Climate Change News, Feb 2022



What is the IPCC climate change report – and what does it say? | Climate crisis | The Guardian

War in Ukraine Shows Need for ‘Rapid Move’ to Renewables: European Advocates

VW Halting EV Production This Week Amid Ukraine Supply Issues

UN report: Climate change already so severe humans nearing adaptation limits

UN Decade on Restoration

U.N. climate change report warns of ‘dangerous and widespread disruption’ | The Washington Post

UN Chief: IPCC Report a ‘Damning Indictment of Failed Climate Leadership’

UN Chief: IPCC report a ‘damning indictment of failed climate leadership’

This climate crisis report asks: what is at stake? In short, everything | Climate crisis | The Guardian

This climate crisis report asks: what is at stake? In short, everything | Climate crisis | The Guardian

The rightwing US supreme court has climate protection in its sights | Laurence H Tribe and Jeremy Lewin | The Guardian

The link between Putin and climate change – POLITICO

‘The Future Depends on Us’: New IPCC Report Warns Climate Action Window Is Closing Fast

The climate crisis will impact the food we eat, here’s how, and what we can do about it | Climate News | Sky News

Tesla to open Berlin gigafactory on Friday, delivery event planned

Supreme Court Considers Limiting E.P.A.’s Ability To Address Climate Change | WorldNewsEra

Solar panels: a ray of hope as UK energy prices go through the roof | Money | The Guardian

Sixth Assessment Report | IPCC

Russian Climate Delegate Apologizes for Assault on Ukraine | Truthout

Russian Climate Delegate Apologizes for Assault on Ukraine | Common Dreams

Russia's war Crime in Targeting Nuclear Plant Reminds us Why we Should rush to Wind and Solar

Remarks by the IPCC Chair during the press conference to present the Working Group II contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report — IPCC

Reducing emissions won’t protect lives from climate change — we need to adapt | The Star

Putting EV Valuations Into Perspective

Precipitation, relative humidity and soil moisture for January 2022 | Copernicus

PETITION: Tell the EPA: Defend our planet from factory farm pollution!

PETITION: SIGN NOW: Electrify Heavy Duty Trucks!

PETITION: Minister Guilbeault: Hit the brakes on the Bay du Nord project and invest in sustainable jobs instead |

PETITION: Fossil Free Revolution

PETITION: FOE: Take Action

PETITION: Add Your Name to Support the Global Ocean Treaty! | Greenpeace

New, nature-inspired concepts for turning carbon dioxide into clean fuels

New IPCC Report: Addressing Climate Change Is Now About Damage Control – Mother Jones

Munich Security Report 2022 | Munich Security Conference

Irreversible Impacts on the Climate Are Getting Locked In, IPCC Warns

IPCC report shows closing window of opportunity for making lasting changes against climate change | YouTube

IPCC Report Calls Out ‘Vested Interests’ Delaying Climate Action | DeSmog

IPCC issues ‘bleakest warning yet’ on impacts of climate breakdown | Climate crisis | The Guardian

IPCC issues ‘bleakest warning yet’ on impacts of climate breakdown | Climate crisis | The Guardian

IPCC adaptation report ‘a damning indictment of failed global leadership on climate’ | IPCC report says human actions are causing dangerous disruption, and window to secure a liveable future is closing | UN News

Invest Fossil Fuel Free | Green Century Funds |

In-depth Q&A: The IPCC's sixth assessment on how climate change impacts the world | Carbon Brief

Impact of climate crisis much worse than predicted, says Alok Sharma | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Heeding the science is the gateway out of the climate crisis | United Nations Development Programme

Global Warming Policy Foundation | DeSmog

Equal abundance of summertime natural and wintertime anthropogenic Arctic organic aerosols | Nature Geoscience

Detectable anthropogenic forcing on the long-term changes of summer precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau | SpringerLink

‘Delay is Death,’ said UN Chief António Guterres of the New IPCC Report Showing Climate Impacts Are Outpacing Adaptation Efforts | Inside Climate News

Climate Finance Could Save the Planet: Can You Guess The Reasons Why?

