Climate Change News, Mar 2022



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US taps $420M to boost water supplies hit by climate change | AP News

U.N. launches group to hold companies to account for net-zero pledges | Reuters

UK unlikely to authorise big expansion of onshore wind farms | Carbon Brief

UK PM Johnson has 'insatiable desire' to expand wind power production | Reuters

Tropical tree growth driven by dry-season climate variability | Nature Geoscience

The History of the IPCC

Tesla-style Giga Presses and Megacasts on the cards for Volkswagen’s future EV plans

Tesla Is Finally Giving Buyers What They've Wanted All Along | CarBuzz

Tesla Giga Berlin sends off first Model Y vehicles for Europe deliveries

Stratospheric ozone depletion and tropospheric ozone increases drive Southern Ocean interior warming | Nature Climate Change

‘Stop Fueling the War’: Kayakers Block Transfer of 100,000 Tonnes of Russian Oil

Rivian expects 'continuing losses' for foreseeable future as it ramps production

Report: US policy shift to EVs, renewable energy could save $1.2 trillion in health costs

PETITION: We must tighten the regulatory framework on ads for gas-powered cars and light-duty trucks

PETITION: Tell the Biden administration to save our environment and stop selling new oil and gas leases! | FOE: Take Action

PETITION: Tell EPA: Cut climate-warming pollution from the meat and dairy industry | Action Network

PETITION: Sign the petition to President Biden: DeJoy continues USPS sabotage by dismissing climate action. Call for his resignation immediately

PETITION: Send a message: Stop the Bay du Nord project |

PETITION: President Biden must declare a Climate Emergency! | Greenpeace

PETITION: It’s time to step up our climate change response in light of the Supreme Court

PETITION: Fight Climate Change AND Authoritarianism: Tell Biden to Make Massive Investments in Clean Energy

PETITION: Demand U.S. banks and insurers stop funding fossil fuel expansion

PETITION: Demand Big Industry stop driving illegal deforestation and protect our planet! | FOE

PETITION: Call on the Biden Administration to Save America’s Largest Wild Forest

PETITION: Big Oil rakes historic profits while gas prices surge. Pass a windfall profits tax.

Our Model | 1% for the Planet

Opinion | We Cannot Drill and Pump and Burn Our Way Out of the War in Ukraine | Stan Cox

Opinion | Renewables for Peace: Don’t Replace Russian Gas With Someone Else’s | Helen Clark

Oil & Gas Policy Tracker

New Zealand Glaciers Becoming ‘More Skeletal’ as Climate Crisis Strips Snow Away

Net Zero Coalition | United Nations

Methane-Eating Bacteria Converts Greenhouse Gas to Fuel (And Could Clean-up Fracking Sites)

Meet 5 women documenting climate change around the world : The Picture Show : NPR

Massive fire near glaciated area of Parvati Valley, Glaciologists sound alarm | Latest News India | Hindustan Times

Manufacturers' Accountability Project | DeSmog

Interactive: Can the Great Barrier Reef survive climate change? | Carbon Brief

India's March electricity shortage worst since coal crisis in Oct | Reuters

How Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Undermines Climate Research – Mother Jones

How a global ‘climate non-cooperation campaign’ could strike at the heart of fossil capital | Canadian Dimension

Government must commit to nuclear or turn away from it, expert says |

Good ozone, bad ozone and the Southern Ocean | Nature Climate Change

Global wind and solar growth on track to meet climate targets | Reuters

Floating solar on the rise globally, significant synergies with pumped hydro storage set to emerge | PV Tech

FILE: Defund Climate Chaos, Street art kit | Google Docs

Federal Liberals look to protect carbon price from any future attempts to cancel or lower it | National Post

Faraday Future executives receive subpoenas from SEC, says it is 'cooperating fully'

Events: FERC and FERCalicious: “The most important organization you’ve never heard of” | Center for Inquiry

EU will do 'whatever it takes' to rebuild solar energy manufacturing in Europe | Reuters

Emitwise raises $10m Series A | Emitwise

Electric vehicles could save Canadians thousands of dollars, new analysis shows | CityNews

Dutch coal-fired power plant to remain operational longer than planned | Reuters

Danish renewables player enters Australia market with big wind, solar and storage plans | RenewEconomy

Corporate emitters fall far short of climate goals, investors say | Reuters

COP15: Key outcomes for nature loss and climate change from UN talks in Geneva | Carbon Brief

Conservationists to Biden: ‘Clean Energy Transition Cannot Be Built on Dirty Mining’

Climate Migrants in ICE Detention Face New Disasters

Climate Groups Warn Biden Oil Reserve Release Will Open Drilling ‘Floodgates’

Climate Creators to Watch in 2022

Climate change: Rising gas prices helping to make the case for onshore wind and solar | Climate News | Sky News

Climate change: Despite 30 years of progress, the world is still heading towards disaster – Dr Richard Dixon | The Scotsman

Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability | IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

CIBC net-zero ambition supported by establishing 2030 targets for emissions reduction from its oil and gas portfolio

China's retail diesel, gasoline prices to hit record highs | Reuters

China to raise prices of gasoline, diesel-Xinhua

China’s new-energy vehicle market hot |

China Briefing, 31 March 2022: Impact of coal push; ‘No new overseas coal power projects’; Analysis on energy plans | Carbon Brief

Carbon neutral since 2007. Carbon free by 2030. | Google Sustainability

Canadian oil industry at odds with Trudeau over new 2030 climate plans | Reuters

British International Investment invests $89 mn to scale renewable energy in India, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

Britain's greenhouse gas emissions rose in 2021 as road travel increased | Reuters

BOOK: The New Climate War by Michael E. Mann | PublicAffairs

Book: Merchants of Doubt – How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming

BOOK: Greta Thunberg aims to drive change with ‘The Climate Book’

BOOK: Greta Thunberg aims to drive change with ‘The Climate Book’ | AP News

BOOK(Childrens): The Tantrum That Saved the World by Megan Herbert, Michael E. Mann: 9781623176846 | Books

Book: Being the Change | New Society Publishers

BMW i3 Returns, but as an Electric 3-Series Only for China

Biggest jump in domestic energy bills in living memory comes into effect |

Automakers say added support needed to meet new EV sales mandate |

As Oil Giants Turn to Bitcoin Mining, Some Spin Burning Fossil Fuels for Cryptocurrency as a Climate Solution | DeSmog

Ashley Ward: A prominent climate health expert, is running for the North Carolina Congressional District 6 seat

Additional support necessary to meet new EV sales mandates: Automakers | CTV News

900-HP Lotus Eletre Coming To Destroy Model X Plaid | CarBuzz

3D Printing with Low-Carbon Concrete: Reducing CO2 Emissions and Material Waste | ArchDaily

2022 Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor First Test: Model 3 Battler


'Climate Citizen' Podcast Ep 3: How Rich Countries Undermine Efforts for Climate Liability and Compensation

Will Lithium Prices Kill Demand for Electric Cars?

