Climate Change News, Apr 2022



Worsening wildfire conditions predicted in New Mexico as Calf Canyon, Hermit’s Peak blazes grow | The Washington Post

Why The DHC Dash 7 Will Be Powered by magniX EPUs In NASA Electric Flight Program

Want to take action on climate change but don’t know where to start? | Possible

US Residential Solar Pricing Needs a Major Overhaul Now | CNET

UK wildlife watchers ‘welcome species that arrive because of climate change’ |

The weekend read: The financial risk of investing in PV systems and the ‘Peter PAN’ files – pv magazine International

The climate progress narrative is the newest tactic of global warming denialists | Canadian Dimension

SunShot 2030 | Department of Energy

SCHOOL: Environmental and Sustainability Studies Degree Program, Major | Chicago, Illinois

Researchers manage to charge a lithium-ion battery to 60 percent in 5.6 minutes

Quiz | Climate Reality

Playing my part: How to save money, reduce reliance on Russian energy, support Ukraine and help the planet | IEA

Planet-warming emissions from cow burps have been seen from space | CNN

PETITION: To President Biden: Declare climate an emergency under the National Emergencies Act

PETITION: The villain you probably never heard of!

PETITION: Tell the Biden Administration: Stop new oil drilling in the Arctic!

PETITION: Tell FERC to safeguard our communities and environment from greedy fossil fuel companies!

PETITION: Stop Big Oil from Using Loopholes | Action Network

PETITION: Sign and send the petition to the U.S. Senate: Address our global climate emergency. Combat climate super-pollutants.

PETITION: Protect biodiversity in Canada

PETITION: Open Letter: Resist Oil & Gas lobby's spin |


PETITION: It’s time to step up our climate change response

PETITION: Expand Democratic Fairness and Lower the Voting Age to 16 |

PETITION: Demand greedy corporations stop destroying forests! | FOE

PETITION: Big Oil rakes historic profits while gas prices surge. Pass a windfall profits tax

NFB Film Trailer: The Magnitude of All Things by Jennifer Abbott | NFB

Ministry of Just Transition Ministry of Just Transition | accelerating the shift to a green economy

Mahindra XUV400 (XUV300 EV) To Launch In India Next Year

Inconvenient Youth | Instagram

How the U.S. wants to make it a lot easier to charge electric cars : NPR

How efficient are electric cars? | Autocar

Has Earth had its day? More polar ice melts, more carbon hits the atmosphere, and what are we doing about it? The same as always | South China Morning Post

Get Climate Smart With FutureLearn

GAME: The Climate Game — Can you reach net zero?

From cheeseburgers to carpooling, every decision impacts our carbon footprint in the world | Winnipeg Free Press

Executive summary – World Energy Outlook 2021 – Analysis | IEA

Disinformation | Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Energency Institute Home

Climate change could cause worst UK wildfires in years warn fire chiefs, but experts say it's just the start

‘Change is coming’: Wide range of electric vehicles on display at Drive Electric Earth Day | WLOS

Call in Sick for Earth Day: April 22

BOOK: Just Cool It! | Greystone Books Ltd.

Behold the electric Mustang that Ford should have built | Yanko Design

Are heat pumps the most overlooked climate solution?

A Life Preserver for Staying Afloat in a Sea of Misinformation | Skeptical Inquirer

After 15,000 years, it's waking up (Permafrost) | Physics Girl | YouTube

‘The water is not there’: Drought forces Las Vegas to draw from deeper within Lake Mead | KTLA

2022 Mazda CX-60 e-Skyactiv PHEV: We Take An Early Test Drive


Why Americans Became More Vulnerable to Oil Price Spikes | The New York Times

‘We skipped spring’: Blistering heatwaves stunt harvests in Pakistan and India

Watching the resistance | Columbia Journalism Review

The heat in Delhi is unbearable. This is what the climate crisis feels like

South 8 Technologies Raises $12M to Commercialize Next Generation Electrolytes for High Performance Lithium-ion Batteries

Solar Industry ‘Frozen’ as Biden Administration Investigates China | The New York Times

Researchers From China Introduce An Hybrid AI-HPC Framework In Their Latest Research To Demonstrate The Effectiveness Of Solving The Quantum Many-Body Problem Via Deep Learning Methods On The Supercomputer Platform | MarkTechPost

Pakistan, India reel under intense heat wave | Reuters

Opportunities for industry leaders as new travelers take to the skies

Opinion | Oil And Gas Companies Need a Shorter Leash | The New York Times

Offshore Work Commences for World’s Largest Wind Farm, Dogger Bank

New PV water heater from Germany – pv magazine International

New Climate Doc Premieres on Netflix as Youth Await Major Court Decision

National Energy Administration: Make coalbed methane an important gas source to enhance the independent guarantee capability of natural gas

McKinsey expects fossil fuels to peak by 2030 – Energy Monitor

India and Pakistan record-breaking heat wave up to 47C ‘leaves people gasping even in the shade’ | Daily Mail Online

House Dems Call On Top U.S. Insurers to End Backing of Fossil Fuel Projects | DeSmog

Heatwaves linked to man-made climate change: TNQ-Janelia webinar | The Hindu

Heat wave scorches India's wheat crop, snags export plans | AP News

First Toyota Mirai Hydrogen car gets registered in Kerala

‘Extremely Critical Fire Weather’ Threatens the Southwest | The New York Times

Climate impact of flying could be two thirds higher than thought –

As living costs jump, climate change takes a backseat in elections


Why climate doomism is not an option | New Statesman

The Climate Crime Continues — Covering Climate Now

Report: Houston is one of the fastest sinking cities on Earth, could ‘disappear’