Climate change already worse than expected, says new UN report

CDN Pre-Budget Consultations Questionaire | Let’s Talk Budget 2022

California debates naming heatwaves to underscore deadly risk of extreme heat | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Biden Could Score a Climate Victory in a Single Word: Plastics | Inside Climate News

AR6 Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability | IPCC

‘All Hands on Deck Now!’: IPCC Report Spurs Global Demand for Rapid Climate Action Send a Letter to the Editor about the Just Transition Act |

350 NYC – 350NYC CHASE Campaign


Why Did California Regulators Choose a Firm with Ties to Chevron to Study Irrigating Crops with Oil Wastewater? | Inside Climate News

Thinktank linked to tech giant Canon under pressure to remove ‘dangerous’ climate articles | Climate science scepticism and denial | The Guardian

Tesla Giga Berlin final approval expected by week’s end, opening ceremony set for March 22-23: report

Our Universities’ Investments in Fossil Fuels Are Unethical — and Illegal

On the ground in Churchill: Polar bears fight for survival as ice disappears | The Weather Network

New Mexico Wants it ‘Both Ways,’ Insisting on Environmental Regulations While Benefiting from Oil and Gas | Inside Climate News

How Much Range You Really Need in an Electric Car | Roadshow

Heat Pumps for Peace and Freedom | by Bill McKibben

Charge Across Canada | Live Tracker & Updates | Drive Tesla

California’s sweeping new food waste, salvage laws target climate change, food insecurity | National |

Are RV Solar Power Systems a Gimmick? | Drivin' & Vibin'

Airbus to test hydrogen-fueled engine on A380 jet | Aerospace

2022 Kia EV6 Review | Funk E-Town | YouTube


Warming Trends: Extracting Data From Pictures, Paying Attention to the ‘Twilight Zone,’ and Making Climate Change Movies With Edge | Inside Climate News

Top Climate Publisher Has Played Major Role in Supporting Fossil Fuel Industry

Stellantis admits building cost of EVs is 40-50% more than ICE vehicles | Drive Tesla

Renault Driving On Hydrogen ICE With New Concept Car | CleanTechnica

One way to combat Russia? Move faster on clean energy | Los Angeles Times

Is The Ford Mustang Mach-E Really Better Than Tesla Model 3 & Y?

Here's why gas prices could soar during Russia's invasion of Ukraine | YouTube

Fossil fuel companies are trying to exploit this war for their gain. We can’t let them | Jamie Henn | The Guardian

First Giga Texas VIN assigned to Model Y Performance reservation holder with March delivery date | Drive Tesla

Chernobyl Is Not the Only Nuclear Threat Russia’s Invasion Has Sparked in Ukraine | Inside Climate News

African countries spending billions to cope with climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Vladimir Putin thanked BP’s Bernard Looney for his role in the Russian Geographical Society | Business | The Times

This is how we defeat Putin and other petrostate autocrats | Bill McKibben | The Guardian

The Hydrogen Stream: Airbus plans flight test with direct combustion engine fueled by hydrogen – pv magazine International

Tesla "hoping" to release FSD Beta in Canada this weekend: Elon Musk | Drive Tesla

Tesla fully ditches radar as Model S and Model X transition to Tesla Vision | Drive Tesla

Tesla commits to Pure Vision approach, removes radar from Model S and Model X

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares: Suppliers need to eat cost to keep EVs affordable | Automotive News

Q&A: What does Russia’s invasion of Ukraine mean for energy and climate change? | Carbon Brief

Pollutionwatch: wood fires are bad for planet, more evidence shows | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian

Plastic summit could be most important green deal since Paris accords, says UN | Environment | The Guardian

Panama Enacts a Rights of Nature Law, Guaranteeing the Natural World’s 'Right to Exist, Persist and Regenerate' | Inside Climate News

Opinion | The Russia-Ukraine Crisis Shows the Need for Real Solutions to Climate Change | Anthony Pahnke

Opinion: Europe’s Russian gas habit isn’t a matter of survival, but convenience. That means it’s time to quit | The Globe and Mail

Oil and Gas Companies ‘Flare’ or ‘Vent’ Excess Natural Gas. It’s Like Burning Money—and it’s Bad for the Environment | Inside Climate News