Why leaders won’t tell Europeans to put on a sweater to beat Putin – POLITICO

What we bought: Chrysler’s Pacifica was the perfect family plug-in hybrid, until it wasn’t | Engadget

Vanadium redox flow battery prototype from Spain – pv magazine International

U.S. regulator joins effort to press banks to gauge climate-linked financial risks | Reuters

UK Tesla Supercharger Network Will Be Open To All EVs: Report

Trudeau’s 2030 climate plan looks for solutions in all the wrong places | Canadian Dimension

Trends in Europe storm surge extremes match the rate of sea-level rise | Nature

They want to power your boat with a battery | The Boston Globe

The Weather Network | East Antarctica’s Conger Ice Shelf disintegrates. What are the experts saying?

The UK’s inaction is to blame for the spiraling energy crisis–not Russia

The Left’s Climate Playbook Is Already Outdated | The Atlantic

The global state of data center sustainability

Tesla stands alone in year-over-year growth among major automakers

Tesla secures undisclosed nickel deal with Brazilian mining company Vale for Canadian nickel | Drive Tesla

Tesla FSD doesn’t work in Toronto, Musk blames streetcars | Driving

Tesla Dodges Nickel Crisis With Secret Deal to Get Supplies

Spain's Cepsa to spend $8 bln by 2030 on green shift | Reuters

Some households lose 20 per cent of their solar output from grid curtailment | RenewEconomy

Scientists to Biden: World Needs ‘Rapid Transition From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy’

Scientists Achieve Record Energy Efficiency for Thin Solar Panels

Replaceable Batteries Are Coming Back To Phones If The EU Gets Its Way | Hackaday

Nio Begins Delivering Its Tesla Model S Fighter

New Test Suggests Higher Available Battery Capacity For Volvo C40

New solar-powered boiler from Germany – pv magazine International

New Report: Despite ‘Net Zero’ Rhetoric, World’s Biggest Banks Continued to Pour Billions into Fossil Fuel Expansion in 2021 | Rainforest Action Network

Ministry of Ecology and Environment: “zero tolerance” for falsification of carbon emission data

Ministers brace for storm amid Kwasi Kwarteng’s plan to DOUBLE onshore wind power  | Daily Mail Online

Minister Champagne to discuss the greening of the Canadian economy and government efforts to tackle climate change at GLOBE Forum 2022 |

Indonesia revokes forest concession permits covering over 400,000 hectares | Reuters

Incredible before and after photos show just how much this critical reservoir has dried up | CNN

How switching to EVs would improve health in the US | The Verge

How switching to EVs would improve health in the US | The Verge

How Nigel Farage could make millions from a company betting on net zero | Unearthed

How Bad Is the Ukraine War for Climate Change?

Guest post: How not to interpret the emissions scenarios in the IPCC report | Carbon Brief

Growatt unveils new inverter for residential applications – pv magazine International

Green Groups Decry US Energy Panel's Reversal on Gas Pipeline Climate Reviews | DeSmog

Global flood losses hit $82 bln last year, as study highlights UK risk | Reuters

Geothermal Plants Could Be a Future Source of Lithium | ExtremeTech

Future Hyundai EVs Could Vibrate, Accelerate Like Normal Gas Cars

Ford Patented A Hydrogen Engine To Save Combustion Engines

Facebook’s Boosting of Climate Lies Pushes ‘Skeptics’ Toward Denial: Report

Elon Musk looking into increased Tesla Supercharger rates in Canada [Update] | Drive Tesla

Education should include Indigenous knowledge and wisdom |

Easier Ride for Fossils, But $9.1B in Climate Funding as Ottawa Releases 2030 Plan | The Energy Mix

Draper Associates invests $1.25 million in Lord of the Trees

Despite ‘Splashy’ Net-Zero Vows, Big Banks Dumping Trillions Into Fossil Fuels

Commentary: Is Singapore banking too much on emerging tech in reaching net zero by 2050? | CNA

Clean energy met 38 percent of global power demand in 2021

China's coal output set for moderate growth in 2022 -industry body | Reuters

Biden eyes boost to mining of minerals for electric vehicles | AP News

Banking on Climate Chaos 2022: Fossil Fuel Finance Report | Oil Change International

Australia's Qantas aims to cut carbon emissions 25% by 2030 | Reuters

Australian state utility picks Tesla batteries to back up renewable energy | Reuters

Anti-Net Zero MP Backs ‘Laughable’ Report Urging Renewables be 'Wound Down' | DeSmog

Antarctica Heat Wave Brings Alarming Temperature Jump

Annual report shows Canada’s big five pour CA$ 910.84 billion into fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement signed in 2016 |

A New Report Reveals How the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Breaking the Law


World delegates appear to kick deal to halt nature loss into long grass | Reuters

With daycare deals done, Liberals look to craft bill to enshrine child-care system | CityNews Ottawa

What to Know about Antarctica's Conger Ice Shelf Collapse | Scientific American

Trudeau Climate Plan Seeks 42% Cut in Oil and Gas Emissions

The Hydrogen Stream: UK and Germany invest in tech, mobility and supplies – pv magazine International

Tesla Model S Plaid spotted being benchmarked by General Motors

Tesla Co-Founder JB Straubel Says EV Batteries Should Last 15 Years

Spring is getting drier

Shell filed appeal against landmark Dutch climate ruling | Reuters

Scenarios for mitigating CO2 emissions from energy supply in the absence of CO2 removal: Climate Policy: Vol 0, No 0

Report: Porsche is working on a 911 sports car powered by solid-state batteries

RenewaFi raised $3 million in seed funding from First Round

Poland to ban Russian coal imports, saying it “can’t wait any longer for EU to act” | Notes From Poland

Poland to ban Russian coal imports – POLITICO

Opinion | We Should Be Fighting the Climate Emergency, Not Another War | Andrea Mazzarino

Opinion | How to Defeat Putin and Save the Planet | The New York Times

New Charging Protocol May Bring Tesla Supercharger Convenience To All EVs

More: childcare. Less: carbon.- POLITICO

Millions of Brits charging their electric cars for free as UK’s biggest network expands to 500 locations

Large-scale, high-temperature heat pump for district heating – pv magazine International

Kia’s EV9 SUV will move from concept to reality in 2023 | Engadget

Johnson’s Big Push on U.K. Nuclear Power Leaves Investors Wary

Industry calls Biden tariff probe a 'disaster' for solar | E&E News

Here’s why Elon Musk says Tesla’s self-driving feature doesn’t work downtown Toronto | Urbanized

Here’s what Biden’s budget would do, and not do, for climate change | The New York Times

Heatwave threshold is increased across eight counties as climate warms  | Daily Mail Online

Heat storage: Scientists develop material that is stable, efficient and eco-friendly

Global carbon permit auctions raised $58 bln in 2021 -study

Germany wants to cut all Russian fossil fuel imports, foreign minister says | Reuters

Germany to invest €4 billion in ′natural climate protection′ | News | DW | 29.03.2022

G-20 Climate Action Falls Short Despite a Raft of Bold Promises

For first time, Canada charts credible path to 40 per cent emissions reduction by 2030  | David Suzuki Foundation