Record-breaking early heatwave hits India, Pakistan, temperatures keep rising

Origin snaps up 1GW of solar projects as it plans for future without coal | RenewEconomy

Ocean life projected to die off in mass extinction if emissions remain high

New EV vs. old beater: Which is better for the environment? | Ars Technica

Lithium-ion battery charged to 60% in 5.6 minutes with ordered anode

Liquid Ammonia Is The Carbon-Free Fuel Of Choice For Aviation H2 For Its Hydrogen Powered Aircraft

Joe Manchin is convening meetings on clean energy and climate. But few know exactly what he wants out of a deal | CNNPolitics

Is wind power really the solution to our green energy needs? | CapX

India sweats over worst power cuts in six years during extreme heat | Reuters

India’s Extreme Heat Is Expected to Worsen | The New York Times

Hyundai Ioniq 5 India launch confirmed | Auto News

How Far Are We From Phasing Out Coal?

Heat wave brings extreme April temperatures to India and Pakistan | The Washington Post

Greta Thunberg doesn’t want you to talk about her anymore – POLITICO

Graph of the Day: Australia's main grid sets new wind and solar output record | RenewEconomy

France defines standards for agrivoltaics – pv magazine International

Forest degradation drives widespread avian habitat and population declines | Nature Ecology & Evolution

EV Charging Connectors Come In Many Shapes And Sizes | Hackaday

Empirical evidence for recent global shifts in vegetation resilience | Nature Climate Change

Crucial tropical forests were destroyed at a rate of 10 soccer fields a minute last year | CNN

Climate Groups Sue to Stop DeJoy’s ‘Unacceptable’ Gas-Guzzling Postal Truck Plan

Climate Emergency Could Cause Wildlife Relocations That Spark Next Pandemic

Climate change could cause a mass marine extinction event, study says | The Washington Post

Climate change ‘already’ raising risk of virus spread between mammals | Carbon Brief

China to cut coal import tariffs to zero from May 1 | Reuters

China-Pacific Island Countries Cooperation Center on Climate Change Launched

Chart: Where tropical forests disappeared in 2021 | Vox

Brimstone to Produce the World's First Carbon-Negative Portland Cement

Are Lithium Batteries for Electric Vehicles a Threat to the Environment? | webringnet

Advanced Ionics Secures $4.2 Million to Enable a New Era for Decarbonization of Industrial Hydrogen Production | Clean Energy Ventures

3 Top EV Stocks Ready for a Bull Run | The Motley Fool

2023 VinFast VF 8 Prototype Drive Review: Early Days, But Promising

100 EU cities commit to going climate neutral by 2030 – POLITICO


Wind, Carbon Life-Cycle Costs, and Why we need Other Renewables.. | Blain's Morning Porridge

Will Russia sanctions freeze Asia’s climate change research on the Arctic? | South China Morning Post

WATCH: ‘Superb’ Video Makes Case for Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax

UN land report: Five key takeaways for climate change, food systems and nature loss | Carbon Brief

Tomtex raises $1.7m to scale leather alternatives operation | Just Style

The State Of Play In Solid State Batteries | Hackaday

There’s No Scenario in Which 2050 Is ‘Normal’ | The Atlantic

The National Development and Reform Commission has deployed and implemented the reform of the coal market price formation mechanism

Sun Cable reveals full extent of its giant solar-plus-storage project in Australia – pv magazine International

State of the climate: Start of 2022 is the fifth warmest on record | Carbon Brief

Rishi Sunak threatens oil and gas giants with windfall tax on profits

Rewa Ultra Mega Solar’s 600 MW Floating Solar Tender Gets Overwhelming Response | Mercom India

Renewables to be "the new baseload" by 2030, says McKinsey | RenewEconomy

Pumped Storage: The World’s Largest Battery?

Prince Charles backs face masks for cows to help save the planet one burp at a time

Opinion | Manchin Bill Is Bad for Jobs and the Climate | Linda Pentz Gunter

Ontario election: Green leader Mike Schreiner says even one seat matters | The Narwhal

Offshore Wind Brings Navantia to UK | Offshore Wind

Norway asks human rights court to dismiss Arctic oil case | Reuters

New species arriving in UK due to climate change are welcomed by wildlife watchers, study suggests | UK News | Sky News

Klimawandel-Ticker: So reagieren Meeresströmungen auf den Klimawandel

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Fleet Will Help Power A City In The Netherlands

How climate change is fueling the rise of Spain’s far right – POLITICO

House Dems Call On Top US Insurers to End Backing of Fossil Fuel Projects

Global Climate Coalition Tells Biden Ukraine War Is Chance to ‘End the Fossil Fuel Era’

Ford Confirms Another All-Electric Pickup After The F-150 Lightning

Finley solar farm reveals AEMO contract for big spinning machine | RenewEconomy

Eye on Lithium: Carmakers, governments developing mandatory 'passport' to track carbon footprint of EU batteries | Stockhead

Expanding ocean food production under climate change | Nature

EV sales likely won’t meet demand due to supply chain snags | Automotive News

EU energy transition faces critical minerals shortfall | Energy Monitor

Energy firms asked to keep burning coal as ministers fight to keep lights on

“Eight years left to turn the ship”: Scientists share how climate change could change daily life | CBS News

Dear Urban Diplomat: Someone keeps using my electric charging station

Coalition launches campaign, calls on Ontario election candidates to address climate change |

Climate tech startup funding: UW-spinoff BattGenie, Microsoft vet, and weeding robot raise fresh cash - GeekWire

