Climate Change News, Oct 2021



The battle over a vast New York park: is this climate resilience or capitalism? | New York | The Guardian

The anchor-outs: San Francisco’s bohemian boat dwellers fight for their way of life | California | The Guardian

Reducing methane emissions vital for climate action, but not ‘get out of jail free card’ | | UN News

Reasons to be hopeful: the climate solutions available now | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Opinion | Will the Glasgow Climate Summit Be the Breakthrough We Need? | The New York Times

New Zealand's first electric plane flight across Cook Strait set for take-off | NZ Herald

JCB signs green hydrogen deal worth billions | BBC News

Is Carbon Capture Here? | The New York Times

How fights over what's fair have stalled progress on climate change | CBC News

Global watchdog to track promised cuts to potent greenhouse gas methane | Reuters

G-20 Climate Agreement on 1.5 Degrees Limit Sets Agenda for COP26 | Bloomberg

COP26: Major economies not doing ‘their fair share’ on climate, Boris Johnson warns | World News | Sky News

COP26: Boris Johnson says 'no excuses' for not tackling climate change | BBC News

COP26: 'If Glasgow fails, whole thing fails', says Johnson | BBC News

Climate crisis: The world has a long, hard climb to ‘net zero’ | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Climate change: What's it like living in a place where it's 50C? | BBC News

Climate change: Extreme weather events are 'the new norm' | BBC News

Call for world leaders to ‘banish ghosts of past’ with Cop26 climate vows | Cop26 | The Guardian

‘Last, best hope:’ COP26 climate summit kicks off in Glasgow. Here’s what’s at stake | National |

6 Months of "Project Carbdown": What We Did This Summer (Photo Album) — Carbon Drawdown Initiative


ZeroAvia To Use Alaska Airlines Turboprop For Hydrogen Powertrain Testing | Simple Flying

Youth are 'wired' to push for change, researcher says about why they're climate choice influencers | CBC News

The Migrant Workers Who Follow Climate Disasters | The New Yorker

Prof Peter Stott: ‘Denialists question the cost of climate action … doing nothing costs far more’ | Cop26 | The Guardian

Our climate demands we change the world right now. The good news? We can | Rebecca Solnit | The Guardian

In Iceland, can a revolutionary new process actually help stop global warming? | CBC News

Cop26: the time for prevarication is over | Katharine Viner | The Guardian

Cop26 failure could mean mass migration and food shortages, says Boris Johnson | Cop26 | The Guardian

Climate experts warn world leaders 1.5C is ‘real science’, not just talking point | Cop26 | The Guardian

Climate change and health

Capitalism is killing the planet – it’s time to stop buying into our own destruction | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid Covers 455 Miles In One Trip Using Only Renewable Energy

Alberta has much on the line as UN climate conference gets set to begin |

Ahead of COP26, Canada’s oil industry fears new climate minister | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

3 Degrees Celsius Global Warming Would Devastate Planet


What is a Sacrifice Zone? The Environmental Racism of Oil Drilling in L.A. | KCET

We mapped every large solar plant on the planet using satellites and machine learning

Thinner than a pencil, these solar panels are set to revolutionise solar power | Euronews

The battle to get here was ugly, but the impact of Joe Biden’s climate plan will be huge | Jonathan Freedland | The Guardian

Tesla orders 45GWh of LFP batteries for 800,000 cars from CATL: Report | Drive Tesla

Streaming’s dirty secret: how viewing Netflix top 10 creates vast quantity of CO2 | TV streaming | The Guardian

Should I include a battery with my home solar project? Part 1 – pv magazine International

Rumor: Tesla Orders 45 GWh Of CATL's LFP Cells For 800,000 EVs

Pope Francis urges leaders to take ‘radical’ climate action at Cop26 | Pope Francis | The Guardian

Oil and gas spending steady ahead of U.N. climate change conference • OpenSecrets

New EV Truck Charges in Transit With a Retractable Solar Roof

Neoen connects 460 MW solar farm to grid in Australia – pv magazine International

Longi improves efficiency of its heterojunction cell from 25.82 to 26.30% in just one week – pv magazine International

In Their Own Words: The Dirty Dozen Documents of Big Oil’s Secret Climate Knowledge | DeSmog