Farhana Yamin’s Journey From Climate Summits to Street Protests | The New York Times

Extra $1.3b for hydrogen, gas and carbon capture

Eon builds “hydrogen bridge” from Australia to Germany

Energy agency: 'Radical action' needed to hit climate goals | AP News

Empire Wind selected Maersk to supply wind installation vessel |

Does planting trees actually help the climate? Here’s what we know. | Grist

Discovery doubles the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries

Designs for solar+storage+hydrogen systems in buildings – pv magazine International

Day 7 | Keeping the lid on Pandora's box | International Seabed Authority (ISA) Deep-sea Mining Negotiations Tracker

csis: CSIS to lead Indo-US work on transition from coal | Ranchi News | Times of India

Cost of hydrogen electrolysers to fall this decade at similar rates to solar and wind, says Irena | Recharge

Climate change rekindles Cold War tensions in the Arctic | News | The Times

Climate campaign pushes Bitcoin network to drop energy-hungry code | The Verge

China sets energy targets for 2022-Xinhua names its Top Picks for EVs: Volkswagen, Hyundai, Lucid, and Chevrolet

Canada’s new climate plan calls for 42% cut in emissions from oil and gas sector | National Post

Canada lays out C$9.1 bln roadmap to meet 2030 climate targets | Reuters

Canada's climate plan includes EV sales mandate, increased rebates | Automotive News Canada

Britain needs a huge expansion of wind and gas at the same time

Batteries all around: let's take a good look at the state of battery technology | Innovation Origins

Assessing The Viability Of Hydrogen Proposals: Considerations For State Utility Regulators And Policymakers | Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology

An urgent plea for food security and a stable climate |

Analysis: What does China’s coal push mean for its climate goals? | Carbon Brief

Alberta’s ‘Energy War Room’ Now Wants to ‘Influence’ US, New Documents Show

Advocates: Nations must move faster to protect biodiversity | AP News

A Commerce Department investigation could imperil the solar industry, advocates say | Los Angeles Times

'Sunlight is the best disinfectant': Business Minister Lord Callanan urges firms to prepare for climate risk disclosure rules | BusinessGreen News

2030 Emissions Reduction Plan: Clean Air, Strong Economy |


Youth climate strike sees crowds in 750 cities around the world | Grist

Will climate change lead to more suicides in Canada? | Vancouver Is Awesome

Will climate change lead to more suicides in Canada? | North Shore News

WHOIS | DeSmog

We can eat our way out of climate change | The Boston Globe

U.S. to Probe If Asian Factories Are Evading Solar Tariffs

U.S. to consider tariffs on solar panels made in Southeast Asia | Reuters

Trump’s vulgar dismissal of climate change is one of several reasons the issue is often ignored | The Washington Post

Thousands of Canadians Call on Government to Scrap Carbon Capture Tax Credit

TC | Strong increase in thawing of subsea permafrost in the 22nd century caused by anthropogenic climate change

SunPower launches whole-home backup solution – pv magazine International

Stabilize, Modularize, Modernize: Scaling Slack’s Mobile Codebases | Slack Engineering

Some Birds Are Laying Eggs Much Earlier in Response to Climate Change | Yale E360

Solar energy explains fast yearly retreat of Antarctica’s sea ice

‘Sit down, old catastrophist’: These activists say it’s not too late to save the planet

Shefaza Esmail, GPO Candidate for Waterloo

Record efficiencies in thin film photovoltaic cells

RasgoQL Brings the Modern Data Stack to Python Users – The New Stack

Misinformation is stopping renewable energy projects : NPR

Millions of people turn off their lights during Earth Hour

Ice Shelf Collapse in East Antarctica

Ice Shelf Collapse in East Antarctica

How heat pumps measure up against cold climates in B.C.

How Facebook's algorithm amplifies climate disinformation | Global Witness

HHS's failure to address health harms of climate crisis is environmental racism

‘Green New Deal Champions Pledge’ Pushes Candidates to Embrace Bold Climate Agenda

General Electric Produces Its First 100% Recyclable Wind Turbine That Can be Reconstructed as It Ages

Forests are ignored in climate change picture says scientist Suzanne Simard | Canada’s National Observer: News & Analysis

Extinction, coextinction and colonization dynamics in plant–hummingbird networks under climate change | Nature Ecology & Evolution

Europe’s booming demand for heat pumps exposes bottlenecks –

Emex Carbon Management | Flexible EHS & ESG Software Solutions

Don’t mention the oil! Gas regulator goes green and removes references to fossil fuels from its name | Daily Mail Online

David Energy Secures $20.5 Million Series A Financing to Scale Its Bundled Offering | Business Wire

Climate-Poverty Connections Report | Project Drawdown

Big Banks Promised Climate Action. So Where Is It? – Mother Jones

Befriending Trees to Lower a City’s Temperature | The New York Times

Bay Street bankers lobby to delay climate transparency rules

A new report reveals how the Dakota Access Pipeline is breaking the law | Grist


What countries and cities will disappear due to rising sea levels? | Live Science

Video: How Fast Can I Charge a New GMC HUMMER EV In Just 18 Minutes? The Answer Is Surprising! | The Fast Lane Truck

Tesla FSD Beta restricted in downtown Toronto due to streetcars | Drive Tesla

Is nuclear power about to make an unexpected comeback?

Giant sinkholes found forming on the seafloor in northern Canada | The Weather Network

Climate Reporting: Why People Won't Listen | Impakter

Brexit news: UK to replace Russia as ‘major energy exporter’ to EU: 'World leader' | Science | News |

'Ignored': Climate change fight should shift to look at forest policy, scientist says


Worldwide Climate Teach-In Draws Hundreds of Schools

Von der Leyen meets youth climate activists to talk about Russian energy – POLITICO

UBCO is working on the next generation of solar technology | Kelowna News |

This Axial-Flux Motor With a PCB Stator Is Ripe for an Electrified World | IEEE Spectrum

Sudden collapse of Antarctic ice shelf could be sign of things to come | Live Science

Rebranded oil and gas regulator too ‘scared’ to be associated with fossil fuels, says MP

Oslo trades oil wealth for carbon capture at incinerator | World | The Times

ONLINE RALLY: Free Grassy » Online Rally with Adam Beach

Nissan Ariya 2023 EV first drive — surprisingly thrilling | Tom’s Guide

NCAR Fire forces evacuation of 8,000 homes in Boulder, Colorado |

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau government lowballed cost of carbon tax | Toronto Sun

Exxon says aggressively working through options to execute Russian exit | Reuters

Climate warming deals yet another blow to the Great Barrier Reef | The Washington Post

Burying The Lede: Ice Shelf Collapses In East Antarctica | went2thebridge

Ban Russian coal and power UK steelworks with British-mined coal | Politics | News |

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is suffering mass coral bleaching : NPR


Youth Strikes Worldwide Demand Climate Action That Centers ‘People Not Profit’