Climate change putting 4% of global GDP at risk, new study estimates | CNA

Climate advocates fear that Manchin's bipartisan energy push is 'all smoke and mirrors’ | The Washington Post

Climate adaptation is going to be a disaster | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

California Oil and Gas Industry Leans on Political Heavyweights to Drill Wells | DeSmog

California declares historic water emergency measures amid drought | The Washington Post

Bromine-based flow batteries for renewables storage – pv magazine International

Broken climate promises | The Hill

A top federal energy regulator is in turmoil over climate rules | The Washington Post

As India swelters under extreme heat, Modi warns of fire risk | Reuters

5 mistakes everyone makes when charging an electric car | T3

2024 Chevy Silverado EV Reservations Pile Up as GM Preps Wider EV Offensive

1.4 TW of Solar, Battery, Wind Awaiting Grid Interconnection in the US | Mercom India


Zeno Power raises $20 million Series A

Why Wynn Bruce, climate activist, set himself on fire at Supreme Court | The Washington Post

U.S. Energy Information Administration | EIA | Independent Statistics and Analysis

Twitter's impending sale sets off soul-searching in climate community

TPG Closes Rise Climate Fund at $7.3 Billion | Business Wire

The Life of an EV Battery From Cradle to Grave — and Why Recycling Is Still So Hard

The growing chorus for carbon capture | The Washington Post

Stop the Money Pipeline Coalition Members Respond to Climate Votes at Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo Shareholder Meetings | Stop the Money Pipeline

Solar Energy Storage Options: Researchers Develop Technology to Store, Convert Solar Energy to Electricity on Demand

Renewable natural gas debated as Nanaimo considers environmental goals of its next city plan – Nanaimo News Bulletin

RAM 1500 BEV debut set for Fall 2022, teaser takes jab at Ford F-150 Lightning 

Ontario Election 2022: A Guide to the Environmental Issues | The Narwhal

‘No Negotiating With Arsonists’: Green Groups Slam Manchin-Led Climate Compromise With GOP

Net Zero Barometer: Are economic headwinds putting corporate climate goals at risk? | BusinessGreen News Analysis

Japan’s first vertical agrivoltaic project – pv magazine International

Is it ethical to have kids in the climate crisis? |

IONIQ 5 : Hyundai to drive in electric model IONIQ 5 in India this year

India heat wave to worsen, near all-time records

India could become carbon neutral before its 2070 goal, IRENA chief says | Reuters

Idénergie’s portable and recyclable river turbine produces 12kWh of power daily | Inceptive Mind

How the green paradox and climate policy can become Putin’s nightmare –

How long will China's dominance of rare earths last? | Energy Monitor

How Is Apartheid’s Legacy Making Climate Change Impacts Worse in South Africa?

Global coal plant capacity edges up in 2021, hitting climate -report | Reuters

‘Existential Threat’: Indigenous Leaders Urge Citigroup to Stop Backing Amazon Oil | DeSmog

European wind farms are boost to SSE power plans | Business | The Times

European Energy Plans to Build Offshore Wind Farm on Site Previously Eyed by Ørsted | Offshore Wind

DOE close to loaning $500 million for world's largest green hydrogen plant

Coal interests sue to block Pennsylvania's carbon policy | AP News

Climate change has led to warming of lochs and reservoirs in Scotland, report finds | Daily Record

Chrysler Aims To Reinvent The Minivan For The Electric Era: CEO

Children more worried about climate change than crime, racial inequality and Brexit, poll finds

Canada overestimating hydrogen's potential cut carbon emissions, report says | Reuters

Broken EV Chargers Could Stall the Electric Car Movement | WIRED

Bottled Water Giant Admits to Environmental “Puffery”

Best ebikes in 2022

Battery storage firm Yotta wins $2M for Nevada Air Force Base project

Australian town to be powered by pumped-hydro microgrid – pv magazine International

Asia’s coastal cities sinking faster than sea level-rise

Applied Materials Sets Its Sights on EUV and 3D GAA | EETimes

Ancient oak trees to shed light on the climate of the past 4500 years | HeritageDaily | Archaeology News

Activist's self-immolation stirs questions on faith, protest | AP News


Why eating crickets instead of beef can help beat global warming

Weary of many disasters? UN says worse to come | AP News

Warren Buffett faces renewed climate change challenge by investors

Vegan 'cancel culture' hits dairy farmers

UK could cut carbon emissions by adding rock dust to agricultural soil, study finds | E&ampT Magazine

This $1.5 billion startup promised to deliver clean fuels as cheap as gas. Experts are deeply skeptical. | MIT Technology Review

The Renewable-Energy Revolution Will Need Renewable Storage | The New Yorker

There is a link between heat and mental health; and climate change is making it more pronounced

The power plants of the future will be solar and battery hybrids — and it's already starting | MarketWatch

Substantial carbon drawdown potential from enhanced rock weathering in the United Kingdom | Nature Geoscience

Opposition wins Slovenia vote, defeating right-wing populist

Old-growth protest: BC man hospitalized after hunger strike | Victoria Times Colonist

Novel foods for human and planetary health | Nature Food

New method for long-term prediction of renewables generation in Europe – pv magazine International

Natural variability has dominated Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation since 1900 | Nature Climate Change

Meat consumption must fall by at least 75 per | EurekAlert!