How shaving half a degree off global warming targets could lessen the effects of climate change | CBC News

High module prices make Italy an early victim of supply chain disruption – pv magazine International

Greta Thunberg: Activist calls on banks to stop funding climate 'destruction' | BBC News

Cop26: Meet nine fashion designers making real change | Fashion | The Guardian

Cop26: Humanity 5-1 down at half-time on climate crisis, says Johnson | Cop26 | The Guardian

COP26: Four numbers to remember ahead of the climate change summit | BBC News

COP26: Arnold Schwarzenegger angered by world leaders' climate policies | BBC News

China Won’t Commit to New Emissions Targets Ahead of COP26 Climate Summit  | Democracy Now!

Canadian youth want leaders at Glasgow climate summit to live up to the COP26 'hype' and take action now | CBC News

Bold hydrogen-powered Segway Apex H2 is not only here, … | Visordown

Big Oil Executives Grilled by House Democrats over Deception on Climate Crisis | Democracy Now!

As Climate Crisis Worsens, 10 World Heritage Forests Become Net Carbon Emitters | Democracy Now!

‘Apocalypse soon’: reluctant Middle East forced to open eyes to climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Airbus Completes Its First A319neo Flight On 100% Sustainable Fuel | Simple Flying


World is failing to make changes needed to avoid climate breakdown, report finds | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Why progressive gestures from big business aren’t just useless – they’re dangerous | Corporate social responsibility | The Guardian

‘We can’t live like this’: climate shocks rain down on Honduras’s poorest | Honduras | The Guardian

This Startup Fights Climate Change by Capturing Carbon Emissions From Trucks

Learn To Code Python And Publish On Github With This Training Bundle | GameSpot

Gravity-based energy storage tower developer notches a customer order – pv magazine International

Fighting for transit in a world on fire | Canadian Dimension

Could planting a trillion trees help stop global heating? This man thinks so | Environment | The Guardian

Cop26 must focus on poorer countries, says UN development chief | Cop26 | The Guardian

China at COP26: Beijing's coal addiction is key to climate summit

Abacus Data | What do Canadians think about climate change and climate action?


ZeroAvia Sets 2024 Target For First Passenger Hydrogen Flight | Simple Flying

The dirty dozen: meet America’s top climate villains | Georgia Wright, Liat Olenick and Amy Westervelt | The Guardian

Saudi Says Green Policies Mustn’t Hurt Poor Nations: FII Update | BNN Bloomberg

Joe Manchin pushes for climate cuts even as West Virginia battered by crisis | West Virginia | The Guardian

Gulf Arab states, squeezed by climate change, still tout oil | ABC News

For Canada, meeting its current climate targets will be complicated and expensive | CBC News

Federal Court rejects Manitoba’s argument against carbon price backstop | The Globe and Mail

Ex-Greenpeace activist Steven Guilbeault is Trudeau’s climate chief pick ahead of COP26 | The Washington Post

Canada at COP26: A time for leadership | CBC News

Battery analytics: The game changer for energy storage | Energy Storage News

Arctic ground ‘literally collapsing’ amid abrupt thaw | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

A New Commercial Hydrogen-Electric Plane Will Boast a 500 Mile Range

A Canadian in Iceland: The country's first lady on how her adopted home is tackling climate change | CBC News

'We like its ability to scale': Honeywell targets gigawatt-scale storage opportunity with flow battery | Energy Storage News


World faces disastrous 2.7C temperature rise on current climate plans, UN warns | Climate crisis | The Guardian

UNEP: Current climate commitments are ‘weak promises, not yet delivered’ | Carbon Brief

UNEP: Current climate commitments are ‘weak promises, not yet delivered’ | Carbon Brief

Study: Do EVs Really Cost Less to Run Than Internal Combustion Cars?