Why the U.S. Can’t Quickly Wean Europe From Russian Gas | The New York Times

Undersea Permafrost Is a Huge Wild Card for the Climate – Mother Jones

UN Calls for Extreme Weather Warning Systems for Everyone on Earth Within Five Years

‘Ukrainian Blood on Their Hands’: Analysis Details How Big Oil Funded Putin’s War Chest

The Nature of Things: S61E10 Carbon: The Unauthorized Biography | CBC Gem

Rescued Victorian-era rainfall data rewrites UK weather records | Evening Standard

PROTEST: Protest for the Planet on March 25

Media Repeats Kremlin Anti-Fracking Claims – While Ignoring Russia's Promotion of Climate Denial | DeSmog

Large ice shelf thought to be stable in East Antarctica collapses | The Hill

In global climate strike, youth demand action worldwide | Live Science

Hungarian start-up launches solar tile with output of 167W per m² – pv magazine International

Households close to onshore wind turbines could get lower bills | Daily Mail Online

Groups Rip ‘Climate-Wrecking’ Biden Plan to Boost US Gas Exports to Europe

Green Groups Decry US Energy Panel’s Reversal on Gas Pipeline Climate Reviews

Govt spending must be more targeted to achieve emission reductions – Court of Auditors | Clean Energy Wire

EU's biggest economy Germany blocked Russian coal ban, sources say | Reuters

EU leaders struggle to find short-term fix for energy crunch | Reuters

Climate change roils colleges that train drillers and miners | E&E News

Canada's iZEV rebate program will continue beyond March 31, 2022 | Drive Tesla

Burying ‘An Atlas Of Human Suffering’: Climate Breakdown And The Tory Chancellor – Media Lens

Britain proposes to bring shipping sector into carbon market | Reuters

Birds are laying eggs earlier as climate change shifts springs | Reuters

Birds are laying eggs earlier, a new study shows. Researchers blame the climate crisis | CNN

Banks undermine their 'net zero' pledges through lobbying | report | Reuters

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Suffers 6th Mass Bleaching Event | The New York Times

Antarctic ice shelf the size of New York City collapses

Analysis: When it comes to oil, the global economy is still hooked | Reuters

Activists stage global climate protest, slam Ukraine war | AP News


Warren, Markey Among Senate Dems Pushing Biden to Embrace ‘Heat Pumps for Peace’

‘Vulnerable to climate change in every way’: Mumbai eyes status as south Asia’s first carbon neutral city

U.S. regulators slow consideration of climate impact of new gas projects | Reuters

U.S. refiners turn to Middle East for fuel oil after Russia import ban | Reuters

US pipeline agency pulls back plan to assess climate impacts | AP News

Ukrainian climate activists and Polish conservatives find common cause in fighting Russian oil – POLITICO

UK needs to go big on nuclear and offshore wind, Johnson says | Reuters

The Unseen Effects of Deforestation: Biophysical Effects on Climate | Forests and Global Change

The United States Is Exceptional |

‘There is going to be a cost’: Federal carbon pricing to generate ‘net loss’ for most households, PBO finds | National Post

The 2022 Global Climate Strike Is Almost Here. Here's Everything to Know.

Supercritical Solutions | Lowercarbon Capital

Parts of Antarctica have been 40°C warmer than their March average | The Economist

Opinion | We’re in a Fossil Fuel War. Biden Should Say So. | The New York Times

Nations 'united' in seeking to cut Russian oil, gas imports | AP News

Methane Leaks Plague New Mexico Oil and Gas Wells | The New York Times

Jamie Dimon pushes meh energy 'Marshall Plan' when the climate crisis demands emergency treatment

If Europe wants to ban Russian oil and gas, climate policies can help. | Washington Post

How the World’s Richest People Are Driving Global Warming

‘Green’ power plant that burns wood pellets instead of coal gets £2m a DAY subsidies, report shows | Daily Mail Online

Government announces emergency climate adaptation programme | Clean Energy Wire

EXCLUSIVE OPEC officials tell EU of unease about proposed ban on Russian oil, sources say | Reuters

EXCLUSIVE Goldman Sachs pushes directors for more climate data | Reuters

Coalition wants to suspend the shutdown of coal-fired power plants

China Briefing, 24 March 2022: 14FYP energy plan; More plans on energy storage and hydrogen; China’s emissions analysis | Carbon Brief

Canada says it can boost oil, gas exports to help replace lost Russian supply | Reuters

Britain could become a tidal energy superpower

Biden Administration Drafting Order to Invoke Defense Production Act for Green Energy Storage Technology

Alaska air pollution holds clues for other Arctic climates | AP News

A Catastrophic Tornado in the New Orleans Metro Area Raises Questions About Connections to Climate Change | DeSmog

60 million euros, 100 new jobs – Environment Minister Lemke presents immediate program for climate adaptation


VAT scrapped for insulation, solar panels and heat pumps in bid to curb bills |

U.S. fuelmakers on hook for vehicle emissions in new SEC rule | Reuters

UPDATE 3-Asian banks 'falling short' on decarbonisation efforts | Reuters

UN sets 5-year goal to broaden climate early warning systems | AP News

UK offshore wind pipeline surges to 86GW | BusinessGreen News

Tree-ring research may help to understand climate change | The Washington Post

The Oil and Gas Industry is Using the War in Ukraine to Profit and Push Its Interests | DeSmog

Suncor and TC Energy lobby to delay climate transparency rules | The Narwhal

Stellantis, LG Energy Form $4.1 Billion Battery Joint Venture in Canada

Spring Statement: Sunak fast-tracks tax relief for businesses investing in clean heat and power | BusinessGreen News

Spring statement 2022: Key climate and energy announcements | Carbon Brief

Soaring energy costs threaten to unplug electric car revolution

Sawdust-based material could be an eco-friendly alternative to EPS foam

Rishi Sunak says that ‘thanks to Brexit’ he was able to axe VAT on solar panels | Daily Mail Online

Rishi Sunak must cut fuel duty and adjust green levies | The Times

Pumped up energy strategy will unleash Britain’s prosperity, says TIM NEWARK | Express Comment

Nuclear fusion companies are selling the sun, and venture capital is buying | Grid News

India Mulls Exempting Some Projects from Solar Import Taxes

Here’s the ‘energy transition’ needed to stave off climate catastrophe | Grist

Here's the 'Energy Transition' Needed to Stave Off Climate Catastrophe

Hazardous Forest Fires Erupted Around Chernobyl Nuclear Plant | Nature World News

German aerospace's groundbreaking plug-in fuel cell concept |

Exxon estimates up to 1 billion barrels in Brazil oil prospect | Reuters

Environmentalists protest against Russian oil tankers | Wirtschaft |

Earmarks: These lawmakers secured millions for EV projects | E&E News

Climate change in India is making big dams dangerous

Boris Johnson faces revolt over onshore wind farms as planning restrictions are due to be eased  | Daily Mail Online