Manganese Could Be the Secret Behind Truly Mass-Market EVs | IEEE Spectrum

Italy Inaugurates the First Offshore Wind Farm in the Mediterranean

Is it time to buy an electric vehicle? | Popular Science

Incorporation of novel foods in European diets can reduce global warming potential, water use and land use by over 80% | Nature Food

Human activity is leading to more disasters-UN report | Reuters

How the US military is waging war on climate change | Task & Purpose

How high-profile scientists felt tricked by group denying climate change | BBC News

How close is the tipping point? | GEOMAR | Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel

How a new heat battery can quickly make millions of homes gas-free

Honeycomb-like nanopatterning boosts efficiency of ultrathin solar panels | Physics World

Heat pumps included in GM EVs could give them a real-world range advantage

GM’s Ultium Energy Recovery System Can Boost EV Range, Acceleration

GM Is Adding a Heat Pump to Its Ultium EV Platform. Here’s Why That Matters

Fulfilling CoP26 promises can limit global warming to 2°C: Study

Frontiers | Climate Adaptation Interventions in Coastal Areas: A Rapid Review of Social and Gender Dimensions | Climate

Extremely lightweight hydrogen tanks could quadruple the range of passenger airliners

EXCLUSIVE Russia and India in talks to restart coking coal supplies -sources | Reuters

Exclusive: How ambitious are the climate targets of power companies?

Environment group warns Shell board on liability for emission targets | Reuters

Energy crisis: UK hydrogen breakthrough paves way for 'cheap' truly green power | Science | News |

Community Solar Explained: Buy Solar Energy Without the Panels | CNET

CATL launches first battery-swapping in China, aimed at those without home charging

Carbon: India plans own uniform carbon trading market | The Economic Times

Biden administration shrinks area eligible for drilling at Arctic reserve | The Hill

6 People Driving Change in Climate Science, Tech and Policy | BNN Bloomberg


Nezha S Is Another Tesla Model 3 Rival From China With Serious Intentions | Carscoops

For the doomers, this election isn’t changing the climate

Climate Activist Dies After Setting Himself on Fire at Supreme Court | The New York Times

China promotes coal in setback for efforts to cut emissions | AP News

Britain moves ahead with mandatory climate plans for companies | Reuters

BC old-growth forest activist hospitalized on Day 24 of hunger strike | Vancouver Sun


When is green not all that green? Earth Day clean energy revelations | The Hill

Twitter bans ads that contradict science on climate change | AP News

Torrent Power To Acquire 50 Mw Solar Power Plant From Skypower Group | Mint

Torrent Power News: Torrent Power acquires 50 MW solar power plant from SkyPower Group | The Economic Times

Thousands protest plan to raze German village for coal mine | AP News

Tesla Has Begun Installing Solar Panels on Giga Berlin’s Rooftop

Opinion | It’s Not Just High Oil Prices. It’s a Full-Blown Energy Crisis. | The New York Times

New offshore wind farms being rushed through with ‘catastrophic impact’ on Britain’s sea birds | Daily Mail Online

Net Zero: What it takes for small and growing businesses to transition to Net Zero | The Economic Times

Network aims to 'revolutionise' climate education

More Cars Are Being Added To The Zero-Emission Vehicles Incentive Program & You Can Get $5,000 | Narcity

Health and climate | DAWN.COM

Delhi electric vehicle owners can now install EV charger at home, check price here | Electric Vehicles News | Zee News

Climate change is real and here: Extreme heat shrivels up India’s wheat harvest

Climate change hits home as increasing heat wave days scorch India

Climate Change: China has a new carbon-storage tool from decades of frenzied tree planting to avert hillside erosion and prevent floods | South China Morning Post

Climate Activists Rally at the White House to Demand Action | The New York Times

Britain's first new coal mine in decades on the verge of approval


Wind energy is booming in deep-red Republican states | CNNPolitics

Why we must vote Ford out if we want to tackle climate and inequality | Canada’s National Observer: News & Analysis

‘What Climate Justice Means and Why We Should Care’ a good read for Earth Day : NPR

Video: Angry commuters appear to violently drag logging protesters across Vancouver bridge | Prince George Citizen

Vanessa Nakate: 'The climate issue is the biggest threat that is facing our lives right now' | The Big Issue

Two people remain in custody following old-growth protest that affected Highway 1 in Langford

Three Canadian companies win $1-million awards each for carbon removal technology | BC News |

This Earth Day, We Could Be Helping the Environment—and Ukraine | The New Yorker

The climate crisis is increasingly a refugee crisis, faith resettlement groups say

Taiwan to invest in green energy, smart grids to reach net-zero emissions goal | Reuters

Sustainable home renovation tips: Why sustainability should be front of mind when planning your next renovation

Steel company with history of environmental violations faces more penalties for pollution

Soaring gas prices test Biden on climate change

Six ways to support solar energy without buying panels | The Optimist Daily

Secretary Raimondo Establishes Commerce Climate Council, Directs Department to Integrate Climate Considerations into Policies, Strategic Planning, and Programs | U.S. Department of Commerce

Save Old Growth protest: 2 remain in custody after Langford blockade | CTV News

Rooftop solar now a popular choice for industries to cut power bills

Rice and the Climate Crisis: The significance of reducing food waste as climate change hits rice production | CNA

Pushing the boundaries of low-head pumped hydro storage – pv magazine International

Puerto Rico pushes for solar energy following natural disasters

Ontario’s new emissions reduction plan is barely three pages long

Ontario NDP, Liberals make tree-planting election promises | National Post

One Way to Become More Sustainable? Invest in New Materials. | BoF

On Earth Day, these sites in nature give scientists hope | The Washington Post

On Earth Day, climate activists call for ban on buying Russian oil | Reuters

Net zero strategy: The key policies in the Government's ambitious plan to be more sustainable

Netherlands may reach 132 GW of solar by 2050 – pv magazine International

Natural landscapes do so much for us. What are we doing to protect them?