Revealed: 60% of Americans say oil firms are to blame for the climate crisis | Environment | The Guardian

Queen Elizabeth cancels trip to UN climate conference | CBC News

Noam Chomsky on the path to a livable future | Canadian Dimension

More than 100 members of the National Academy of Medicine Sign Climate Action Petition | Global Health

Kenney says longtime activist's appointment as environment minister sends 'very problematic' message | CBC News

Honeywell says flow battery can meet utility sector’s 'core need' for long-duration energy storage | Energy Storage News

Greenhouse gas levels show planet veering from climate goal | The Globe and Mail

Greenhouse gases hit record high in 2020: report | New York Daily News

GM to install 4,000 electric car charging stations across Canada | CBC News

Germany Is Testing an Innovative, Highly-Efficient Solar Power Plant Using Molten Salt | autoevolution

Emissions gap report: The world is failing to keep its climate promises | CNN

Emissions Gap Report 2021

‘Dangerous and delusional’: Critics denounce Saudi climate plan | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Converting coal mines into gravity-based renewable energy storage facilities – pv magazine International

B.C. unveils latest plan to meet climate action targets, as emissions continue to climb | The Globe and Mail

B.C. offering more rebates for electric vehicle charging stations in condos, apartments | The Globe and Mail

B.C. introduces new rebates for eligible electric vehicle chargers | CBC News

Ahead of COP26, U.N. report says G-20 is failing to fight climate change | The Washington Post


Yes, There Has Been Progress on Climate. No, It’s Not Nearly Enough. | The New York Times

World’s First Solar-Powered Steel Mill Will Have 750,000 Panels

World set to miss goal of US$100B climate aid pledged to poor | CTV News

U.N.’s Antonio Guterres makes a last push before the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow | The Washington Post

UN: Greenhouse gas levels hit a new record | CTV News

UN: Greenhouse gas concentrations hit a new record in 2020 |

Toyota’s New Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles Just Hit the Race Tracks

The world is supposed to share the cost of fighting climate change. Here's how that works | CBC News

The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo named top plastic polluters for the fourth year in a row | Break Free From Plastic

Tesla’s prototype battery with 5 times more energy storage comes to life at Panasonic | Roadshow

Saudi crown prince a ‘psychopath’, says exiled intelligence officer | Saudi Arabia | The Guardian

Rich countries break ‘totemic’ $100B annual climate pledge – POLITICO

Ranked: The Largest Oil and Gas Companies in the World

Lucid Motor’s Air EV finally hits the roads with a range that blows Tesla away | Fortune

Lobby Wrap: Petroleum and energy transition top lobbying circuit

Korean researchers achieve 25.8% efficiency for single junction perovskite solar cell – pv magazine International

If we want to build a just zero-carbon future, climate discussions need to be diversified now

How Climate Change Hurt this Year's Apple Harvest | Scientific American

Greenhouse gas levels hit record high in 2020: UN report | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Greenhouse gas levels hit record high and increased at faster rate in 2020

Greenhouse gas levels hit a new high in 2020 : NPR

Globe Climate: It’s time to iron out climate-related disclosure | The Globe and Mail

Deforestation of Amazon rainforest helps push greenhouse gases to record high | CBC News

COP26: What is the Glasgow climate conference and why is it important? | BBC News

Climate change: Sir David Attenborough in 'act now' warning | BBC News

Climate change: Pledge of $100bn annual aid slips to 2023 | BBC News

Climate change: Global-warming greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere hit record high | Climate News | Sky News

Carbon dioxide levels in 2020 reached a 3-million year high | CNN

Australian prefabricated solar array manufacturer launches new modular solution – pv magazine International

Analysis: Nine key moments that changed China’s mind about climate change | Carbon Brief


Reaping the wind turbines: the little town in the Great Dividing Range split by green energy plan | Wind power | The Guardian

‘It still gives me nightmares’: the firefighters on the frontline as the world burns | Wildfires | The Guardian

How to create a stunning GitHub Profile | DEV Community

COP26: McKenna says she has doubts world will hit Paris climate targets | National |

British envoy seeks Canada’s climate change help at COP26 | CTV News

Are Electric Airplanes Possible?