Asian banks 'falling short' on decarbonisation efforts | Reuters

American Companies Can’t Sugarcoat Their Carbon Pollution Anymore | The Atlantic


There’s More Nature in Your City Than You Think | Climate Reality

‘The History of Oil Is War’: Greenpeace Confronts Russian Tanker in New York

Russia sanctions hit climate research hard | Wissen |

Russian hackers probing U.S. energy companies’ networks, FBI warns | POLITICO Pro

Rich Nations Must Cut Off Oil and Gas by 2034 to Keep Climate Hopes Alive: Report

Research on hold: sanctions hinder German-Russian projects

Putting the oil in Orwellian? | BusinessGreen Blog Post

‘OK Doomer’ and the Climate Advocates Who Say It’s Not Too Late | The New York Times

Musk working on 'Master Plan Part 3' to scale Tesla to 'extreme size'

Machine learning–based observation-constrained projections reveal elevated global socioeconomic risks from wildfire | Nature Communications

Jeremy Hosking: Man funding net-zero backlash has $130m in fossil fuels | openDemocracy

Japan turns down the heat and dims the lights to avoid power cut after quake | Reuters

India’s Coal Ministry to Seek Softer Green Rules to Boost Output

How Long Does It Take to Charge an EV? – Review Geek

Green hydrogen to drive heavy transport | Ministerial Media Statements

Everyone Should Watch This Short Film About How Climate Change Impacts Women

Environmentalists say proceeding with Bay du Nord offshore project is akin to 'throwing fuel on the climate fire' | SaltWire

China’s Energy Map to 2025 Plans Massive Boost in Power Capacity

Chemical recycling: ‘Green’ plastics solution makes more pollution: Report

BP invests £3m in drone firm FlyLogix following North Sea methane trials

Biden wants to spend infrastructure billions on climate and equity initiatives. But it’s not his call. | POLITICO

Beep Secures Additional $25M in Funding from ABS Capital, Intel Capital, Blue Lagoon Capital, TDF Ventures and Hidden Creek Management

Arctic sea ice winter peak in 2022 is 10th lowest on record | Carbon Brief

2023 Nissan Ariya EV Joins the Big Leagues


Will SoCalGas' use of hydrogen help fight climate change? | Los Angeles Times

Veterans Group Rebukes Big Oil for Exploiting War to ‘Plunder’ Public Lands

U.N. Secretary General Guterres warns goal to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees C ‘is on life support’ | The Washington Post

UN Says Ukraine War Risks Climate Doom If Fossil Fuels Revived

U.N. Chief Warns of ‘Catastrophe’ With Continued Use of Fossil Fuels | The New York Times

UN chief: Don't let Russia crisis fuel climate destruction | AP News

The Ontario natural resources report government didn’t want you to read | The Narwhal

Quantum technology could make charging electric cars as fast as pumping gas

Paris Agreement climate goal 'on life support', warns UN secretary-general | BusinessGreen News

Opinion | SF Bay Area Resists New Oil & Gas Drilling: Interview With Youth Organizer Alexi Lindeman | David Solnit

One of the nation's largest utilities is investing in anything but climate solutions

‘Long Overdue Step’: SEC Unveils Historic Climate Risk Disclosure Proposal

Listening as a form of movement building | David Suzuki Foundation

Instagram Ads Can Help Climate Facts Reach the 'Super Online,' Report Suggests | DeSmog

How much cheaper is it to run an EV vs. a gas model? We did the math

How can journalism get better at covering climate change? Being a bummer might help | Nieman Journalism Lab

Guest post: Why estimates of the ‘cost’ of climate action are overly pessimistic | Carbon Brief

Estimate of the carbon footprint of astronomical research infrastructures | Nature Astronomy

‘Addiction to Fossil Fuels Is Mutually Assured Destruction,’ Warns UN Chief

500+ Academics Call for End to Climate Research Funded by Fossil Fuel Industry

10 Household Items You Didn't Know You Could Reuse to Help the Environment


Wildfires strike on marshland near Liverpool, England | Reuters

We Are in the Midst of a Global Struggle With Nothing Less Than the Future of the Planet at Stake

‘Unthinkable’: Scientists Shocked as Polar Temperatures Soar 50 to 90 Degrees Above Normal

The SEC is set to announce historic climate disclosure rules : NPR

Jon Stewart's Struggle to Name the Real Problem

Johnson to host nuclear energy roundtable to remove barriers to new developments |

Job Opportunity: Tech Director |

Jane Braxton Little, From Drought to Deluge on a New Planet |

It is time to reboot Britain's nuclear programme

Heatwaves at both of Earth’s poles alarm climate scientists | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Can this scientist solve the world’s energy crisis? | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Sunday Times

Bulgaria signals historic shift from Russian gas – POLITICO

Big-box stores could help slash emissions and save millions by installing solar panels on their roofs. So why aren’t more of them doing it? | CNN

Alberta ignored warnings on oil cleanup: ex-government scientist | The Narwhal

7 things to know before buying solar panels | Tom’s Guide


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‘Big News’ for Climate as Global Insurance Giant Shifts Away From Fossil Fuels

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Belgium delays nuclear energy exit 10 years due to Ukraine war

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KfW refurbishment funding: the federal government adds another 4.76 billion

JOB: Covering Climate Now is looking for graphic designers!

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Green Groups Praise Progressive Dems’ Call for Climate Emergency Declaration

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Carbon-Capture Startup Using Dirt Cheap Material Raises $53 Million

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Government of Canada to make major investment to lower greenhouse gas emissions |

Germany backs phasing out combustion engine cars by 2035 – POLITICO

German environmental taxes hit record low and don’t do enough for climate – report | Clean Energy Wire

Federal Court Rejects Exxon’s Attempt to Halt Climate Change Investigations

EU countries support plan for world-first carbon border tariff | Reuters

Covid continues to have a big impact on aviation emissions

Column: China's COVID struggles bring demand destruction back to crude oil debate | Reuters

Antarctic sea ice at record low in February, satellite data reveal | Live Science


'We still exist and resist': Ukrainian climate scientists to press on with climate work despite the risks

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Sarah Bloom Raskin's climate views sank her Fed nomination

Sarah Bloom Raskin slams fossil fuel-loving Republicans in letter withdrawing from Fed nomination

Renewable energy schemes take money from the poor and give it to the rich

Projected climate-driven changes in pollen emission season length and magnitude over the continental United States | Nature Communications

“Peace | Not Oil” | Greenpeace-Aktive protestieren an Raffinerie in Schwedt gegen Ölimporte aus Russland | Greenpeace Deutschland Presseportal

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New coal mine projects seen swelling global methane emissions by a fifth | Reuters

Melting Permafrost Is Creating Giant Craters And Hills On The Arctic Seafloor | IFLScience

Massive asteroid hit Greenland when it was a lush rainforest, under-ice crater shows | Live Science

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Legal Action Against Shell Board Previews Wave of Lawsuits Against Company Directors | DeSmog

Indigenous communities meet in Ecuador to demand end to extractive industries | Reuters

How to stop big oil from profiteering off Putin?