‘Mr. Lithium’ warns there’s not enough battery metal to go around | MINING.COM

Moving from Land Acknowledgements to healing the land |

More electric vehicles qualify for rebates as Ottawa expands program | National |

More cars, SUVs to qualify for electric vehicle rebates as feds expand program |

Meet 11 startups working to combat climate change

Lithium ion battery pipeline breaks the 6 TWh capacity barrier | Benchmark

Laura Tobin: ‘Most people have conditioned themselves not to think about climate change' | The Big Issue

Latin America Is a Dangerous Place For Environmental Activists | News | teleSUR English

Kids Are Freaked Out About Climate Doom. Can Bedtime Stories Help? – Mother Jones

JA Solar brings its M10 solutions to the European market – pv magazine International

Inverted perovskite solar cell with 25% efficiency – pv magazine International

Indonesia plans giant solar power projects for Singapore

How young people are taking action against climate change : NPR

How to Interpret Any Machine Learning Prediction | by David Farrugia | Apr, 2022 | Towards Data Science

How Much Carbon Dioxide Does Your City Produce Each Day? | Discover Magazine

Home EV Charging 101: Levels of Charging Explained | Roadshow

Her Job? Planting Thousands of Trees Every Year in New York City. | The New York Times

GM Stops Offering Battery Replacement For Chevy Spark EV

FREE FILM SCREENING: The Magnitude of All Things Screening Kit — Story Money Impact

First Hydrogen Burn at Long Ridge HA-Class Gas Turbine Marks Triumph for GE

Federal government expands Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles program

Every Day is Earth Day | The Children's Hour

Europe suffered year of climate chaos in 2021, EU report says | Reuters

Etihad Airways' sustainability initiatives cut carbon emissions by 56%

Energy Department challenges students to wring more efficiency from EVs | Engadget

Electric SUVs, trucks now eligible for Canadian EV rebates | Driving

Earth Day: The U.S. climate has shifted dramatically since April 1970

Earth Day reminds us of the climate conflicts we're already fighting in the U.S.

Earth Day: Is circular design the key to lowering carbon emissions? | World Economic Forum

Earth Day is a Time for…Anger | by Bill McKibben

Earth Day 2022: How an oil spill in the 1960s led to a global movement to protect the environment

Competition bureau asked to investigate RBC for alleged greenwashing | North Shore News

COMMENTARY: Carbon taxes are meant to boost gas prices. Why aren’t governments cheering hikes at the pump? | National |

Colby Cosh: Trudeau must reconcile his jet-setting ways with his climate panic | National Post

Climate progress remains elusive for Biden on Earth Day | AP News

Climate progress remains elusive for Biden on Earth Day | AP News

Climate Change: Your Questions About Causes and Effects, Answered | The New York Times

Climate change: The impact on health

China's overseas coal ban sees 15 projects cancelled | research | Reuters

China’s pledge to halt overseas coal-fired power plants leaves a third of proposed capacity in ‘grey area’, report says | South China Morning Post

CEOs Must Act Now in Supporting $555B in Climate Investments | Go Time for Climate

Can Old EV Batteries Be Recycled? – Review Geek

Canadian university to be equipped with a stealthy solar façade/microgrid – pv magazine International

Big greenhouse gas state taking biggest climate step yet | AP News

Big-box retialers should all go solar | Upworthy

Biden Aims to Protect the Nation's Old Trees to Help with Carbon Removal | Scientific American

Biblioterre: A community solution for Earth Day |

As electric vehicle rebates expand, Ontario falls behind | CTV News

As Britain’s shale gas lies untapped, a US state shows how fracking is thriving with nature | Daily Mail Online

Antarctic sea-ice expansion in a warming climate

5 climate podcasts that will change how you view the planet | The Big Issue

10 Must-Read Books To Understand Climate Change And How You Can Make A Difference


Zinc-ion battery for residential applications – pv magazine International

Xi replies to letter from British pupils on climate change-Xinhua

Will Alberta and Ontario cutting gas taxes make people drive more? | The Narwhal

What Is the FOREST Act? Everything to Know About the US Bill to Fight Deforestation

Vast Solar says solar thermal plants can double up as syncons | RenewEconomy

U.S. to grant $6.4 bln funding for projects to reduce carbon emissions | Reuters

USA funds nuclear-coupled carbon capture studies : Energy & Environment | World Nuclear News

Top oil and gas companies increase lobbying spending amid global energy crisis • OpenSecrets

These whales are on the brink. Now comes climate change — and wind power. | The Washington Post

The first Net-Zero hotel in the United States is set to open this spring – Travel in your own way

Tesla Almost Doubled The Rate Of Supercharger Deployment In Q1 2022

Taiwan's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Delivers First Power | Offshore Wind

Stanford Researchers Develop Solar Panels That Can Also Generate Power At Night | HotHardware

Social Media Giants Get a Failing Grade on Climate Disinformation | DeSmog

Social Media Giants’ Climate Misinformation Policies Leave Users ‘In the Dark’: Report

Scientists breed threatened Florida coral species in step toward reef restoration | Reuters

Renewable energy: India adds renewable capacity of 13.5 GW in 2021-22 | The Economic Times

Quanta Magazine

P&G Continues Its Commitment to Climate Action With ‘It’s Our Home’ Campaign

Opinion | US Must Tackle Interconnected Child Care and Climate Crises | Mary C. King