Guest post: How to model society's response to climate change | Carbon Brief

Forget ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ A new book suggests that the best way to save the planet is through abundance | The Atlantic

Flash Floods Threaten 126,000 Commercial Buildings in London, and Risk Will Worsen

Flash Flooding Threatens Over Two-Fifths of London’s Businesses

Engineered disorder makes ultrathin solar cells ultra-efficient | Physics World

Conversations on Hope – Community Workshop | Meeting Registration | Zoom

Code red on sea level rise | Sheneman |

Coastal GasLink Fined $72,500 for Environmental Infractions | The Tyee

Big Oil and Conservatives Are Using Russia’s Conflict to Call for More Drilling

A new, inexpensive catalyst speeds the production of oxygen from water

Airbus to use A380 to test hydrogen-fueled engine | CNN Travel

After Chinese Ban, Cryptocurrency Mining Got Worse for Climate | The New York Times

8 surprising things you never knew about carbon | CBC Documentaries


The White House’s Organized First-Ever Climate Denial Meeting

The US Military Has Long Stood in the Way of Climate Change Action

The Canadian Government Is Funding A Researcher Who Spent Years Denying Climate Science | DeSmog

Supreme court case could restrict Biden’s effort to tackle climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Solar PV module prices | Our World in Data

Solar PV Cumulative Capacity | Our World in Data

Solar power generation | Our World in Data

Sea Level Rise Will Be Catastrophic—and Unequal | WIRED

Revealed: leading climate research publisher helps fuel oil and gas drilling | Climate science | The Guardian

PETITION: Tell Procter & Gamble to stop destroying our forests! | FOE: Take Action

Nature Connectivity Project | Wildlands League

Limitless power arriving too late: Why fusion won’t help us decarbonise | RenewEconomy

LG to close US solar module manufacturing facility – pv magazine International

Inside Clean Energy: In Parched California, a Project Aims to Save Water and Produce Renewable Energy | Inside Climate News

Government climate advisers say cut fossil fuels to lower energy bills | Carbon Brief

Government climate advisers say cut fossil fuels to lower energy bills | BBC News

French flywheel storage system specialist secures €10 million investment – pv magazine International

Fossil fuel industry is no friend to workers | David Suzuki Foundation

Factcheck: Can new UK oil and gas licences ever be ‘climate compatible’? | Carbon Brief

Earth’s Water Cycle Is Changing Dramatically, And Much Faster Than We Predicted

Does B.C. produce enough green energy to decarbonize? | Vancouver Is Awesome

Climate change is intensifying Earth’s water cycle at twice the predicted rate, research shows | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Climate change drives rise in extreme lake water temperatures

China Is Digging Its Own Grave (and Ours as Well) |

BC Budget Fails to Deliver on Climate Change, Say Experts | The Tyee

Battered and Flooded by Increasingly Severe Weather, Kentucky and Tennessee Have a Big Difference in Forecasting | Inside Climate News

Annual change in solar energy generation | Our World in Data

Airbus to test hydrogen jet engine in step towards zero emission aviation –


Wildfires likely to increase by a third by 2050, warns UN | Wildfires | The Guardian

Why the TMX Will Endlessly Spill Taxpayers’ Money | The Tyee

US offshore wind auction attracts record-setting bids | Renewable Energy News | Al Jazeera

Upcycling plastic waste into more valuable materials could make recycling pay for itself

UN Report Warns of 50% Increase in Wildfires by 2100 as Climate Crisis Rages

UN report warns climate change could spur 50% more wildfires by 2100 | Grist

To fight climate change, a biotech firm has genetically engineered a very peppy poplar | Science | AAAS

Tindo Solar launches 545W solar panel for utility-scale applications – pv magazine International

Tesla loses Director of Engineering to generator giant looking to compete with Powerwall | Electrek

ShareAction | EU presents watered-down corporate sustainability due diligence

Ontario puts $250K toward proposed EV battery production lines |

One Woman's Quest to Safeguard Federal Funds Meant to Clean up the Oil and Gas Industry’s Mess | DeSmog

New Report Details Exactly What Biden Could Do After Declaring ‘Climate Emergency’

LG To Shutter Solar Operations in Huntsville | YouTube

LG is shuttering its solar panel business, impacting over 200 US workers | TechSpot

LG axes solar panel business in midst of rising material costs and supply contraints | ZDNet

Intercepted: Climate and Punishment

In Baltimore, Helping Congregations Prepare for a Stormier Future | Inside Climate News

In a Contested Oregon Primary Race, Democrats Back Candidate Taking Fossil Fuel Money | DeSmog

Iberdrola profits rise on growth in Americas, renewables and grids | Reuters

How Diesel Giant Cummins Might Beat Tesla In The Green Engine Battle

How a little-discussed revision of climate science could help avert doom | The Washington Post

Greens and BC Liberals Agree Budget Is ‘Disappointing’ | The Tyee

Global Wildfire Activity to Surge in Coming Years | Inside Climate News

Glenn Llewellyn introduces the #ZEROe demonstrator | YouTube

France’s Provence Canal to host 12MW of solar – pv magazine International

Facebook failing to flag harmful climate misinformation, new research finds

ESG Litigation Over Social Issues Is Poised to Rise

Energy agency: Methane emissions higher than countries claim | AP News

Chicago Mayor Slow to Act on Promises to Build Green Economy by Repurposing Polluted Industrial Sites | Inside Climate News

Chart: The One Percent's Huge Carbon Footprint | Statista

CalPERS Divestment: CFA a Co-Sponsor of Major Climate Change Bill | California Faculty Association

Antarctic sea ice falls to lowest level since measurements began in 1979 | Antarctica | The Guardian

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2022: Long-lasting grid battery | MIT Technology Review


Willing to Downsize? Understanding Consumer Demand for SUVs in Metro Vancouver | David Suzuki Foundation

Wildfires Ignite Political Debate in Turkey | MERIP

The Use of Graphene Solar Thermal Films

‘The Scheme’: a senator’s plan to highlight rightwing influence on the supreme court | US supreme court | The Guardian

The New Humanitarian | Why the conversation about climate change and migration needs to change

ShareAction | HSBC’s new climate commitments exclude bulk of finance to oil and gas companies

Saving Canada’s old-growth forests, one woodlot at a time |

PETITION: EU: Ban forest-killing products

How will sea level rise affect Vancouver? | Alaska Highway News

Global Gas Pipeline Boom Poses Climate, Financial Disaster

Electric car prices could be about to plummet – here’s why | Climate News | Sky News

Each Antarctic tourist effectively melts 83 tonnes of snow – new research

Does My Home Work for Solar? How to Find Out | CNET

Breaking Down the Cost of an EV Battery Cell

35 million year old data could unlock future of Antarctica


Why Australia Must Prioritise Health, Climate and Development in This Year’s Federal Budget

Students Say Yale, Stanford and MIT's Fossil Fuel Investments Are Illegal

Republicans Respond to World-Historical Drought by Propping Up Fossil Fuels | The New Republic

Put POTUS Joe Biden on notice before the State of the Union | 198 methods

Project Carbdown: A Review of Year 1 — Carbon Drawdown Initiative

Oil firms’ climate claims are greenwashing, study concludes | Taipei Times

Merchant solar facilities could see new rules amid boom | 89.3 WFPL News Louisville

Man converts his Rolls-Royce into an EV and his passion into a Richmond business | Richmond News

Hanwha Q Cells launches 590W solar module with 21.7% efficiency – pv magazine International

Fossil Fuel Giants Seek Billions From European Countries Under Secretive Treaty

Church of England Fossil Fuel Ties Revealed Amid Divestment Dispute | DeSmog

Can Rights of Nature Laws Make a Difference? In Ecuador, They Already Are | Inside Climate News

Bacteria upcycle carbon waste into valuable chemicals

A New Type of CO2 Adsorbent


New paradigm clarifies how global temperatures can stop rising within years, not decades | About Climate Change

London flooding poses ‘significant risk’ unless immediate action taken | UK news | The Guardian

Climate scientist in Antarctica speaks to Metro Vancouver officials about ‘doomsday’ glacier | Vancouver Sun

Climate scientist in Antarctica speaks to Metro Vancouver officials about ‘doomsday’ glacier | Vancouver Sun

China Provided Abundant Snow for the Winter Olympics, but at What Cost to the Environment? | Inside Climate News

A Big Climate Warning from One of the Gulf of Maine’s Smallest Marine Creatures | Inside Climate News


‘We are afraid’: Erin Brockovich pollutant linked to global electric car boom | Pollution | The Guardian

US sea levels to rise at a faster pace than in past 100 years

Two trains per hour from every station by 2040: Belgium’s ambitious new train plan

The weekend read: Charging with solar at home – pv magazine International

TEN Episode 374: VW e-Up Returns, Hummer EV EPA Ratings, Hydrogen In Trouble | YouTube

Poll: Canadians want EVs, but charging concerns loom | Driving

New study confirms clean energy commitments from oil giants are nothing more than greenwashing | NationofChange

How a warming Lake Superior is affecting one Anishinaabe fisherman | The Narwhal

Activists Take Aim at an Expressway Project in Karachi, Saying it Will Only Heighten Climate Threats | Inside Climate News


Yamaha Made A Hydrogen-Fuelled V8 For Toyota

Which is better bang for buck? Tesla Model 3 owner rates the new Kia EV6

Three More Manufacturers Added to Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge | HPAC Magazine

Think The Solar Canopy Is Powering EV Fast Chargers? Think Again.

Tesla falls in Consumer Reports ranking after design changes | Driving

Stop EACOP: Climate activists demand as EU | African leaders meet | Nile Post

Property destruction: A legitimate response to colonialism and climate chaos? | Canadian Dimension

Posthaste: ‘The mustang has left the barn’: Canadians want EVs but charging concerns loom | Financial Post

Novel IBC solar cell architecture based on crystal photonics shows efficiency potential of 29.1% – pv magazine International

New off-grid solar battery from China – pv magazine International

New Features Part of EPA’s Environmental Justice Screening Tool

Mike Hayes, Michael E. Mann & Vicky Ward | Mooch FM

Major oil companies aren't following through on climate change promises | WWNO

Less Lying Would Help | by Bill McKibben

Harsh winter conditions an obstacle to EV adoption in Canada: survey

Frances Haugen’s lawyers accuse Facebook of misleading investors about covid and climate misinformation in Securities and Exchange Commission complaints | The Washington Post

EV adoption in Canada hampered by belief they don't perform well in winter: Survey | Drive Tesla

Court Approves Surrey Oil Development But Campaigners Hail ‘Important Legal Victory’ | DeSmog

Climate Change Is Seen as Most Worrying Threat to World Security

Climate change: Covid shutdown linked to record rainfall in China | BBC News

Carbon capture tech is advancing in the wrong direction | The Verge

‘Cancel This Project’: Price Tag of Trans Mountain Expansion Nearly Doubles

BlackRock touts investment in fossil fuels after threat from Texas official | CBS News

Bitcoin miners revived a dying coal plant – then CO2 emissions soared | Cryptocurrencies | The Guardian

Basic Customs Duty Will Not Favor All Solar Manufacturers | Mercom India


Yamaha's 450-HP Hydrogen V8 Could Save Internal Combustion | CarBuzz

World spends $1.8tn a year on subsidies that harm environment, study finds | Environment | The Guardian

What Do We Call The EV Equivalent Of A Gas Guzzler? | CarBuzz

Watch Aptera Motors' Solar EV Blow Away Tesla Model 3 In Drag Race

Vietnamese activists routinely placed under house arrest, report finds | Human rights | The Guardian

Unusually cold ‘Blue Blob’ is slowing the rapid melting of Iceland’s glaciers, but not for long | Live Science

Study Exposes Climate Claims by Big Oil as Corporate Propaganda

Smartflower Solar: Get to Know the Solar Sculpture | CNET

Reform $1.8 trillion yearly environmentally harmful subsidies to deliver a nature-positive economy — Business For Nature

Petrópolis: Deadly landslides wreak havoc in Brazilian city | BBC News

‘Loading the dice’: climate crisis could increase southern California wildfires | California | The Guardian

Inside Clean Energy: Texas Is the Country’s Clean Energy Leader, Almost in Spite of Itself | Inside Climate News

In Chaco Canyon, a moratorium on oil and gas leases might be too little too late | Grist