‘We don’t need to buy more stuff’: the people who kit out their homes for free | Consumer affairs | The Guardian

The weekend read: Hidden PV module traps – pv magazine International

Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says country will be carbon neutral by 2060 | Climate News | Sky News

Jane Fonda on the climate fight: ‘The cure for despair is action’ | Climate crisis | The Guardian

I took a Kia electric car on a 2,000-mile road trip and here’s what I learned | T3

How much it could cost to halt old-growth logging | Victoria Times Colonist

Florida ditching palm trees to fight climate change | CTV News

China May Have Found a Cheap Energy Storage Method: Compressed Air | autoevolution

British envoy seeks Canada's climate change help at UN talks in Glasgow | CBC News

B.C. program wants you to help tackle the climate crisis — on your street | CBC News


Pollutionwatch: the solvable problem of home wood burners | Air pollution | The Guardian

Harmonizing corporate carbon footprints | Nature Communications

Climate change viewed from the attic of the world | Canadian Dimension

Climate activists go on hunger strike near WH urging Biden to act | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Biden Crafts a Climate Plan B: Tax Credits, Regulation and State Action | The New York Times

A national network examining Earth’s planetary limits


Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program

Water shortages are a major risk of climate change. Alberta may already be seeing warning signs | CBC News

US: More threats, more desperate refugees as climate warms |

U.S. Intelligence Reports Warn of Climate-Linked Instability | BNN Bloomberg

U.S. climate reports: ‘No country will be spared’ from effects of climate change | CTV News

There are no real climate leaders yet – who will step up at Cop26? | Greta Thunberg | The Guardian

Rural Australians are living climate change in real time – and unlike politicians who scapegoat us, we’re taking action | Anika Molesworth | The Guardian

Report shows fossil fuel production out of step with government climate commitments | CBC News

Reports: Health problems tied to global warming on the rise | AP News

Putin and Xi look set to disengage as world leaders meet on climate | The Washington Post

Pure Hydrogen (ASX:PH2) share price jumps 5% on hydrogen vehicle plans

Opinion | The Clean Energy Performance Program isn’t perfect, but it should be part of the spending deal | The Washington Post

‘No more time to waste,’ chair of House climate panel warns ahead of Cop26 | Climate crisis | The Guardian

NASA’s tiny electrical aircraft is almost ready for lift-off | The Verge

Low-carbon transition could cost 800K jobs if action not taken: report | National |

Leaked documents reveal the fossil fuel and meat producing countries lobbying against climate action | Unearthed

Japan to Become One of the First in the World to Introduce 200 MPH Zero-Emission Air Taxis | autoevolution

Environmental racism: what is it, and what can we do about it? | David Suzuki Foundation

Electric car charging cost vs. gas: Study shows EVs still cost more

COP26: Document leak reveals nations lobbying to change key climate report | BBC News

Climate refugees: U.S. needs to act as more flee natural disaster zones, report says | National |

Climate Pact on Methane Gathers 35 Countries After U.S., EU Push

Climate change threatens to spark instability, conflict around the world, U.S. intelligence agencies warn

Biden sees American credibility on the line as he races to lock down climate action ahead of Glasgow | CNNPolitics

Alberta public inquiry finds no wrongdoing in anti-oilsands campaign |

Alberta ‘anti-energy’ inquiry doesn’t outline impact of so-called misinformation


We need nuclear power to meet our climate goals | The Hill Times

Toyota unveils world’s smallest hydrogen car | Drive

Too hot to handle: can our bodies withstand global heating? | Cop26 | The Guardian

‘Tired of broken promises’: climate activists launch hunger strike outside White House | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Think big on climate: the transformation of society in months has been done before | George Monbiot | The Guardian

The climate emergency: a last chance to act?

The Atlantic

The 2021 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: code red for a healthy future | The Lancet

Rolls-Royce Successfully Demonstrates Trailblazing 100 Percent SAF-Powered Flight | autoevolution

Rising gas prices drive switch to electric vehicles in Nova Scotia | CBC News

Proposed southern Alberta coal mine could become renewable energy complex instead | Canada News |

Oil System Collapsing so Fast it May Derail Renewables, Warn French Government Scientists | Byline Times

Lake Ontario is the warmest it’s been in 25 years and that could be bad news for Toronto

Joe Manchin leads opposition to Biden’s climate bill, backed by support from oil, gas and coal | US Congress | The Guardian

Ineos Grenadier off-road SUV confirmed with hydrogen power | News | Driven

How a Single Senator Derailed Biden’s Climate Plan | The New York Times

HevenDrones to use Plug Power's Hydrogen Power to Fly its Heavy Drones | Defense Update:

Fossil fuel production plans would far overshoot mitigating climate goals: study | CTV News

Fossil fuel production gap: World will exceed limits of Paris Agreement | CNN

Fossil fuel producers’ plans far exceed 1.5C climate target | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Countries must cut fossil fuel plans by more than half to reach global climate targets: UN report | CBC News

Climate plan urging plant-based diet shift deleted | BBC News

Climate change: Fossil fuel production set to soar over next decade | BBC News

A new report shows how climate change is hurting your health : NPR


Video: Wet’suwet’en Chief Dsta’hyl deactivates Coastal Gaslink Excavator; orders CGL out – Sovereign Likhts’amisyu

Supercharged Corvette C7 Races Tesla Model 3 Performance and It’s an Absolute Blood Bath | autoevolution

Six Canadian university students on how they're fighting climate change |

Scientist Rebellion at Chase Bank – Climate Ad Project

Rolls-Royce Flies A Trent 1000 Engine On 100% Sustainable Fuel | Simple Flying

Mesmerizing wall turbines could revamp urban renewable energy


Why it matters to the world if China delivers on its carbon targets | CBC News

‘This is our last chance’: Biden urged to act as climate agenda hangs by a thread | Climate crisis | The Guardian

The planet is changing. So will our journalism | CBC News

Robin DG Kelley on fighting for freedom in the darkness of capitalist dystopia

Lake Tahoe is now terminal thanks to climate change and drought

Growing advantage for off-grid storage in grid-tied applications – pv magazine International

Fiscal reform and why it matters for climate | CAN Europe

Battery train fast charging station tested | News | Railway Gazette International

‘UK government should incentivize solar, not heat pumps’ – pv magazine International


How well is your water? N.S. panel to discuss climate change impacts on groundwater | CBC News

Cities want more of a say in fighting climate change | CBC News


Top 40 Impacts of Climate Change – Watching the World Go Bye

The fight against climate change goes beyond reducing CO2 emissions | The Secret Negotiator | The Guardian

The 2021 machine learning, AI, and data landscape | VentureBeat

Electoral politics can’t solve climate change | Canadian Dimension

A US small-town mayor sued the oil industry. Then Exxon went after him | Climate crisis | The Guardian


With EVs on the way, what comes after the gas tax? | Driving

The Weather Network | Lady beetle swarm sign of growing invasive species population

Longest-range electric vehicles (EVs) you can buy in 2021 | Electrek

It’s easy to feel pessimistic about the climate. But we’ve got two big things on our side | Bill McKibben | The Guardian

In Samoa we are born into land, climate change threatens to take it away from us | Pacific islands | The Guardian

Biden’s clean electricity program could be dropped from spending bill – report | Biden administration | The Guardian

AI-driven machine learning is revolutionising health research | The AI Journal


The climate disaster is here – this is what the future looks like | Environment | The Guardian

Is the world really making progress on climate change? | Climate | Al Jazeera

How to tackle decarbonization when fossil fuels are the backbone of the economy | TheHill

How Does A 2013 Tesla Model S Fare After 350,000 Km?

Forget net zero – let’s have a ‘fossil freedom day’ | Mark Lynas | The Guardian

Earth could become alien to humans by 2500

Climate study linking early Māori fires to Antarctic changes sparks controversy | New Zealand | The Guardian

Big tobacco got caught in a lie by Congress. Now it’s the oil industry’s turn | Mark Hertsgaard | The Guardian


What sea level rise will do to popular Canadian sites | CTV News

JinkoSolar sets new record for n-type solar cell efficiency – pv magazine International

Fossil fuels are forecast to dry up, but not soon enough | The Verge

Drivers threaten Insulate Britain activists in Essex protests | Environmental activism | The Guardian

Carbon emissions ‘will drop just 40% by 2050 with countries’ current pledges’ | Cop26 | The Guardian

Canada supports global pledge to slash oil and gas methane | Canada’s National Observer: News & Analysis

BP-backed renewable energy firm becomes one of latest suppliers to collapse | Energy industry | The Guardian


What sea level rise will do to famous American sites, visualized | Climate crisis | The Guardian

‘The stakes couldn’t be higher’: GE urged to invest in green US jobs | Workers’ rights | The Guardian

See how climate change could drown landmarks around the world | The Verge

How Much Range Does an Electric Car Lose Each Year?