‘One quarter’ of US emissions since 2005 come from fossil fuels on public lands | Carbon Brief

Old-growth protestors block TCH northbound traffic in Langford during afternoon commute

New York City's Central Park a 'lab' to study climate change | Reuters

New tech will free cheaper, cleaner lithium supply – report  | MINING.COM

Mobile agrivoltaic system from the Netherlands – pv magazine International

Media Need to Treat Every Day as Earth Day if We Want a Livable Planet | FAIR

Lower Saxony wants to produce natural gas in the North Sea

Japan plans to set legal framework for carbon storage | Reuters

india: ‘Windergy India 2022’ aims to catalyse up to Rs 15,000 cr investment into wind energy equipment | The Economic Times

Humans disrupting 66 million-year-old feature of ecosystems

How will climate change affect what I eat in British Columbia? | Vancouver Is Awesome

How To Get Your Home Off Natural Gas For Heating, Hot Water & Cooking

green hydrogen: Transition to EVs, green hydrogen critical to achieve carbon neutrality by 2070: Official | The Economic Times

Global energy crisis, Russia invasion eclipse Biden climate goals | Reuters

‘Freeze-Thaw Battery’ Is Adept At Preserving Its Energy | Pioneering Minds

For Earth Day, look beyond solar panels and diets to combat climate change | Vox

Florida seeks 100% renewable electricity by 2050 | AP News

Fight against climate change takes on national security implications

Exxon sees carbon capture market at $4 trillion by 2050 | Reuters

Emerging weed resistance increases tillage intensity and greenhouse gas emissions in the US corn–soybean cropping system | Nature Food

Earth Day | Guidance to Climate Grief Resilience Tickets, Thu, 21 Apr 2022 at 4:00 PM | Eventbrite

Column: India's coal imports are shifting, thermal more than coking | Reuters

Climate crisis: How to cope with eco-anxiety | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 21.04.2022

China Briefing, 21 April 2022: ‘Unified national energy market’; Guidelines for petrochemical; Energy storage analysis | Carbon Brief

China Briefing, 21 April 2022: ‘Unified national energy market’; Guidelines for petrochemical; Energy storage analysis | Carbon Brief

CarbonCure competitor Carbon Upcycling just raised $6.15 million

Can We Solve Drought by Piping Water Across the Country? | The New York Times

Can Portland Be a Climate Leader Without Reducing Driving? | The New York Times

Canada’s muddled month of climate action: CCPA’s… | The Monitor

Bring Back the Real Earth Day | The New Republic

Brazilian Meat Giant JBS a Bigger Emitter Than Italy, Study Estimates | DeSmog

Boris Johnson Meets Coal Baron on India Tour Despite Calling For End to Dirtiest Fossil Fuel | DeSmog

Atmospheric data from India’s 2020 lockdown reveals how black carbon affects climate

Are GCC nations taking climate change seriously? | Investment Monitor

Angry commuters ‘violently’ drag Ironworkers bridge protesters | Burnaby Now

Almost Half Of All Teslas Built In Q1 Had The LFP Battery Pack

2022 Kia EV6 vs 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5: Compare Electric Cars

11 Books and Movies That Explore Indigenous Connections to Land


Yellen urges World Bank to develop 'clear and ambitious' climate targets | Reuters

World needs extra $1.3 trln energy investment by 2030 | JP Morgan | Reuters

Why EV Battery Tech Might Power Your Phone Soon – Review Geek

We Asked an Activist: How Can Our Pensions Help Stop the Climate Crisis?

Ukraine lobbies for cuts in Russian Nord Stream 1 gas shipments | Reuters

Top Scientists: California Must End Neighborhood Oil Drilling, Phase Out Fossil Fuels

Three-year commercial PV payback expected via roof mount cost reductions – pv magazine International

Thousands flee as Arizona wildfire almost triples in size | Reuters

The wish to respond to climate change | The Economist

The perovskite solar-panel startup Tandem A raises $6M in Series A

Tesla is replacing side repeater cameras for free for some customers | Drive Tesla

Spain curtails PV for first time – pv magazine International

Solar geoengineering could redistribute malaria risk in developing countries | Nature Communications

Should we be worried about coal’s resurgence? | Energy Monitor

Shell says aims to hit carbon reduction goals regardless of others | Reuters

Rolls-Royce gets green light to roll out new mini nuclear reactors: Best of British! |

Opinion | Biden’s new drilling plan isn’t the end for the climate | The Washington Post

Oil and Gas: Federal Actions Needed to Address Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Development | U.S. GAO

Nissan on track to revolutionize the EV experience with new solid-state battery prototype lab |

Natural hydrogen – how it works and why companies are interested – pv magazine International

More than AI or hypersonics, microelectronics dominate DARPA's investments | Breaking Defense

John Kerry doesn't see signs of stronger climate pledges | The Washington Post

India’s GUVNL seeks 1 GW of solar – pv magazine International

How Recycling Can Help the Growing Electric Vehicle Market

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Energy shift creates opening for ‘world’s largest batteries’

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Peel Region might vote to develop 10,000 acres of farmland | The Narwhal

Officials warn Floridians to get ready for hurricane season | AP News

Nuclear power is safe and gets cheaper the more we embrace it | we need to get past its PR problem

Net-zero commitments could limit warming to below 2 °C

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Coal-rich Shanxi Province vows to eliminate dirty bulk coal in its most polluted cities | Global Times

Climate pledges improving, but world still on a disastrous path | The Washington Post

Climate Foundation refuses to provide information on Nord Stream 2 | WELT

Climate Change Is Hurting Penguins Unevenly in Antarctica | The New York Times

Climate change fueled the 2020 hurricane season’s rainfall, study shows | The Washington Post