Germany to fire up mothballed coal power stations

Germany’s Carbon Emissions Rise in Setback for Climate Goals

Extinction Rebellion founder confronted by daughter over his tactics

EU to subsidise household fuel prices surging amid Ukraine crisis | Reuters

European Nations Endorse Plan to Impose Carbon Imports Levy

Entire Tesla lineup gets another round of price increases | Drive Tesla

Emissions up 4.5% in 2021 after pandemic slump, transport and heating fail targets | Clean Energy Wire

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‘Disgraceful’: Oil-Soaked Senators Force Out Bloom Raskin Over Climate Stance

China's Jan-Feb coal output jumps 10.3% for winter heating | Reuters

China’s nuclear energy goals unlikely to be upended by safety concerns amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine | South China Morning Post

China slams firms for falsifying carbon data | Reuters

China Belt and Road Banks Halted Overseas Energy Loans Last Year

Carbon Pickling is Newest Idea to Remove Greenhouse Gas From Air

Canadian Solar launches 420W rooftop solar module with 21.5% efficiency – pv magazine International

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Tens of Thousands March in ‘Look Up’ Climate Rallies Across France

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Shell stopped from selling Nigerian assets until $2 bln appeal decided | Reuters

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Sea ice that slowed the flow of Antarctic glaciers abruptly shatters in three days

Scientists have discovered a microscopic ocean predator with a taste for carbon | Science & Tech News | Sky News

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Precipitation trends determine future occurrences of compound hot–dry events | Nature Climate Change

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People, Not Science, Decide When a Pandemic Is Over | Scientific American

Oil briefly tumbles below $100 a barrel. That’s good news for gas prices | CNN

‘Now Is the Moment’: Progressives Urge Schumer to Jumpstart Bold Agenda on Care and Climate

New Subaru WRX Won’t Offer Gas-Powered STI Model | The Car Guide

New Subaru STI Canned Because It'd Be Short-Lived

Microscopic ocean predator with a taste for carbon capture

Manchin to oppose Biden Fed pick over climate stances | TheHill

Manchin Opposes Fueling US Electric Vehicle Revolution Because… the 1970s Oil Crisis

Kärnfull teams up with GEH for SMR deployment : New Nuclear | World Nuclear News

In Brazil, Indigenous Ka’apor take their territory’s defense into their own hands

‘Imminent’ tipping point threatening Europe’s permafrost peatlands | Carbon Brief

House Dems seek probe of USPS plan for new mail truck fleet | AP News

House Democrats urge Biden to restart spending bill negotiations and prioritize climate change | The Washington Post

House Democrats Urge Biden to Renew Push for Climate Legislation

Honolulu scores a win against Big Oil in climate change lawsuit | Grist

Healthcare Workers Call on Hospitals and Medical Institutions to Divest From Fossil Fuels | DeSmog

Government urged to halt sealing of fracking wells amid energy crisis |

German oil lobby says imports from Russia being reduced | Reuters

Former Telegraph Editor Charles Moore Quits Climate Denial Group | DeSmog

First flight: Two Air Force pilots in a Beta electric plane | Popular Science

Faced With Turmoil, China Turns to Its Old Reliable — Coal

EU to tighten sanctions on Russian oil companies, but stops short of import ban | source | Reuters

EU Parliament Backs ‘Urgent’ Calls to Address Climate Disinformation | DeSmog

Electric vehicles get more interest as gas prices surge

Climate Protesters Spray Barclaycard Headquarters With Fake Oil

Chinese Solar Giant Longi to Build Three PV Projects for USD3.1 Billion in China’s Coal Capital

China's Guangdong seeks to create Greater Bay carbon market | Reuters

China Seeks to Cut Reliance on Coal Imports With Mining Boom

China’s Climate Goals Are Ambitious. Are Its Provinces Up to the Task?

Bitcoin-backers win out in Parliament battle over greening crypto – POLITICO

Bank governor: Carbon tax boosts inflation rate by nearly half-a-point | National |

Bank governor: Carbon tax boosts inflation rate by nearly half-a-point | National |

America fires starting gun on new gold rush in shale | Business | The Times

85% rise in European companies with science-based climate targets


Tokamak Energy achieves temperature threshold for commercial fusion

Opinion | Democrats in Congress Want Windfall Tax on Big Oil, Consumer Rebates, and Cheap Green Energy | Juan Cole

Mumbai Becomes First South Asian City to Detail Net-Zero Roadmap

Fracking would boost our own energy security | Daily Mail Online

End of Russian wood pellets mean soaring bills for biomass boiler owners


War and sanctions have caused commodities chaos | The Economist

Switching a gas boiler for heat pump and solar panels could cut energy bills by £460 a year, analysis reveals

Poland tries to wean itself off Russian energy – POLITICO

PM sets up oil and gas taskforce to plot a way out of the energy crisis | Daily Mail Online

How Indigenous guardians are reinforcing sovereignty and science | The Narwhal

GUY WALTERS: Did Putin plot with eco-warriors to halt UK fracking and keep us all hooked on his gas? | Daily Mail Online

Global wheat supplies in peril as war brings risk of food shortages worldwide

France’s Green Party Fails to Connect Ahead of Election | The New York Times

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China releases guidelines to accelerate development of clean energy bases in Xizang region | Global Times


‘We’re ready’: UK anti-fracking activists prepare to fight resurgence plans | Fracking | The Guardian

U.S. push to export LNG amid Ukraine crisis slowed by climate concerns, sources say | Reuters

Trina Solar launches 425W rooftop module with 21.9% efficiency – pv magazine International

Skip the pump: These are the cheapest electric cars in Canada | Urbanized

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine May Have Disastrous Cascading Effects for Climate

Photovoltaic forced ventilated facade for applications with air source heat pumps – pv magazine International

PETITION: Use the Defense Production Act to build a clean energy arsenal of freedom | 198 methods

New Scientist Festival Shuns Fossil Fuel Sponsorship After Campaign Pressure | DeSmog

More North Sea drilling not the answer to energy crisis, says Nicola Sturgeon | Scotland | The Times

Human rights loom large as solar reaches for big goals – Lightsource BP exec | S&P Global Market Intelligence

How Climate Change Puts Mothers at Risk | Climate Reality

Discovery of a new catalyst for highly active and selective carbon dioxide hydrogenation to methanol

Demand for electric vehicles soars along with record-setting gas prices | Winnipeg Free Press

‘Defining moment’: how can the US end its dependency on fossil fuels? | US news | The Guardian

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What are conservative commentators saying about the floods and climate? | Graham Readfearn | The Guardian

War, Oil, and Reporting the New Climate Story — Covering Climate Now

US says $100 billion soon to help poor nations with climate | AP News

U.S. farmers improving climate-friendly practices, but 'more work to do' | report | Reuters

Unesco to visit Great Barrier Reef as coral bleaching risk rises | Great Barrier Reef | The Guardian

UN climate change negotiating bloc ejects Russia, condemning its invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine’s Top Climate Scientist Speaks Out – Mother Jones