Forget your carbon footprint. Let’s talk about your climate shadow.

First Thing: Indigenous protesters rally against fossil fuels | US news | The Guardian

EV battery maker CATL plans $5-billion China recycling facility | Reuters

Climate change: 'Adapt or die' warning from Environment Agency | BBC News

‘Adapt or die’: resilience to climate change needed, says Environment Agency | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Why the high cost of gas actually makes renewable energy such as wind and solar more expensive as well

WHO says climate crisis is ‘single biggest health threat’ facing humanity | CNN

What is Cop26 and why does it matter? The complete guide | Cop26 | The Guardian

Subscribe to read | Financial Times

Q+A: Stratford student, activist on climate change mission | The Stratford Beacon Herald

Prince Charles: I understand climate activists' anger | BBC News

NDCs, climate finance and 1.5C: your Cop26 jargon buster | Cop26 | The Guardian

Indigenous protesters urge Biden to stop approving fossil fuel projects | Indigenous peoples | The Guardian

Cop26: world poised for big leap forward on climate crisis, says John Kerry | Cop26 | The Guardian

COP26 Special Report on Climate Change and Health

Climate change may already affect 85 percent of humanity | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera


Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car goes 845 miles between fills—driven very slowly

Capsule of 1765 air reveals ancient histories hidden under Antarctic ice | Cop26 | The Guardian


The weekend read: Half-cut solar cells on edge – pv magazine International

Hot Air by Peter Stott review – the battle against climate change denial | Science and nature books | The Guardian

Fossil fuel companies paying top law firms millions to ‘dodge responsibility’ | Environment | The Guardian

Enjoy It While You Can: Dropping Oxygen Will Eventually Suffocate Most Life on Earth

Audi e-tron GT Vs Tesla Model S: Which EV Sports Sedan Is Better?


US hydrogen pilot projects build up as gas utilities seek low-carbon future | S&P Global Market Intelligence

Tesla Model S Plaid Versus Lucid Air

Tesla increases price of Model Y in Canada | Drive Tesla

Second-Generation Toyota Mirai Reaches 845 Miles on a Single Hydrogen Tank | autoevolution

NASA’s X-48 Aircraft Test Flights Promise a ‘Green Airliner’ For the Future

Meet the fossil fuel workers pushing for energy transition | Canada’s National Observer: News & Analysis

JPMorgan Chase, World’s Biggest Funder of Fossil Fuels, Announces Net-Zero Emissions Pledge | Sierra Club

easyJet Is Deciding Between Hydrogen And Electric Aircraft Options | Simple Flying

Canada on track to get two EV battery cell factories – MobileSyrup

A New eVTOL Has the Lightest Electric Powertrain in the World


Updating our ads and monetization policies on climate change | Google Ads Help

There's a good chance we'll miss our climate goals. So what's the point in setting them? | CBC News

Oil companies ask Canada to pay for 75% of carbon capture facilities |

Occidental sees profits in carbon capture, downplays oil production growth -CEO | Reuters

Google Stops Serving Ads on Climate Change Misinformation | The New York Times

GM's electric SUV is $10,000 cheaper than the Tesla Model 3 — Quartz

Experts: Why does ‘climate justice’ matter? | Carbon Brief

EXCLUSIVE Oil companies ask Canada to pay for 75% of carbon capture facilities | Reuters

Eco-anxiety: Young Canadians report climate change impact on their mental health | CTV News

Doping delivers improved performance for perovskite solar cells – pv magazine International

DeepMind becomes profitable—and more enmeshed in Google’s business – TechTalks

Creating Methane From Captured Carbon Dioxide And The Future Of Carbon Capture | Hackaday

Climate change: Tracking China's steel addiction in one city | BBC News

Climate change: Humanity risks boiling like the proverbial frog as world steadily gets too hot – Professor Martin Rees | The Scotsman

