Climate Change News, Sep 2021



* Why climate change is making it harder to chase fall foliage | CTV News

* Linde: Hydrogen technology to flourish as the dead-end for combustion engines looms

* