nations can lead the way on ending coal use | AP News

G7 can spearhead climate fight by agreeing to phase out coal, Germany says | Reuters

Future of Energy | Alternatives to help beat the price rises | New Civil Engineer

France's nuclear industry slides into crisis | Globe Echo

Fossil-fuel stranded asset risks held by individuals in OECD countries and non-OECD governments | Nature Climate Change

First Ford F-150 Lightning delivered to customer | Drive Tesla

First 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pickups Are Now Being Delivered

EV Vs ICE Parity? A Follow-Up From The Limiting Factor's Jordan Giesige

EVs might emit more brake dust, which the EU is stepping up to regulate

Deconstructed: Biden’s Solar War With China

Davos Voices: What leaders say about climate change, war | AP News

Davos ends with Germany pushing global work on climate, war | AP News

Column: India's domestic coal crunch adds to import cost woes | Reuters

Climate change was the defining issue of this election. So what will more ambitious action actually look like? | ABC News

Carbon markets are going global | The Economist

Can solar panels in space power the race to net zero?

Canada flip-flops amid calls for probe into Teck mine pollution | The Narwhal

British developer gets green light for 200 MW battery – pv magazine International

Biden Is Preparing To Crush A Historic Climate Change Lawsuit

At Davos, climate activists say major issues ignored | AP News

As Illinois Coal Jobs Disappear, Some Are Looking to the Sun | In These Times

An Entirely New Kind of Highly Reactive Chemical Has Been Found in The Atmosphere

Amazon Shareholders Reject Environmental Resolutions on Plastic Packaging, Climate Crisis | EcoWatch

A City Fights Back Against Heavyweight Cars | Bloomberg

Acid Oceans Could Drastically Cut Down One of The World’s Biggest Oxygen Producers

2022 Kia EV6: Takeaways on real-world range, charging, and livability vs. Ioniq 5


Who to blame for the state of the UK nuclear industry? Investment Monitor

Vietnam company to invest $840 mln in country's first green hydrogen plant | Reuters

U.S. Oil investors back energy transition plans at shareholder meetings | Reuters

US and China close to teaming up on tackling climate change, but progress will hinge on trust and resolving technical issues, Peking University academic says | South China Morning Post

TotalEnergies investors back company's climate plan despite protests | Reuters

These Electric Trains Never Need Recharging Thanks to Regenerative Braking

The myth of US energy independence | Nature Energy

The Debate: Nuclear is already well past its sell-by date

Tesla Driver Claims He Had To Kick His Way Out Of Model Y That Burst Into Flames In Canada | Carscoops

Seattle is installing curbside EV charging by request, for those without off-street parking

R K Singh asks states, UTs to set up panels for energy transition, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

Ontario storm: fact-checking politicians’ climate comments | The Narwhal

Offshore wind auctions to favour projects with lowest carbon footprint as costs plunge | RenewEconomy

Monarch Butterfly Count Up 35% in WWF-Mexico Survey | EcoWatch

JA Solar introduces n-type solar panel with 22.4% efficiency – pv magazine International

India power ministry seeks 2-yr extension to emissions deadline | Reuters

How to Choose a Portable Power Station (and Why You Want One)

How the BBC became a “football” in the climate culture war

Heatwave and coal crisis are signs India should speed up its renewable energy push | South China Morning Post

Global automakers face electric shock in China | Reuters

Gas Utility Sends Kid-Friendly Activity Books to Oregon Schools | DeSmog

G7 ministers may pledge to phase out coal, decarbonise power -draft | Reuters

G7 leadership is critical to put the brakes on deforestation –

France: Climate protesters block TotalEnergies meeting | AP News

Exxon shareholders back board, vote against faster carbon emission cuts | Reuters

Environmental activists protest at TotalEnergies shareholder meeting | Reuters

Energy Morning News丨Germany plans to restart coal power

Elemental Excelerator to Fund First-of-a-Kind Climate Projects with a $32.5 Million Commitment from Office of Naval Research

Egypt wants to shift focus to developing countries in climate talks -official | Reuters

Davos updates | VW: Supply chain woes ease; orders backed up | AP News

Cumbrian coal mine would be ‘carte blanche’ for polluters – former minister |

Communities can use onshore wind cash to cut energy bills now – Trevelyan |

Climate Tipping Points, Irreversibility and their Consequences for Society, Environment and Economies | Switzerland’s Proposal for an IPCC Special Report – Geneva Environment Network

Climate burns the right – POLITICO

China’s carbon-neutral plan lacks urgency and transparency, EU chamber report says | South China Morning Post

China Aims to Beat Its Own Emission Targets, Envoy Says | Caixin Global

Chevron's shareholders vote against emissions cuts proposal | Reuters

Charles urges nations to ‘learn from traditional knowledge’ to save the planet |

Chancellor will impose windfall tax on energy giants’ profits, insists Miliband |

Big Tech is pouring millions into the wrong climate solution at Davos | The Verge

Australia’s election sets a heartening precedent on climate change | The Economist

Australians voted for stronger action on climate change. Will they get it? | CNN

Asia-Pacific Climate Leaders 2022: interactive listing

Are heat pumps worth it or just a lot of hot air? | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Sunday Times

An ocean first: Underwater drone tracks CO2 in Alaska gulf | AP News

Actor Samuel West joins Sizewell protest over threat to nature |

AccuWeather’s Canada summer weather forecast released | CTV News


Yale professor calls for more research on carbon capture, cutting solar radiation to reduce impact of climate change | South China Morning Post