Climate change drove extreme rain in southeast Africa storms: study

Climate Campaigners Say Biden Ethanol Push Is ‘As Silly as It Is Dangerous’

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Canada’s military buildup in the Arctic threatens climate and Indigenous peoples | Canadian Dimension

Biomass Industry Pushes Back Against Europe's Plans To Protect Woodlands | DeSmog

Biden renews push for sustainable aviation fuel tax credit | Reuters

Biden pitches new action to lessen gas prices | The Hill

Biden Allows Sale of Higher-Ethanol Gas in Bid to Tame Costs

Bangladesh’s highest-opex rooftop PV plant goes online – pv magazine International

Backed-up pipes, stinky yards: Climate change is wrecking septic tanks | The Washington Post

Australia’s first hydrogen storage tank manufacturing facility – pv magazine International

Attribution of 2020 hurricane season extreme rainfall to human-induced climate change | Nature Communications

A new transistor design could cut 5 percent of the world’s digital energy budget

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Solar, Wind Surge in 2021 ‘Another Testament of Renewable Energy’s Resilience’

Scientists Unveil High-Tech Tool to Save Rainforests of the Ocean

Scalable climate solutions will come from the multitudes | World Economic Forum

Russian invasion could push Government to approve a new coal mine in Cumbria | but it risks green backlash

Russia’s war is a short-term win for coal – POLITICO

New York pension leaders back calls for less fossil fuel financing | Reuters

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German economy minister says will help push wind power expansion | Reuters

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Facebook dismantles Brazilian climate change disinformation network | Metro News

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Addressing Eco-Anxiety | AJ

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Tesla Model 3 Review After 200,000 Miles

China will build a national unified energy market and form a national power trading center in due course


Talking About Climate Change Is Depressing. Does It Have To Be?

Melting ice caps may not shut down ocean current


Wealthy Countries Are More to Blame for Environmental Crises, Study Finds

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This election, Ontario NDP climate plan is to undo past four years | The Narwhal

‘They pretend we don’t exist’: Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs insulted after RBC cancels in-person meeting last-minute | Canada’s National Observer: News & Analysis

The World's Top Diplomat Has Had It Up to Here | by Admin

There’s still time to stop climate change as growth rate of GHGs slows

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Fight Climate Emergency by Nationalizing US Fossil Fuel Industry, Says Top Economist

Feds Approval of Bay du Nord Offshore Oil a Big Step Forward for Maritimes & Canada

Every Day Eco-Heroes | Autumn Peltier | AJ

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700 additional jobs required at Stellantis-LG Windsor EV battery plant | CTV News


World Health Day 2022

Visualizing the scale of the carbon removal problem | The Verge

U.S. wind energy company pleads guilty to killing 150 eagles | Reuters

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Top Climate Scientists to Biden: ‘Follow the Science, Stop Fossil Fuels’

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The critical benefits of snowpack insulation and snowmelt for winter wheat productivity | Nature Climate Change

Tesla raises Model 3 prices in the US, no changes in Canada | Drive Tesla

Tasmanian government accused of attempting to 'retrospectively' change law to 'legalise' logging | ABC News

Sydney asks thousands to evacuate as heavy rains cause flash floods | Reuters

Stanford engineers create solar panel that can generate electricity at night : NPR

Speed up EU climate policies to wrest free from Russia, 11 countries say | Reuters

Special Report: U.S. solar expansion stalled by rural land-use protests | Reuters

Smart’s #1 Electric SUV Is Cute and Compact | Roadshow

Scientists react: What are the key new insights from the IPCC’s WG3 report? | Carbon Brief

Renewable offshore floating hydrogen production – pv magazine International

RBC CEO calls for net-zero incentives even as bank slammed for fossil fuel funding | Financial Post

Protesters target Ottawa bank branches over climate, Indigenous rights | Ottawa Citizen

Orbán emerges as the loudest opponent of EU sanctions on Russian oil – POLITICO

Ontario’s Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy |

One in two new cars must be electric by 2028

Ocean sensitivity to freshwater | Nature Climate Change

Noam Chomsky warns the ‘most dangerous point in human history’ looms

NOAA: Potent heat-trapping methane increases at record pace | AP News

New IPCC Report Looks at Neglected Element of Climate Action: People | Scientific American

Methane emissions soar to highest level ever recorded | Grist

Methane emissions jump by record amount in 2021, NOAA says | The Washington Post

It’s Time to Ditch Performative Recycling

I’m Tired of Being Sustainable

Hummer EV Comes With A Feature That GMC Hasn't Figured Out Just Yet

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How the oil industry cast climate policy as an economic burden | Grist

Green energy: Niagara Falls chosen as site for Ontario’s first large-scale hydrogen facility |

Global methane soars to record levels- NOAA | Reuters

“Game Over” for Fossil Fuels? — Covering Climate Now

Freshwater forcing of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation revisited | Nature Climate Change

Fossil Fuel ‘Philosopher’ Wrote About ‘Superiority’ of Western Culture, and Blamed Martin Luther King Jr. for Increase in ‘Black Crime’ | DeSmog

First Light says it’s achieved nuclear fusion breakthrough • The Register

e-Zinc Secures USD $25 Million in Series A Financing to Advance Long-Duration Energy Storage | Business Wire

EPA denies requests for biofuel blending exemptions | The Hill

Energy strategy: Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng admits energy security strategy is ‘more of a medium three, four, five year answer’ | Politics News | Sky News