Humanity Subsidizing ‘Our Own Extinction,’ Warns Study

How governments are tempting corporates with CCS: Carbon Capture and Storage | ING Think

GMC Hummer EV is as inefficient as its gas-powered sibling | Drive Tesla

Doug Ford cancelling cap-and-trade will cost all Canadians | The Narwhal

Consumer Reports names a new top EV | YouTube

China's renewables boom year poses major challenges to western markets | MINING.COM

California Has Begun Managing Groundwater Under a New Law. Experts Aren’t Sure It’s Working | Inside Climate News

BC’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies Are Second Highest in Canada | The Tyee


U.S. Coastal Sea Levels Will Rise Another Foot by Mid-Century | Democracy Now!

Students at Top Universities Push ‘Legal Imperative’ of Fossil Fuel Divestment

Rooftop solar price to keep rising this year – pv magazine International

Revealed: How the Aides of 'Anti-Net Zero' MP Craig Mackinlay are Linked to a Leading Climate Denial Group | DeSmog

Private Equity Executives Hide Behind Philanthropy as Their Firms Ravage the Earth | DeSmog

Oil majors ‘not walking the talk’ on climate action, study confirms | Carbon Brief

Oil firms’ climate claims are greenwashing, study concludes | Oil | The Guardian

Mudslides in Brazil Kill at Least 94 People | The New York Times

Michael E. Mann on climate change: “It’s not too late for us to act.” | by Alexander Verbeek | Feb, 2022 | Medium

Meet 3 Remarkable Young Activists Making Waves to Protect Our Oceans

How to prevent the planet from becoming an uninhabitable desert | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 16.02.2022

How Privatization Fuels Catastrophic Climate Change | In These Times

Flexible solar panels made in Israel for Amazon’s facility in France – pv magazine International

Dirty Dozen: The Private Equity Firms Driving Fossil Fuel Expansion – Mother Jones

Cycling charity launches ambitious plan to boost UK-wide path network | Cycling | The Guardian

Corn-Based Ethanol May Be Worse For the Climate Than Gasoline, a New Study Finds | Inside Climate News

Climate Change-Fueled “Megadrought” in Western U.S. Worst in 12 Centuries | Democracy Now!

China Says the Winter Olympics Are Carbon Neutral. They Aren’t

Brazil: Torrential rain triggers deadly mudslides in Brazil | BBC News

BP, Chevron and other oil firms aren’t living up to climate pledges, study finds : NPR

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Consultation Response Letter | Climate Safe Lending Network


Wood burners emit more particle pollution than traffic, UK data shows | Air pollution | The Guardian

Wind and Solar Power Demand Expected to Soar | YouTube

West megadrought worsens to driest in at least 1,200 years | AP News

‘Wake-Up Call’: NOAA Predicts One-Foot Sea-Level Rise by 2050

Viewpoint: Global warming is hitting hard and fast | Powell River Peak

US west ‘megadrought’ is worst in at least 1,200 years, new study says | Drought | The Guardian

U.S. sea level rise accelerating, NOAA says

The EV boom is being fueled by exploited cobalt miners | The Verge

Tesla Model 3 Versus BMW i4: Which Is Better?

Solar cell based on silver bismuth sulfide nanocrystals achieves 9.17% efficiency – pv magazine International

Saudi Arabia Rejects Biden Plea to Increase Oil Production as Midterms Loom

Private equity’s dirty dozen: the 12 US firms funding dirty energy projects | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Ontario steel plant spending $1.75B to eliminate coal from production process | Stony Plain Reporter

Hanwha Q Cells begins selling its solar panels based on M6 wafers in Europe – pv magazine International

Experts sound the alarm on oil sector's blue hydrogen push

Climate crisis has made western US megadrought worst in 1,200 years

Charted: Comparing the Carbon Footprint of Transportation Options

A third of Americans are already facing above-average warming | Grist

2 flowering plants in Antarctica are growing at an unprecedented speed, a rare spectacle showing a ‘tipping point’ of the climate crisis, study says | Business Insider India


What’s Causing Water to Bubble in the Arctic? | Nova

Water-based electrolyzer for green hydrogen production – pv magazine International

V-Day to Earth Day: How Women in 70+ Countries Are Rising to End Violence Against Women & Our Planet | Democracy Now!