Biden administration releases alarming reports on climate change challenges


Will Canada see a repeat record-setting heat wave in summer 2022? | National |

What You Need To Know About The Various EV Charging Plugs In US

Turkey ratifies Paris climate deal ahead of key summit | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Tesla increases price of Model 3 and Model Y by as much as $2,000 in the U.S., Canada unaffected | Drive Tesla

Tesla Begins Industry-First Model Y Front & Rear Castings: Report

Terrawatch: how climate change alters impact of volcanic eruptions | Volcanoes | The Guardian

Small Electric Planes Could Help Decarbonize Air Transportation

Quanta Magazine

Nobel prize in physics goes to trio whose research alerted the world to climate change | Space

New catalyst helps combine fuel cell, battery into one device

Fossil fuel industry gets subsidies of $11m a minute, IMF finds

‘Eye-watering’: climate change disasters will cost Australia billions each year, study finds | Environment | The Guardian

‘Eco-anxiety’: fear of environmental doom weighs on young people | Anxiety | The Guardian

Climate change: Voices from global south muted by climate science | BBC News

Climate change: NHS staff fighting to make hospitals greener | BBC News

Cheaper and better solar cells on the horizon | Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology | University of Queensland

Catalysts found to convert carbon dioxide to fuel

Canada invokes 1977 treaty with US as dispute over pipeline intensifies | Canada | The Guardian


Why nuclear plants are shutting down | Vox

We’re sleepwalking into another global health emergency…COP26 must be our wake-up call | LSHTM

UWaterloo launches institute aimed at sustainable air travel |

To truly reach net zero emissions, we need to transform the business supply chain | Grant Reid | The Guardian

Revealed: pipeline company paid Minnesota police for arresting and surveilling protesters | Minnesota | The Guardian

Quanta Magazine

Nobel in physics: Climate science breakthroughs earn prize | BBC News

Hummer EV: An Example Of How GM Will Speed Up Product Development

‘Greta is right’: climate pledges must be matched by action, say Mars executives | Business | The Guardian

Global energy crisis is the first of many in the clean-power era | BNN Bloomberg

CIGS solar panels for weight-constrained rooftops – pv magazine International

Analysis: Which countries are historically responsible for climate change? | Carbon Brief

200+ Dignitaries Call for Immediate Protection of British Columbia’s Large Old Growth Forests | Canopy


Will China use climate change as a bargaining chip? | Nikkei Asia

The age of fossil-fuel abundance is dead | The Economist

Religious leaders plead for rapid climate action at COP26 | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Photovoltaic-plus-boiler solution from Germany – pv magazine International

M-Tec launches modular battery with integrated hybrid inverter – pv magazine International

Is Earth dimming? New study tracks planet’s reflection of sunlight | CTV News

In-depth Q&A: What is ‘climate justice’? | Carbon Brief

In-depth Q&A: What is ‘climate justice’? | Carbon Brief

I Drove ‘China’s Answer to Tesla,’ and It Was Like Driving an Airplane

IATA | Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

CP shares image of new hydrogen-powered locomotive | Trains

Canadians are unknowingly buying homes in climate change danger zones, report finds | CBC News

Biomass is promoted as a carbon neutral fuel. But is burning wood a step in the wrong direction? | Environment | The Guardian


The classic cars being converted to electric vehicles | BBC News

producing clean hydrogen fuel directly from seawater just got easier

How Do We Solve Climate Change? Abolish Fossil Fuels

Giant sequoias and fire have coexisted for centuries. Climate crisis is upping the stakes | Climate crisis in the American west | The Guardian

Brazil Slashes Extreme Poverty by 89% in a Decade | Good News Network


Two Decades of Data Show That Earth Is ‘Dimming’ as The Planet Warms Up

Tesla Model Y Made in China Gets 28 Mile Range Boost While Keeping Sam


UK Study Says 4 Out Of 10 New Car Purchases Will Be Electrified

See how Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ mode works | CNN Video

New Catalyst Improves Waste Water Conversion To Clean Energy

How climate change could undermine biodiversity conservation goals

Decadal climate variability in the tropical Pacific

Climate change makes Okanagan dam ‘inadequate for managing future floods’ |

Climate Action Tracker: The state of the climate crisis in 2021 | TED | YouTube

2021 International Climate Change Reports Assess the Earth’s Climate

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