Dozens Arrested as Scientists Worldwide Mobilize to Demand ‘Climate Revolution’

Could ‘hot carrier’ solar cells break the theoretical efficiency limit? – pv magazine International

Congress passes bills banning Russian oil, revoking normal trade relations | POLITICO

Colorado State researchers predict above-average Atlantic hurricane season | The Washington Post

Climate Scientists Chained Themselves To A Downtown Bank's Doors In An Act Of Peaceful Protest. Police In Riot Gear Shut It Down | LAist

Climate change: Five irreversible tipping points loom for the planet

Clean Air and a Strong Economy |

China to 'steadily control' exports of some high carbon petchem products | Reuters

China energy goals a problem as U.N. report calls for deeper coal cuts | Reuters

China Briefing, 7 April 2022: Carbon peaking ‘around 2027’; EU-China summit; Food systems for cutting CO2 | Carbon Brief

Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit 12 Notice

Apple veteran launches fleet management platform for Teslas and all other EVs

Analysis: As tougher climate disclosures hit, campaigners scour for laggards | Reuters

After COP26 — Putting Health and Equity at the Center of the Climate Movement | NEJM

2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Defies Classification


Will the world again hit “snooze” on latest climate alarm? |

Why B.C.’s Site C dam ‘mega trial’ isn’t happening right now | The Narwhal

WHO urges accelerated action to protect human health and combat the climate crisis at a time of heightened conflict and fragility

West Kelowna interested in exploring proposed green hydrogen plant | West Kelowna News |

Volkswagen plans to launch self-driving EV for a robotaxi and delivery fleet

UK: HM Government Public Appointments | Climate Change Committee, Members x 2

The little-known open-source community behind the government’s new environmental justice tool | Grist

The first heat pump for domestic use with zero carbon dioxide emissions

The 1.5-Degree Goal Is All But Dead | The Atlantic

Tesla supplier CATL's battery facility in Germany takes a step towards deployment

Tata Motors unveils CURVV, its latest eSUV concept car | Business

Storms batter aging power grid as climate disasters spread | AP News

Seven Ways Climate Change Harms Our Health

Rebellious Climate Scientists Have Message for Humanity: ‘Mobilize, Mobilize, Mobilize’

Power-to-gas-to-power designs to incorporate hydrogen in solar-wind microgrids – pv magazine International

Mullen Automotive labeled 'Another Fast Talking EV Hustle' in new Hindenburg Research report

Koch Industries’ Bet on Batteries | The New York Times

How War Impacts Climate Change and the Environment

How fast can we stop Earth from warming? | Space

Guilbeault grilled for Liberals approving East Coast oil project: ‘just to be honest with us’ | National Post

Germany introduces new provisions to support solar, wind – pv magazine International

Digital Content Executive Vacancy | Carbon Brief

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Dems Join Climate Groups Outside Postal Service HQ to Demand Fleet Electrification

Coastal erosion claims monuments | Features Local |

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Canada warns Suncor on environmental impact from proposed oil sands project | Reuters

Canada in deepwater: behind the Bay du Nord approval | The Narwhal

Britain plans nuclear and offshore turbines to boost energy independence | Reuters

Brilliant Planet Limited announces the closing of its $12 million Series A funding co-led by Union Square Ventures and Toyota Ventures

Boviet Solar shifts focus to 600W modules, N-TOPCon, HJT cells – pv magazine International

Boston to replace school buses with electric ones by 2030 | AP News

Analysis: What the new IPCC report says about how to limit warming to 1.5C or 2C | Carbon Brief

Analysis: What the new IPCC report says about how to limit warming to 1.5C or 2C | Carbon Brief

Aluminum-nickel molten salt battery for seasonal renewables storage – pv magazine International

7 Climate-Friendly Rewards You Can Win This April By Being an Earth Month Hero


'Now or never': Only severe emissions cuts will avoid climate extremes -U.N. report | Reuters

White House climate adviser says emissions cuts cannot wait

What is fracking? How shale gas extraction works and why it might be revived despite fierce controversy

UN: 18 nations have gone green on climate, raked in green | AP News

Tiny Toad Could Upend Nevada Geothermal Power Plant Project | The New York Times

The EU can simultaneously end dependence on Russia and meet climate goals

Suncor’s move to get out of wind and solar criticized by Greenpeace Canada |

Solid-State Battery Innovator Blue Current Announces New CEO and Pilot Plant Investment | Business Wire

Robot Dogs Policing America’s Southern Border? It’s Coming Sooner than You Think

Rishi Sunak blocks green homes plan that would have lowered energy bills

Opinion | Actually, humanity can still avoid climate catastrophe | The Washington Post

Offshore wind power: Industry defends itself against “entrance fees” for expansion areas at sea

New rules to force firms to conduct green audits viewed by executives as 'box ticking exercise'

IPCC report reveals ‘bleak and brutal truth’ about climate emergency, say campaigners

In-depth Q&A: The IPCC’s sixth assessment on how to tackle climate change | Carbon Brief

In-depth Q&A: The IPCC’s sixth assessment on how to tackle climate change | Carbon Brief

ExxonMobil Announces $10 Billion Oil Investment the Same Day IPCC Signals End for Fossil Fuels | DeSmog

Data insight: The permitting problem for EU wind farms

Climate change report paints dire global warming outlook | CTV News

‘Chinese wind turbine makers in a better place than ever to start displacing Western OEMs’ | Recharge

Carbon-based, HTL-free perovskite solar cells with 26% efficiency – pv magazine International

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Guest post: What seasonal forecasts can tell us about extreme heat this summer | Carbon Brief

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