U.S. corn-based ethanol worse for the climate than gasoline, study finds | Reuters

The Psychology of Placing EV Chargers Along Roads Less Traveled | WIRED

The Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn't Create Nearly as Many Jobs as it Says It Does | In These Times

The DeLorean is back, but this time it's an EV

The BC Government Tapes: Old Growth | The Tyee

Stylized least-cost analysis of flexible nuclear power in deeply decarbonized electricity systems considering wind and solar resources worldwide | Nature Energy

Stunning solar milestone as Australia passes 25GW mark | RenewEconomy

Study finds Western megadrought is the worst in 1,200 years : NPR

Solar power pricing is up, and so is demand – pv magazine USA

ShareAction | Oil & gas expansion A lose-lose bet for banks and their…

Rapid intensification of the emerging southwestern North American megadrought in 2020–2021 | Nature Climate Change

France Will Build Up To 14 New "Clean" Nuclear Power Stations By 2050 | CleanTechnica

France to cut carbon emissions, Russian energy influence with 14 nuclear reactors | Ars Technica

France announces 100GW solar target for 2050 – pv magazine International

Flourishing plants show warming Antarctica undergoing ‘major change’ | Environment | The Guardian

Everyone Should Pay a “Solar Tax” – Energy Institute Blog

Ethanol Less Green Than Gas, Study Funded by Biofuel Critics Says | BNN Bloomberg

Eradicating ‘extreme poverty’ would raise global emissions by less than 1% | Carbon Brief

Department of Energy’s “Fairly Simple” Breakthrough Makes Accessing Stored Hydrogen More Efficient

DeLorean drives into the future new electric vehicle enterprise coming to Texas | YouTube

Consumers were bombarded with EV ads during the Super Bowl. Infrastructure funding could explain why

Conservation has a Human Rights Problem. Can the New UN Biodiversity Plan Solve it?  | Inside Climate News

Coalition spends $31m on ads spruiking efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions | Advertising | The Guardian

Climate Crisis Has Made Western US Megadrought Worst in 1,200 Years

Climate & Punishment: How Incarcerated People Face Increasing Threat of Fires, Floods & Extreme Heat | Democracy Now!

Big banks fund new oil and gas despite net zero pledges | BBC News

A Growing Wave of Litigation Spurs Climate Action | DeSmog


Trump-Appointed Judge Just Dealt a Blow to Biden’s Climate Efforts – Mother Jones

(Sex)Therapy and Climate Anxiety | by Kathleen Sullivan

Most Mega-Corporations' Net-Zero Pledges Are Hollow, Report Finds

How the UK can cut carbon emissions and reduce household energy bills | Energy industry | The Guardian

Crucial Superabsorption Breakthrough Unlocks Key to Next-Generation Quantum Batteries

Breakthrough in Cathode Chemistry Clears Path for More-Sustainable Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Blooming flowers, fledgling birds … the UK’s spring is early – and always will be | Spring | The Guardian


Wildfires Are Threatening Prisons. Who Will Save the People Inside?

Politicians Ignore Prisoners as Climate Crisis Worsens

Is climate change heating up the Super Bowl? | Los Angeles Times

In Texas, Prisons Without Air Conditioning Are Getting Hotter

How Alberta’s Vista coal mine came back from the brink | The Narwhal

Here’s how to demolish the most common excuses for climate crisis apathy | Elizabeth Cripps | The Guardian

Glut of Solar Panels is coming in 2025

Deteriorating Prisons Are Making Flood Risks Worse


The UK’s net zero goal is backed by nearly all MPs | Letters | The Guardian

These climate activists aren’t just spouting rhetoric; they’re helping wean utilities off fossil fuels | The Boston Globe

The Morning After: European fusion reactor shatters energy production record

Rightwing Lobby Group ALEC Driving Laws to Blacklist Companies That Boycott the Oil Industry | DeSmog

Portable, space-saving photovoltaic towers – pv magazine International

“Politics as Usual” Will Never Be a Solution to the Current Climate Threat

Here's how Tesla owners will be able to use ONroute's new CHAdeMO EV chargers | Drive Tesla

Episode 58 | The Angry Clean Energy Guy

Dutch lawyer to get German prize for landmark climate cases | ABC News

Don’t throw away old batteries, feed them to your plants instead | Euronews

Costs of heat pumps and solar panels plunge for new homes | 100% Renewable UK

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Includes an Unprecedented $1.1 Billion for Everglades Revitalization | Inside Climate News


Youth Climate Activists Sue Virginia for Violating Their Constitutional Rights | Democracy Now!