Wind, solar replace gas imports to help Turkey save $7B in a year | Daily Sabah

Why Not New Nuclear Power? [Video] – NatEco Solar Installation & Roofing

Von der Leyen: Russia oil sanctions won’t be approved at EU summit – POLITICO

U.S. Navy climate plan aims to cut emissions, move to low carbon fuels | Reuters

U.S. climate envoy Kerry says Ukraine war no excuse to let up on climate fight | Reuters

The Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China issued a document to vigorously implement the rural clean energy construction project

‘The Mask Slipped’: HSBC Criticised For Suspending Exec While Still Pumping Billions into Fossil Fuels | DeSmog

Tell President Biden and team: new fossil fuels need not apply | 198 methods

Tech in Asia | Connecting Asia’s startup ecosystem

Stellantis picks Indiana for its $2.5 billion EV battery factory with Samsung | The Verge

Solar-powered EV charger with integrated battery storage – pv magazine International

Sky News takes daily climate show out of primetime but invests in weekend

Shifting Power: Zero-Emissions Electricity Across Canada by 2035 | David Suzuki Foundation

Secret to treating ‘Achilles’ heel’ of perovskite alternatives to silicon solar panels revealed

Salmon hatcheries funded by U.S. government haven’t ended fish’s decline — ProPublica

Q&A: What does the new Australian Labor government mean for climate change? | Carbon Brief

Philippines inquiry finds carbon majors responsible for human rights breaches

Opinion | The Heat Is Already On | The New York Times

Oil and Gas Industry Seized on War in Ukraine to Water Down Climate Policy, Report Shows | DeSmog

Neara Secures USD14M Series B Funding; Expanding Global Focus | Business Wire

Map Shows Over 17 Million People in US Threatened by Toxic Fossil Fuel Pollution

Mainspring Announces Deal with Lineage Logistics to Deploy up to 150 Mainspring Linear Generators; Raises Over $150 Million in Series E Round

Industry heavyweights unite in U.S. battery push

In an emergency, more electricity from coal |

Humans Must Focus on More Than Carbon Dioxide to Meet Paris Agreement Targets, Study Warns | EcoWatch

Health in the climate emergency: a global perspective

Hanersun launches 580 W TOPCon solar module with 22.38% efficiency – pv magazine International

Gujarat to launch India’s first carbon trading market among large polluters | Latest News India | Hindustan Times

GM Patents Dual Charging Port Tech With Huge Possibilities for EV Trucks

Global carbon pricing schemes raised $84 bln in 2021 | World Bank | Financial Post

Global carbon pricing schemes raised $84 billion in 2021, World Bank says | Reuters

ExxonMobil must face AG Healey’s climate lawsuit, Massachusetts supreme court rules | The Boston Globe

ExxonMobil loses bid to nix climate change lawsuit | AP News

Exclusive: China’s Climate Envoy Meets With IEA Chief in Davos | Caixin Global

CP | Do Southern Hemisphere tree rings record past volcanic events? A case study from New Zealand

Coal India to open big, new mine this year to fight power crisis | Reuters

Clean, renewable electricity | David Suzuki Foundation

China to take steps to stabilize economic activity, bring economy back to normal track-Xinhua

China Office and State Office issued a document to implement rural clean energy construction projects, these areas may benefit

Blue Wall Australians voted for climate action; Boris Johnson should take note | New Statesman

Big Oil Reality Check — Updated Assessment of Oil and Gas Company Climate Plans | Oil Change International

Bank of England tells banks to take climate action now or face profit hit | Reuters

Australia's Albanese says goals aligned with Quad, wants to discuss climate change | Reuters

At Davos, Kerry cites progress on China-US climate group | AP News

2023 BMW iX M60 Is about EV Theater


Why is climate 'doomism' going viral – and who's fighting it? | BBC News

Western courts grapple with climate change (Climate in the courts) — High Country News – Know the West

Warmer Climates Lead to Loss of Pollinator Diversity, Research Finds | EcoWatch

The heat is on: savage signs of climate change speeding up | The Hindu

The Climate Reality Project Welcomes New President and CEO Phyllis Cuttino | Climate Reality Project

South Asia's intense heat wave a 'sign of things to come' | AP News

Ritika Juneja and Ashok Gulati write: Can agri-exports be made more sustainable? | The Indian Express

People in Brazil's Amazon rainforest again reel from floods | AP News

Opinion | The Greatest Casualty of the Ukraine War Could Be Planet Earth Itself | Michael T. Klare

New study explains how to broaden strategy to avert catastrophic climate change

Macron’s new (not so) green team – POLITICO

Insights from the 2018 Drought in Ireland’s Broadsheet Media

If Banks Want to Be Seen as Climate-Friendly, They Need to Exit Fossil Fuels | In These Times

IEA warns against energy crisis deepening fossil fuel reliance | Reuters

How Not To Catastrophize The Climate Change Catastrophe | The Gist | Podcast on Spotify

Hot weather could be getting in the way of good sleep, a new study says : NPR

Green radicals are ravaging mainstream parties

Food supply expert paints grim global picture | World Grain

Every Job is a Climate Job with Drawdown Labs, Ep #4 | Invested In Climate | Podcast on Spotify

Climate change made India and Pakistan’s 2022 early heatwave ‘30 times more likely’ | Carbon Brief

Climate Change made devastating early heat in India and Pakistan 30 times more likely – World Weather Attribution

Climate change heats up South Asia — and global food crisis – POLITICO

Climate Change Fuels Heat Wave in India and Pakistan, Scientists Find | The New York Times

Brazil president announces carbon market, thin on details | AP News

Anthony Albanese Is the 31st Prime Minister of Australia


Wind Turbines: How robots can help build offshore wind turbines more quickly | The Economic Times

Victoria plans suite of measures to take sting out of extreme heat | Victoria Times Colonist

Solar Panel Scams: How to Avoid Them and the Biggest Red Flags | CNET

SNL Releases The Perfect 2022 GOTV PSA Video: "Vote Because Stupid People Vote Too"

Opinion: On the back of urgency on climate, Australia is tipping centre-left

New Mexico wildfires leave devastation amid historic drought | PBS News Weekend

Millions Displaced and Dozens Dead in Flooding in India and Bangladesh | The New York Times

Hyundai is investing $5.5 billion into EV production facilities in Georgia | The Verge

Hundreds evacuated amid renewed flooding in South Africa's coastal province | Reuters

Germany's Scholz Seeks To Pursue Energy Projects With Senegal Amid Russian Supply Uncertainties

Ford F-150 Lightning Vs Rivian R1T: Battle Of The Electric Pickup Trucks

Editorial: Albanese wins a clear mandate for inclusive but cautious change

Climate change forces moth species to move further north | CTV News

CA water and energy crisis: New plan wants to install solar panel canopies over parts of Turlock Irrigation District's canals | ABC7 Los Angeles

arcelormittal: Greenko to supply green power to ArcelorMittal, Ayana Renewable, 3 states from Kurnool plant | The Economic Times

Activists’ Suicides Indicate a Wave of Climate “Doomerism” – Mother Jones


Why Electric Car Battery Recycling Matters as Much as the Cars Themselves | CNET

This election, let’s reimagine public transport for people and the climate | Canadian Dimension

Thermophotovoltaic cells top 40 percent efficiency | Physics World

The problem of global energy inequity, explained by American refrigerators | Vox

The Brazilian Amazon has been a net carbon emitter since 2016 | The Economist

Storms and tornadoes are raging in Germany | Tagesspiegel

Siemens Energy launches $4.3 billion bid for remaining Siemens Gamesa stake | Reuters

Practical Power Beaming Gets Real | IEEE Spectrum

Portland youth marches for climate justice

Only 17 years of groundwater left in Punjab, says NGT panel : The Tribune India

Nuclear Power: past, present and future

Malicious PyPI package opens backdoors on Windows, Linux, and Macs

How to be a climate optimist: the miracle of electric vehicles | The Narwhal

Genesis GV60 and Ford Escape PHEV reviews, dual-charge-port GM EVs, electric RVs: The Week in Reverse

China’s fusion nuclear reactor will not crash power grid in world first: scientists | South China Morning Post

Canoo electric car company coming to Northwest Arkansas

Australia ousts conservatives after nine years, Albanese to be PM | Toronto Sun

Australian Progressives Hail ‘Greenslide’ Amid Big Left Wins and Morrison’s Ouster

Australia election results: Labor leader Anthony Albanese will be the country’s next Prime Minister | CNN

Australia election results: Labor leader Anthony Albanese will be the country’s next Prime Minister | CNN


Your money is your carbon | by Bill McKibben

UK investor supports 10.5 GW wind-solar project in Morocco with submarine cable – pv magazine International

‘There Is No Way To Fool Physics’: Climate Breakdown And State-Corporate Madness – Media Lens

Summer forecast: Extreme heat with a chance of rolling blackouts | Grist

Spain, France and Portugal among countries experiencing record-setting heat | The Washington Post

Scientists just broke the record for the highest efficiency solar cell

Polestar 3 Electric SUV Slated for October Debut | CNET

Paris Plans to Remove Two Beltway Lanes to Cut Pollution | Bloomberg

Ontario gas prices to jump this weekend after short-lived relief at the pumps | CityNews

New nuclear power station Hinkley Point C now running 10 years behind original schedule

Low-cost, battery-like device absorbs CO2 emissions while it charges

In Minnesota, the PolyMet mine pits renewable energy needs against tribes and the EPA | Grist

In-depth Q&A: How the EU plans to end its reliance on Russian fossil fuels | Carbon Brief

HSBC boss attacks climate lobby and asks: 'Who cares if Miami is underwater in 100 years?'

Hawaiʻi bill promotes zero-emission travel between islands | Hawai'i Public Radio

Financial risks of climate change overplayed, senior HSBC banker says | Reuters

Farming for the future

Could Google’s Carbon Emissions Have Effectively Doubled Overnight? | The New Yorker

Climate change: Sleep impacted by rising temperatures | CTV News

China needs Russian coal. Moscow needs new customers | CNN

Carpenters Trade Union Bets Big On America’s Transition To Renewable Energy | HuffPost Impact

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Vs 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Comparison: EVs Cross Over


World’s First Ocean-Assisted Carbon Removal Plant Launched in Hawaii

Windfall tax could damage net zero push, warns National Grid CEO John Pettigrew | Evening Standard

Watch: building climate consensus no matter who wins Ontario's election | The Narwhal

U.S. will propose new offshore oil and gas plan by June 30 | Reuters

Ukraine to seek damages from Russia over huge environmental damage | Reuters

The heterogeneous role of energy policies in the energy transition of Asia–Pacific emerging economies | Nature Energy

Tesla’s Latest Self-Driving Update Is A Game-Changer

Tesla opens its Superchargers to other EVs in five new European countries | ArenaEV

Tesla Is Building the US’ Largest Supercharger Station with 100 Stalls

Sports in Norway, Like Skiing and Bobsledding, Face Threat From Warming Arctic | The New York Times

Sony brings environmental goals forward by ten years |

Should You Set Up An RV Wind Generator? | Do It Yourself RV

Policy-enabled stabilization of nitrous oxide emissions from livestock production in China over 1978–2017 | Nature Food

Participants in UK emissions trading scheme surrender CO2 allowances for 2021 | Reuters

Opinion | Climate Change Inaction in Congress Has High Costs | The New York Times

New Zealand hands out extra cash to fight ‘inflation storm’ | CTV News

New method could potentially produce hydrogen from biogas for $2/kg – pv magazine International

Manchin blasts Biden energy policies at budget hearing | The Hill

KKR to Acquire Power Producer ContourGlobal for £1.75 Billion | Mercom India

I’ve decided not to run for the Green Party of Canada leadership. Here’s why | Canadian Dimension

Is residential solar worth it in the US? – pv magazine International

Insurance giant Marsh signs on for environmentally disastrous pipeline project — The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (en-GB)

In Europe’s quest to freeze out Russian gas, nuclear power is the elephant in the room | Reaction

India asks regulator to allow utilities to import up to 30% of coal needs | Reuters

How a cognitive bias is blocking the rise of electric cars

House passes gasoline price-gouging bill | The Hill

Guest post: Why China is set to significantly overachieve its 2030 climate goals | Carbon Brief

G7 to meet climate finance support goal next year | draft | Reuters

For steel sector, China’s decarbonization is a costly quest | S&P Global Commodity Insights

Floating solar farms could be worth $10 billion by 2030, but they have

Extreme heat linked to rise in US death rates: study | The Hill

Explainer: Why is India facing its worst power crisis in over six years? | Reuters

EU’s Latest Carbon Tariffs Will Have Big Impact on China’s High-Emission Exports, Experts Say

Europe will need Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline one day, Kremlin says | Reuters

Energy Department launches $3.5 billion carbon removal program | The Hill

Electrify America will be 100 percent solar-powered by 2023 | Ars Technica

Earth Matters: Study says eliminating energy-related emissions could save 50,000 U.S. lives a year

Drought ravages some French crops, key regions uncertain | expert | Reuters

DOE announces carbon capture funding to kickstart climate industry | CNNPolitics

Corrosion: EDF reveals the 4 units it will shut down in 2023 | Montel

Climate-focused Dutch funds to take lead on Shell investor engagement | Reuters

Climate change is already taking its toll on Spanish agriculture

China sits in Russia oil sanction sweet spot | Reuters

China Briefing, 19 May 2022: China to ‘significantly overachieve’ 2030 targets; Sea levels ‘highest on record’; Power cuts ‘must not occur’ | Carbon Brief

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Canada Crop Land ‘Deteriorating’ as Heavy Rain Hinders Planting

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US: Hyundai Ioniq 5 And Kia EV6 Recalled Due To Software Issue

UN warns key climate change indicators hit record highs in 2021

U.N. secretary general asks countries to ease barriers to green energy | Reuters

UN floats plan to boost renewables as climate worries mount | AP News

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Graphene-wrapped zeolite membranes for fast hydrogen separation

Granholm 'bullish' on Congress passing clean energy tax credits | POLITICO

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EXCLUSIVE China in talks with automakers on EV subsidy extension -sources | Reuters

EVs are shoving aside real volumes of oil, report shows

EU unveils 210 bln euro plan to ditch Russian fossil fuels | Reuters

EU rushes out $300 billion roadmap to ditch Russian energy | AP News

EU earmarks €2B to ease pain of Russian oil ban – POLITICO

Electric/Hybrid | BAC and Viritech releases results of unique e-Mono hydrogen powertrain concept feasibility study  | Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism

Earth’s atmospheric CO2 hasn’t been this high in millions of years

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Critical minerals threaten a decades-long trend of cost declines for clean energy technologies – Analysis | IEA

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Climate change set four records in 2021, U.S. says

Climate change is making record heatwaves in India and Pakistan 100 times more likely | CNN

Climate Change Is Making India and Pakistan Heat More Intense | BNN Bloomberg

Climate change indicators hit record highs in 2021: UN

China Clones Classic Mini, Wants To Bring It Back As An EV

Carbon pollution pushed environmental breakdown to record levels in 2021 | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 18.05.2022

Brussels spells out plan to end dependence on Russian energy – POLITICO

BAC e-Mono Concept With Hydrogen Fuel Cells Is Faster Than The ICE Mono R | Carscoops

BAC And Viritech Release Results Of Unique E-Mono Hydrogen Powertrain Concept Feasibility Study | FuelCellsWorks

Australia’s rainforest trees are dying faster than ever, study finds  | Daily Mail Online

Australian leader won't say who might attend Tokyo summit | AP News

Ask drivers to cut their motorway speed to beat energy crisis, says Brussels

‘Alarming new records’ for climate change set last year, says WMO – The Irish Times


Youth Demand: JP Morgan Chase to End Fossil Fuel Expansion! | Action Network

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Study Finds Many Existing Oil and Gas Sites Must Be Shut Down to Avert Climate Disaster

Rising authoritarianism and worsening climate change share a fossil-fueled secret

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Mango Power launches M Series solar energy storage system and E portable battery | News

‘How much more evidence do we need’? Planet breaks four climate records in one year, WMO warns | Climate News | Sky News

Greenhouse gas removal: How could it help the UK reach net-zero by 2050? | Carbon Brief

Google's new Mountain View campus is covered in 50,000 dragonscale sol

GE introduces new Sierra platform, next-generation 3 MW onshore wind turbine designed specifically for the North America region | GE News

Four countries pledge tenfold rise in EU offshore wind power capacity | Reuters

Earth’s Atmospheric CO2 Hasn’t Been This High In Millions of Years

Do EVs Need Special Tires? – Review Geek

Climate change is hurting insurers, report says | Reuters

Boris: Farmer’s could ‘meet shortages’ if PM ditched net-zero policies | UK | News |

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2023 Genesis GV60 Is Like at First Sight

$6,500 Squad solar-electric microcar makes its official entrance


Xi Jinping: Correctly understand and grasp carbon neutrality!

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The federal firefighter crisis sadly shows how ill-equipped we are to handle climate change

The Detroit News

Tesla Semi Order Books Open, Reserve One For $20,000

Tesla raises Powerwall price yet again, to a new all-time high | One Step Off The Grid

Steel industry carbon emissions to drop nearly 1/3 by 2050 | Woodmac | Reuters

Solar Electric Yacht: A 130-Foot Solar-Electric Trimaran concept is inspired by the Roman Empire

Small-scale floating PV with pumped hydro storage – pv magazine International

Sentenced for Coal Blockade, Climate Activists Vow to ‘Continue to Do What Must Be Done’

Scorching Hot Temperatures Threatens Texas’ Power Grid, Again

Production-Linked Incentive Program for Solar Module Manufacturing Revamped | Mercom India

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Poor workers bear the brunt of India’s heatwave | National Post

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Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Partners with Another Dutch Floating Wind Tech Developer | Offshore Wind

Los Alamos lab helps fight fires, now it’s threatened by one |

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Highlights From “Fueling the Flames”

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Heat waves, floods and heavy rain: India battling climate change and it is getting worse, warn experts | The Financial Express

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Global solar demand to reach 190 GW this year, says IEA – pv magazine International

G-7 to help Indonesia, Vietnam shed dependence on coal power plants | Nikkei Asia

EU climate legislation faces a divided Parliament – POLITICO

Dutch firm’s Solar City Car could bring Solar Electric Vehicles to new mainstream status

Cutting air pollution from fossil fuels would save 50,000 lives a year | The Washington Post

Colombian climate activists suspect paramilitary groups tied to oil industry

Climate change: EU emissions surpass pre-pandemic levels | News | DW | 16.05.2022

China's April coal output leaps 11% on year, but demand downturn looms | Reuters

China regulator says Tesla recalling 107,293 China-made Model 3, Model Y vehicles | CNA

Can BYD E6 go from Mumbai to Goa on a single charge

Canada opens public consultations on national climate adaptation strategy | Reuters

Bigger batteries in EVs could lead to colossal boost in particulate emissions—from tires, study suggests

Australian wind market takes off again as projects and turbines get bigger | RenewEconomy

As Canada boosts climate adaptation efforts, experts urge action on rising threats | National |

A federal permit that fast-tracks pipelines is getting a makeover, and the Army Corps of Engineers wants your input | WPLN News

'Flash droughts' are Midwest's next big climate threat | Grist


Why You Should Pre-Order The 2023 Tesla Roadster, The World’s Quickest Car

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Fully electric RVs are coming—with steeper range and charging challenges than electric cars

EV start-up Canoo a possible acquisition target for Apple : Apple World Today

Energy Security Concerns Are Fueling A Renewable Boom

Editorial: Major parties must do better on protecting climate

Deutsche Bank not financing controversial African oil pipeline, source says | Reuters

Could cleaner air lead to more hurricanes? A new study suggests so

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PM pushes idea of cutting energy bills for people living near onshore wind farms |

‘Overwhelming need’ for windfall tax on energy firms, Tesco chairman says |

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Epcor solar farm in Edmonton river valley sparks battle | The Narwhal

Climate security has become synonymous with energy security, says Alok Sharma |

City in California to Vote on Flying Earth Flag Above U.S. Flag | World Beyond War . . .


Ultrathin fuel cell uses the body’s own sugar to generate electricity

These EVs Are Cheaper To Own Than Gas Cars Off The Lot: Study

The expansion of the national carbon market is postponed, and the problem of carbon data accounting is solved

Study: Climate change a major factor in South Africa floods | AP News

Road to Decarbonization: How Asphalt is Affecting the Planet

Opinion: Floods, fires, coral bleaching: Politicians leading the country to climate catastrophe

NEW SPOTLIGHT: Observations and Characteristics of Stratospheric Dynamic Turbulence. | Advances in Atmospheric Sciences

How Climate Change Fits in the Australian Elections | The New York Times

‘Green steel’ plant proposed for Mojave | News |

Ford shelves plans to make EVs at India plants, to resume talks with workers | The News Minute

ESS Inc to end 2022 with 750MWh production capacity

Environmentalists Cheer as Biden Admin Cancels Millions of Acres of Oil & Gas Lease Sales in Public Waters

Electric cars | South China Morning Post

Egypt to be among first to issue new climate targets ahead of U.N. summit | Reuters

Did Warming Play a Role in Deadly South African Floods? Yes, a Study Says. | The New York Times

Climate change made extreme rains in 2022 South Africa floods ‘twice as likely’ | Carbon Brief

China Green Bulletin: Carbon Market Expansion Delayed | Caixin Global

Carbon neutrality target implementation of carbon neutrality

Belly Of The Beast: How Climate Change Is Affecting India’s Farmers

Australian election 2022: What the manifestos say on energy and climate change | Carbon Brief


WEBINAR: Toxic Money Series: Protecting Your Savings, Our Communities, and the Planet | Zoom

Two mega-kilowatt pumped storage power plants start operation in Greater Bay Area | Global Times

The National Development and Reform Commission said that it plans to build a large-scale wind power photovoltaic base of 450 million kilowatts

The fire that Wynn Bruce lit

Teaching with Raspberry Pi Pico in the computing classroom | Raspberry Pi

Satellite images reveal global losses of tidal wetlands over past two decades | Carbon Brief

Perspectives of UK adolescents on the youth climate strikes | Nature Climate Change

Opinion | Everyone on Planet Earth Should Be Rooting for Climate Trailblazer Doyle Canning’s Win in Oregon | Alan Minsky

MIT’s ‘Sun-in-a-Box’ Uses Light as an Efficient Form of Energy

Koch Strategic Platforms Leads $102M Series D Funding Investment in 6K To Accelerate Battery Material Production and Recycling

GB News Appoints Chairman Who Spent Years Promoting Climate Denial | DeSmog

Fire burns at least 20 homes in wealthy California town of Laguna Niguel | Reuters

Coastal Fire Shows Even the Rich ‘Are Not Safe From Earth Breakdown’

Climate change takes hold in North Carolina's ghost forests | The Washington Post

Climate change increases risks of tree death

China, US climate envoys meet in Davos amid tensions, signals room for cooperation | Global Times

China’s PV sector eyes opportunities under EU’s new energy plan | Global Times

China’s first project to provide industrial steam via nuclear power begins construction | Global Times

China’s coal production achieves double-digit growth for four consecutive months: official data | Global Times

China’s CO2 emissions per unit of GDP fall by 34 percent over the past decade: officials | Global Times

BP wins shareholder support for climate strategy | Reuters

Biden cancels offshore oil lease sales in Gulf Coast, Alaska | AP News

Biden administration cancels oil and gas lease sales in Alaska, Gulf of Mexico | The Hill

All six generators of Hongyanhe nuclear power plant come into operation in Northeast China | Global Times

After Biden Cancels Lease Sales, Groups Call for End to All Offshore Drilling


Wetter and drier regions as large-scale tree restoration shifts water fluxes | Nature Geoscience

U.S. Commerce secretary says she can't influence solar tariff probe | Reuters

Under an orange sky, largest U.S. wildfire menaces New Mexico towns | Reuters

TotalEnergies, Duke Energy Win Carolina Long Bay Offshore Wind Leases | Offshore Wind

The Atlantic

The 2022 Cisco Youth Leadership Award Winner Uses Sun Power to Cut Food Waste and Lift Up Women Farmers

Tesla adjusts Supercharger fees in Canada in response to criticism after massive increases | Drive Tesla

Tata Nexon EV Max Price | Images, Colours & Reviews | CarWale

Sizewell C nuclear power plant is ‘certainly on the agenda’, says Johnson |

Shifts in regional water availability due to global tree restoration | Nature Geoscience

Rishi Sunak warms to energy windfall tax plan: Gas and oil giants may be told to pay up billions | Daily Mail Online

Ottawa approves new $10B loan guarantee for Trans Mountain pipeline project |

NEW SPOTLIGHT: Scientists Find a Weakening Relationship between ENSO and the Summer Monsoon Onset near the South China Sea in Recent Decades | Advances in Atmospheric Sciences

Most Great Barrier Reef coral studied this year was bleached | AP News

Kerry, Carney urge faster climate action in shadow of Ukraine war | Reuters

Innovation generates 1,000x more voltage from solar cells

India and Pakistan’s severe heat wave, explained | Vox

IEA: World added record renewable power capacity in 2021, despite cost and logistical challenges | BusinessGreen News

IEA expects record renewable growth despite cost, supply problems | Reuters

Humanity Is Nearing the Brink of 1.5 Degrees Warming, Report Finds – Mother Jones

Great Barrier Reef: 91% of reefs surveyed suffered coral bleaching in 2022 | CNN

From climate to plastics, Big Oil faces a reckoning | The Hill

France’s unprecedented drought shows climate change is ‘spiralling out of control’

Federal investigation halts solar power plans to see if China broke trade rules : NPR

Exxon Doubles Down on “Advanced Recycling” Claims That Yield Few Results | The Nation

Extinction Rebellion Vows to Fill the Streets in Response to UK’s New Protest Limits

Every heatwave enhanced by climate change: experts

Environmental groups sue Canada over Bay du Nord oil project approval | Reuters

Elfly project will link Norwegian cities with electric seaplanes

Electric cars: petroleum giant Shell aims to open Hong Kong’s first service station that will also offer EV charging facilities | South China Morning Post

Droughts increase 29 percent in a generation, only getting worse: UN | The Hill

COP27: UK and Egypt seek to rally support for Glasgow Climate Pact | BusinessGreen News

Construction begins on Australia's first gigawatt scale wind project | RenewEconomy

ConocoPhillips ramps up lobbying spending during fight over an $8 billion Alaskan oil project • OpenSecrets

Climate goes missing in action in Russia’s war – POLITICO

Climate change to make droughts longer, more common, says UN | AP News

CHPE could solve NYC's climate woes. Why don't environmentalists like it? | Grist

Catching carbon | Nature Geoscience

California lays out plan to drastically cut fossil fuel use | AP News

Boris Johnson abandons net zero at his peril | The Times

Black Gold: How to Put an End to Fossil Fuel Dominance | Time

Biggest Floating Solar Park in Europe Perfectly Integrates in Portugal Reservoir

As Gas Prices Reach New Highs, Oil Companies Are Profiteering | The New Yorker

A road to Ontario’s Ring of Fire? Doug Ford still can’t pay for it | The Narwhal

A new method can convert solar energy into useful hydrogen

Analysis Exposes Big Oil’s Plot to Unleash Climate-Killing ‘Carbon Bombs’ Worldwide


Unprecedented Cyclone Activity Potentially Clouds Future Forecasts | Lab Manager

Ukraine to halt key Russian gas transit to Europe, blames Moscow | Reuters

Trudeau Cabinet approves C$10B loan guarantee for TMX | POLITICO

This Energy Storage Battery is Recyclable and Nontoxic

The cheap solution to the electric vehicle charging conundrum.

Texas House race poses test for Democrats on abortion and climate politics | The Washington Post

South Africa says it is still analyzing details of $8.5 billion climate deal with rich nations | Reuters

Solar rooftops, manufacturing to get boost under draft EU plan | Reuters

Solar boxes could bring clean energy to the world’s poorest regions

Scientists give Earth a 50-50 chance of hitting key warming mark by 2026 : NPR

Salt Scourge: The Dual Threat of Warming and Rising Salinity | Yale E360

Putin urges stronger action to prevent wildfires | AP News

Petrol prices fuel record sales of second-hand electric cars

Pennsylvania's abandoned and orphaned well crisis directly tied to oil and gas industry greed

‘Our house is truly on fire’: Earth now in danger of hitting 1.5°C warming limit by 2026

‘Our House Is Truly on Fire’: Earth Now Has 50% Chance of Hitting 1.5°C of Warming by 2026

Oil Giants Sell Dirty Wells to Buyers With Looser Climate Goals, Study Finds | The New York Times

New Gas Industry Astroturf Group ‘Fuelling Canada’ Targets First-Time Homebuyers | DeSmog

National Development and Reform Commission: Cultivating Leading Enterprises in Clean and Efficient Utilization of Coal

More moves likely to ensure coal supplies |

Johnson's grand nuclear plans already lie in tatters

In Drought-Ravaged California, Water Use Is Up Dramatically | HuffPost Impact

India’s early heat wave has major implications for agriculture | PBS NewsHour

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Global Warning: Earth Has 50% Chance of Exceeding 1.5 Degrees Celsius in Next Five Years, Scientists Say

Europe looking to get a million tonnes of coal annually from Botswana, says President Masisi | Reuters

EU must hold ‘guilty’ companies to account in Amazon, says indigenous leader – POLITICO

Earth given 50-50 chance of hitting key warming mark by 2026

Don’t abandon Malawi's Young Climate Leaders – Jade Stein | The Scotsman

Court hearing: Did Biden legally suspend oil lease sales? | AP News

Climate change: put water at the heart of solutions

Climate change is being buried this election. We asked scientists to rate the major parties' policies | ABC News

China introduces guideline to encourage low-carbon behaviours among the public, in support of national carbon neutrality goal | South China Morning Post

Campaign Targets ‘Toxic’ Bond Market for Bankrolling Fossil Fuel Expansion

Brazil’s Amazon Breaks Another Deforestation Record

Brazilian groups want direct access to U.S. forest funding | AP News

Apple patents an automated EV charging station | Drive Tesla

Ambient Photonics Energy Harvesting Technology Reduces IoT Carbon Footprint: $31 Million Series A Financing Co-Led by Amazon through its Climate Pledge Fund and Ecosystem Integrity Fund | Business Wire

Air-Conditioning Should Be a Human Right in the Climate Crisis | Scientific American

50+ Groups Challenge Biden to Rein In ‘Climate-Killing Cryptomining’

100% hydrogen engine launched | Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide


World could see 1.5C of warming in next five years, WMO reports | Reuters

With Clenched Fists, They Spend Money on Weapons as the Planet Burns: The Eighteenth Newsletter (2022) | World Beyond War . . .

Venezuela’s oil market: how big is its potential? | Energy Monitor

U.S. SEC extends comment period on climate risk proposal | Reuters

Using a Board Game to Plan for a Changing Planet | Hakai Magazine

Trophic level decoupling drives future changes in phytoplankton bloom phenology | Nature Climate Change

This is how much homeowners earn selling solar panel energy back to the grid | This is Money

Smarter E Products: Vertical PV system for green rooftops – pv magazine International

Smarter E Products: High-voltage residential battery from Varta – pv magazine International

Sinopec Completes China’s First Megaton Scale Carbon Capture Project

Singapore to host global effort to boost transparency of carbon credit trade | The Straits Times

Saatvik launches 545 W bifacial PV modules – pv magazine International

Replacing The Battery Pack On A Tesla Model 3 Costs More Than You Think

Religious leaders urge banks to stop financing drivers of climate change | Reuters

Printed Solar Panels Help a Tesla Model 3 Circumnavigate Australia

Portugal set to start up Europe's largest floating solar park | Reuters

Perovskites studied as potential material to produce renewable hydrogen – pv magazine International

Over 21,000 customers to be paid by ESB for their solar power energy |

Our podcast: From COVID-19 to climate: helping journalists understand science | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

No brakes! Will the EVs of the future omit friction pads entirely?

Natron to kick off mass-production of long-life sodium-ion batteries

Louisiana lawmaker and former Shell exec pushes bills benefitting her oil and gas loving husband

Ivory Coast aims to raise $1.5 billion to restore forests, land | Reuters

India is trying to adapt to extreme heat | The Washington Post

India and Pakistan Are Baking, and Every Powerful Institution Is to Blame | In These Times

Human and planetary health implications of negative emissions technologies | Nature Communications

Heat pumps do work in the cold — Americans just don't know it yet | Grist

Guidelines for Citizens’ Green and Low-Carbon Behaviors Released

Europe's Largest Floating Solar Farm to Go Online in Portugal | Yale E360

EU plans one-year renewable energy permits for faster green shift | Reuters

El Niño nuance: A distinct difference between | EurekAlert!