The Breach Show ⋆ The Breach

Tesla increases Model 3 and Model Y prices in Canada, US, Europe, and China | Drive Tesla

Study: Insulation and heat pumps can deliver UK energy security more quickly than domestic gas fields | BusinessGreen News

Solar panels charge the new spacious ford camper, making it fully electric

Shell Oil-Trading Profits Fell by Half to $1.2 Billion in 2021

Shell faces $400 mln writedown on Russian downstream assets | Reuters

Rocket Lab unveils space solar cell with 33.3% efficiency – pv magazine International

Researchers use flat lenses to extend viewing distance for 3D display

‘Remarkably’ low sea-ice levels helped historic mission to find Endurance | The Independent

Relocating farmland could turn back clock twenty years on carbon emissions, say scientists

Putin’s war seduces Europe’s farmers away from Green Deal – POLITICO

Physiological acclimatization in Hawaiian corals following a 22-month shift in baseline seawater temperature and pH | Scientific Reports

Phasing out Russian oil: how UK consumers can help the war effort | Energy | The Guardian

Panasonic launches solar heat pump solution for water heating – pv magazine International

Orsted Says BP Trying to Block Part of U.K. Wind Farm at Sea

Opinion | Putin’s Ukraine invasion and high gas prices could make climate policy even worse | The Washington Post

Oil and gas companies are looking at a bonanza from the Ukraine war | Environment | The Guardian

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Most efficient EVs of 2022: Tesla Model 3 tops the list | Drive Tesla

Microsoft’s Pursuit of Climate Goals Runs Into Headwinds | The New York Times

McKibben ‘Heat Pumps for Peace’ Plan Gains Traction With Biden

Mapping vulnerability: why the IPCC's geography of climate risk is contentious

Is super-polluting Pentagon’s climate plan just ‘military-grade greenwash’? | US military | The Guardian

Investors urge airlines to curtail growth, use sustainable fuel | Reuters

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India's Russian coal imports could be highest in over two years in March | Reuters

How the UK can break its dependence on Russian oil and gas within 2 years, and where it will come from instead

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G7 discussed need for energy diversity including nuclear, Japan says | Reuters

‘Frightening’ earthquake at Cornwall’s Eden Project forces halt to drilling

Fossil fuel production will increase to shore up energy security | China Dialogue

Fermentation turns greenhouse gases into useful chemicals | Physics World

EU missed wind capacity installation target by more than 50% in 2021

Column: Oil market caught in biggest shock since 1970s | Reuters

Climate change is biggest ‘dealbreaker’ on popular dating app | TheHill

Climate change fundamentally affecting European birds, study shows | Birds | The Guardian

China Briefing, 10 March 2022: Changes to energy targets; Xi’s coal directives; Analysis on ‘record high’ coal consumption | Carbon Brief

Canadian pipeline groups spend big to pose as Indigenous champions | Environment | The Guardian

Australia is battered by catastrophic floods | The Economist

Australia floods: Scott Morrison says no point addressing climate crisis if emissions in developing countries keep rising | The Independent

Australia Coal Export Terminal Declares Force Majeure on Flood


'This crisis will accelerate the energy transition' | POLITICO

Why onshore wind, not fracking, offers Boris Johnson a better weapon against Vladimir Putin

What Are the Most Fuel-Efficient Cars for 2022? | News |

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War in Ukraine should lead to climate action, not F-35 fighter jets

U.S. LNG exporters emerge as big winners of Europe natgas crisis | Reuters

Ukraine war piles pressure on global food system already in crisis | Food security | The Guardian

UK government ‘moving too slowly’ over Russian gas, Lib Dems say | The Independent

‘This is a fossil fuel war’: Ukraine’s top climate scientist speaks out | Climate crisis | The Guardian

The governor engaging China on climate- POLITICO

Taking stock of the UK Government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy | Climate Change Committee

So you want to buy an electric vehicle? Here are 5 things to know | Vancouver Sun

Seven Russian tankers carrying fossil fuels ‘turned away from UK ports’ | The Independent

Power Cut at Ukraine’s Chernobyl, No ‘Critical’ Safety Impact | The Moscow Times

PM does not think it makes sense to seal shale gas wells, minister says | Fracking | The Guardian

Over 200 groups call on Biden to use the Defense Production Act to help Ukraine by accelerating the clean energy transition |

Opinion | Oil and Gas Are Fueling Our Wars. They Cannot Be the Solution to End Them | Alan Zibel

Opinion | Another energy crisis is here. The U.S. must be realistic about what’s next. | The Washington Post

Op-Ed: The Ukraine war is a decision point — banks should stop funding the fossil fuel industry forever | Los Angeles Times

Oil Pipeline Canada Bought Will Cost Over $25 Billion and Never Turn Profit

Oil and gas giants pledge to work towards 'near zero' methane emissions by 2030 | BusinessGreen News

Letter: Solar park management and design to boost bumble bee populations

It’s not too late to free ourselves from this idiotic addiction to Russian gas | George Monbiot | The Guardian

How to help cut the UK's reliance on Russian oil and gas: Work from home, drive at 55mph and tweak thermostats

How the beef industry is trying to change the maths of climate change | Unearthed

How the 1.5C goal could prove 'impossible' without carbon removal progress | BusinessGreen News Analysis

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Green Cell unveils 5kWh residential battery – pv magazine International

Gas prices are at record highs for Americans — but in a just world, they’d be even higher | The Independent

From fracking to floating turbines: Government weighs proposals for revamped energy security plan | BusinessGreen News Analysis

Fracking sites could get a stay of execution as ministers eye plan to use them for research | Daily Mail Online

Farmers’ report warns climate crisis puts Australia’s food supply at increasing risk | NSW and Queensland floods 2022 | The Guardian

EPA restores California’s ability to set stricter clean car standards | TheHill

Energy crisis: Green homes plan at 'risk of failure' | The Big Issue

Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s Ship, Lost in 1915, Is Found in Antarctica | The New York Times

Demographics of emissions | Nature Climate Change

Cropped, 9 March 2022: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; IPCC report; Palm oil deforestation plunge | Carbon Brief

Company Plans to Dig World's Deepest Hole to Unleash Boundless Energy

Colombia launches offshore wind-energy plan, announces first project | Reuters

Climate Mitigation Isn’t Just a Matter of Ethics; It’s Life and Death

Climate change group vows to disrupt UK oil refineries | Reuters

Climate change and lithium mining influence flamingo abundance in the Lithium Triangle | Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Climate action lags as COVID-19 hits goals in developing nations

Chornobyl ‘radiation leaks imminent’ after power is cut off | National Post

China to keep daily coal output at more than 12 mln tonnes amid global price surge | Reuters

Carbon dioxide will have to be removed from air to achieve 1.5C, says report | Carbon offsetting | The Guardian

Carbon Capture Takes Center Stage, But Is Its Promise an Illusion? | Inside Climate News

Britain says all options on the table to combat energy crisis | Reuters

BlackRock tells oil regulator: ignore our CEO’s climate pledges — The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (en-GB)

Bioenergy scientists discover genetic pathway for better biofuel processing

Biden Restores California’s Power to Set Stringent Tailpipe Rules | The New York Times

Australia to declare east coast floods a national emergency | ABC News

Australia declares east coast floods a national emergency | Reuters

Assembly passes climate Bill committing Northern Ireland to net zero by 2050 |

Angus Taylor attacks Beetaloo Basin activists and says Australia right to expand fossil fuels | Angus Taylor | The Guardian

Anger over mooted fracking rethink amid phase out of Russian oil | The Independent

22 U.S. states back stringent EPA vehicle emissions rules | Reuters

£450m heat pump subsidy scheme could end up funding those who would have bought them anyway


Women and net zero: Who is tracking gender disparity in the UK's green jobs market? | BusinessGreen Feature

We cannot solve the climate crisis without women and girls | The Independent

Vanessa Nakate on how girls’ education can help solve the climate crisis | The Economist

Sydney residents evacuated from homes overnight as heavy rain brings fresh flood risks | Australia weather | The Guardian

Suddenly, oil companies are upbeat again | The New York Times

Spatial and temporal expansion of global wildland fire activity in response to climate change | Nature Communications

Opinion | Supreme Court shouldn’t tie the Environmental Protection Agency’s hands as it fights climate change | The Washington Post

Oil prices: Biden turns to countries he once sought to avoid to find help shutting off Russia’s oil money | CNNPolitics

Meet the Incredible Activist Breaking Bias & Teaching Kids to Take Climate Action

Looking to Reduce Emissions, Apparel Makers Turn to Their Factories in the Developing World | Inside Climate News

Japanese firms say tanker pilot shows coal to hydrogen plan feasible | Reuters

How the climate crisis is a disproportionate battle for women | The Independent

How Putin made the Green Deal great again – POLITICO

How Climate Policy Could Help in the Fight Against Putin | Video | Amanpour & Company | PBS

Global CO2 emissions rebounded to their highest level in history in 2021 | News | IEA

Global carbon emissions soar to highest level in history | The Independent

Farage’s net zero referendum plans will only highlight the folly of pursuing fossil fuels | The Independent

Emotions buffet NJ coastal wind project in peek at US future | AP News

Electric car: UK drivers now favour EVs as two-thirds look to ditch petrol and diesel |

Don’t Look Up director ‘prepared to get arrested’ with climate crisis protesters | The Independent

Climate change, nuclear war occupy Jerry Brown in retirement | AP News

Climate change is scary, but don't let it put you off having children

Climate change activists say they will keep deflating SUV tyres until owning the cars becomes ‘impossible’

Canada's oil, gas emissions cap may wait until 2023, leaving climate plan hole | Reuters

Around the world, women are putting their lives on the line to defend the climate

Amazon rainforest reaching tipping point, researchers say | BBC News

Amazon nears ‘tipping point’ where rainforest could transform into savanna | Live Science

After the floods, Mullumbimby is a disaster zone. But the community pulls together like no other | Fleur Brown | The Guardian


World’s first pilot project producing gasoline from carbon dioxide hydrogenation completes trial operation

US beef industry emerges from Biden’s climate pledges ‘relatively unscathed’ | Beef | The Guardian

UK should ‘mobilise army of volunteers’ to transform energy landscape | Renewable energy | The Guardian

The Amazon Rainforest Is at Risk of Becoming Savanna

Survey: Influence of women in sustainability being stifled by gender bias and systemic barriers | BusinessGreen News

Six promises you can make to help reduce carbon emissions | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Six key lifestyle changes can help avert the climate crisis, study finds | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Satellite data analysis suggests Amazon rainforest is losing resilience

Rolls-Royce's plans for mini nuclear power stations take significant step forward

Our climate solutions are failing | and Big Oil’s fingerprints are all over them | Amy Westervelt | The Guardian

Opinion | Fossil Fuels Are Not the Answer to War. They Are Its Cause | Alec Connon

Novel wheat varieties facilitate deep sowing to beat the heat of changing climates | Nature Climate Change

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Net zero: The UK is building its last big gas power plant | New Scientist

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Making six key changes to your life can help prevent climate crisis, study finds | The Independent

Is the Amazon rainforest on the verge of collapse?

Is the Amazon Approaching a Tipping Point? A New Study Shows the Rainforest Growing Less Resilient | Inside Climate News

Government set to miss tree-planting target, National Audit Office warns | BusinessGreen News

Germany's planned increase of climate fund possible without extra debt | Reuters

EPA rule would make heavy trucks cut smog, soot pollution | AP News

E.P.A. Plans Tighter Tailpipe Rules for Trucks, Vans and Buses | The New York Times

Environmental Groups Are United In California Rooftop Solar Fight, with One Notable Exception | Inside Climate News

Editorial: Misinformation is blocking climate action, and the U.N. is finally calling it out | Los Angeles Times

Declining ‘resilience’ pushing Amazon rainforest towards tipping point | Carbon Brief

Climate crisis: Amazon rainforest tipping point is looming, data shows | Amazon rainforest | The Guardian

Climate Council says too many leaders are silent on global heating’s role in ‘megafloods’ | Australian politics | The Guardian

Brazil's Bolsonaro wants Petrobras to end global fuel parity policy | Reuters

Boris Johnson’s call to relax green target | News | The Times

Biden administration aims to cut smog-forming pollution from heavy trucks | The Washington Post

Australian researchers announce lithium-sulfur battery breakthrough – pv magazine International

Amazon rainforest nears tipping point that may see it become savannah | New Scientist

Amazon Rainforest May Be Approaching a Critical Tipping Point, Study Finds | The New York Times

Amazon rainforest losing its ability to bounce back, scientists warn | The Independent

Amazon rainforest is reaching climate change ‘tipping point’: Study

Amazon rainforest is reaching a ‘tipping point’ where it will begin to transform into savannah | Daily Mail Online

Amazon rainforest is hurtling toward a ’tipping point,’ satellites show | The Washington Post


‘Two sessions’ 2022: Carbon neutrality high on agenda as delegates offer proposals on new energy vehicles, green AI and blue carbon | South China Morning Post

The Observer view on Ukraine and the climate emergency | Observer editorial | The Guardian

Op-Ed: Climate change wrecks health. Climate doctors are needed | Los Angeles Times

Lancaster University to build solar farm near M6 | BBC News

Germany to spend $220 billion for industrial transformation by 2026 | Reuters

China aims to build 450 GW of solar, wind power on Gobi desert

Cambridgeshire responds to 2,800 acre solar farm plans | Ely Standard

Butterflies and other insects are disappearing. It’s time to worry. | Vox


The Supreme Court may throttle Joe Biden’s plans to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions | The Economist

Russian LNG tanker arriving into France confronted at sea by Greenpeace | Greenpeace International

Q&A;: Has the IPCC’s bleak warning of climate breakdown been heard? | Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) | The Guardian

Q&A: Has the IPCC’s bleak warning of climate breakdown been heard? | Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) | The Guardian

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A hotter planet means a hungrier planet, climate report warns

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