Wafer-thin supercapacitor stays strong when bent out of shape

Updated Hyundai Ioniq 5 gets more power and 315-mile range | Auto Express

Residential based energy storage will become the new ‘Boiler 2.0 – pv magazine International

Rep. Ro Khanna Wants Big Oil to Confront Record of Climate Denialism, Meet Emissions Reduction Vows | Democracy Now!

Rep. Ro Khanna: Big Oil Must Confront Climate Denialism, Meet Emissions Pledges

Natural gas is a dangerous name for a climate pollutant | Vox

Inside Clean Energy: Recycling Solar Panels Is a Big Challenge, but Here’s Some Recent Progress | Inside Climate News

How to Deal With Climate Anxiety? 9 Activists & Experts Share Advice.

How Canadian recycling could be fuelling pollution in India | CBC News

How Billions in Infrastructure Funding Could Worsen Global Warming | The New York Times

Gas-Backed Front Group Spreads Misinformation About Costs of Electrification | DeSmog

Force pension funds to align with net zero goal, says Richard Curtis | Climate crisis | The Guardian

‘Deforestation-free’ soya farms still tearing down the Amazon | The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (en-GB)

Climate Experts Detail Misinformation by Fossil Fuel Cos. as Oil CEOs Refuse to Testify to Congress | Democracy Now!

Climate change: Cuadrilla ordered to plug and abandon shale gas fracking wells in Lancashire | Climate News | Sky News

Climate activists buy environment secretary’s Cornwall constituency office | Insulate Britain | The Guardian

Can carbon capture help resolve the climate crisis? | David Suzuki Foundation

Breakthrough in cathode chemistry clears the path for Li-S batteries’ commercial viability

A Year After Blackout, Texans Navigate Climate Trauma in a Failing Fossil State

AGL brings forward closure date of two largest coal-fired power plants as market shifts to renewables | Energy | The Guardian


Zeroing In | Greenpeace UK

US postal service under fire for plan to spend $11.3bn on gas-powered fleet | US Postal Service | The Guardian

UK-based scientists smash nuclear fusion energy record | Nuclear Energy News | Al Jazeera

To Counter Global Warming, Focus Far More on Methane, a New Study Recommends | Inside Climate News

Scientists Fear Soaring Methane Levels Show Climate Feedback Loop Has Arrived

Pipeline Politics Hits Multipolar Realities: Nord Stream 2 and the Ukraine Crisis | DeSmog

Nuclear scientists just got one step closer to saving us from climate catastrophe

Most Conservative MPs support net zero, says Tory environment group | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Millions in Horn of Africa Face Severe Hunger After Years of Drought | Democracy Now!

In Australia, farmers up in arms over renewable energy rollout | Energy News | Al Jazeera

Identify A-ha moments to trigger fast climate action, say UK scientists | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Franz von Holzhausen provides update on Tesla Roadster development | Drive Tesla

Corporate net zero promises found to be insufficient and relying on cheap offsets

Cleaning up after the toxic refuse of abandoned coal mines | Grist

Can carbon capture help resolve the climate crisis? |

Biden’s Biggest Idea on Climate Change Is Remarkably Cheap | The Atlantic

Biden's Moonshot: Announces Green Race with China for Electric Vehicle Dominance as MSM Misses Story

A novel way to store energy from the sun in solution for eventual conversion to hydrogen

‘Solar and wind deployment could not now be stopped if we wanted to’ – pv magazine International

13 Million People Facing Climate-Driven Starvation in Horn of Africa: WFP


World’s glaciers contain less ice than thought | report | Reuters

Wet’suwet’en Call on the UN to Support Land Battle | The Tyee

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