Decarbonizing Electricity and Decolonizing Power: Voices, Insights and Priorities from Indigenous Clean Energy Leaders | David Suzuki Foundation

Coral reefs provide stunning images of a world under assault

Coral reefs provide stunning images of a world under assault | AP News

Climate change: Global temperature could be warmest on record in one of the next five years, Met Office warns | World News | Sky News

China's sea levels touched new high in 2021, government study shows | Reuters

China readies for post-2025 green hydrogen boom

China April coal imports soar, driven by panic orders in early March | Reuters

Belgian 'drone Bot' Can Clean Solar Panels On Roofs

BBC climate editor made false claims on global warming for Panorama broadcast, inquiry finds  | Daily Mail Online

As record-setting heat blasts Pakistan, a glacial lake floods village | The Washington Post


Wildfire threatens 'cultural genocide' in New Mexico villages | Reuters

Volvo recalls 5,381 XC40 Recharge EVs in the US over faulty wheelhouse harness | Electric Vehicles News

Utilities push back against growth of rooftop solar panels

Utilities push back against growth of rooftop solar panels

Unique sustainable flight lands at Edmonton International Airport |

TV Baftas 2022: Prince William praises 'planet placement' that puts climate change at forefront of shows

The Imminent Solar Revolution | Newspaper |

Tesla Model Y Ownership Experience: The Truth After Two Years

Tesla Model 3 Performance Puts Up A Great Fight Against Lamborghini Urus

Tesla charging stations keep getting their cables cut and not always for the copper | News

Ozone is accelerating climate change at a faster rate | Digital Journal

One of Australia's first solar farms goes into administration, and will be sold | RenewEconomy

Meta Researchers Use Conditional Variational Autoencoders (CVAEs), A Type of Semi-supervised Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Model, To Discover Concrete Formulas With Desired Properties | MarkTechPost

Long before Tesla or the Leaf, this Nissan electric car claimed a 155-mile range

KFC and Toby Carvery see a rise in footfall as drivers flock for cheaper electric vehicle charging | Daily Mail Online

Inside the Yorkshire plant putting Britain's hydrogen future to the test

In Q1 2022, Audi Increased All-Electric Car Sales By 66%

How to flood-proof your home with waterproof doors and skirting boards as Britons face future of flooding

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel for Your Home

Communities in India flooded by 'Amphan-scale cyclones' could triple by 2100 | Carbon Brief

Communities in India flooded by 'Amphan-scale cyclones' could triple by 2100 | Carbon Brief

Climate change is leaving its mark on Indigenous-owned food businesses


Why Another Dornier 228 Is Joining ZeroAvia’s Hydrogen Program

Warmer summers threaten the world’s largest ice sheet and the ecosystems around it | CNN

Volkswagen Group: EVs Are Basically Sold Out In Europe And US For 2022

Toyota lines up Rs 4,800 cr investment to locally produce EV components

The Real Costs of Electric Car Ownership | CNET

Tata Nexon EV Max to be more powerful than regular Nexon EV: Details

So You Want to Buy an Electric Car. Where Are You Going to Charge It? | The New York Times

Say goodbye to chardonnay: Global warming changing the wines Australia can make

Number of EVs in India will touch 3 crores in 2 years: Nitin Gadkari | Auto News

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Profit from electric car battery boom with Savannah Resources | This is Money

Microbe-based faux beef could save forests, slash CO2 emissions

Hyundai Motor Group Orders Vitesco EMR4 Axle Drives For New EVs

Humans need to help other species face climate change, scientists say | The Washington Post

How Tesla's vision for the Robotaxi aligns with its focus on sustainability and environmentalism

Green power needs more than just solar panels and wind turbines | The Economist

Ford’s Tesla-beating ambition has CATL scouting US locations for EV battery plants in a 670 GWh global capacity push | News

Fires kill at least 8 people in Siberia as high winds hamper rescue | Reuters

EV News: EV recall may mean tweaking wires, not a battery change | The Economic Times

Electric cars are the dirtiest personal transport in South Africa

Boom in wind and solar power will see huge surplus of electricity go to waste in 2030 | Daily Mail Online

BMW i4 electric sedan unveiled, India launch soon: Photos

BMW's Neue Klasse Platform Will Debut On 3 Series-Sized EV In 2025

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N: Everything We Know About The Hot Sci-Fi Electric Hatch Coming This Year | Carscoops

2022 Kia EV6 v Polestar 2 v Tesla Model 3 comparison | CarExpert

2018-2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance electric car recalled in Australia | Drive


Watch India-Bound Kia EV6 in Classic Moose Test

Vale will supply Tesla with nickel for electric vehicle production | Sudbury News

Vacancy: Three-week summer journalism internship at Carbon Brief | Carbon Brief

This Arctic town wants to make renewable energy work at the top of the world

The world’s biggest hydrogen fuel cell EV has started work in South Africa | Ars Technica

The birth of the carbon removal market

Tesla releases its 2021 Impact Report, shows strides toward full sustainability

Tesla raises Model Y prices in Canada again | Drive Tesla

Solar energy projects are grinding to a halt in the US amid investigation into parts from China | CNNPolitics

Solar + battery hybrids are poised for explosive growth  | Big Think

Should the City of Windsor create new debt to buy Stellantis-LG battery plant lands? | CTV News

Rechargeable Molten Salt Battery Freezes Energy in Place for Long-Term Storage | Scientific American

Pennsylvania Oil Lobby Keeps Abandoned Wells Unplugged

Our time on Earth: the importance of creativity in the fight against climate change

New Office of Environmental Justice announced by Biden administation | Grist

Manchin Only Dem to Join GOP to Reroute Billions in Climate Funds to Pentagon

Landmark Inquiry in Philippines Backs Accountability for ‘Climate-Polluting’ Corporations

‘Just Stop Oil’ protesters arrested after 60-hour blockade

JD Power: EV Startups Can't Match Tesla & Legacy Auto's Smartphone Apps

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Media reaction: South Asia’s 2022 heatwave and the role of climate change | Carbon Brief

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Marine heatwaves can be predicted ‘up to a year ahead’ | Carbon Brief

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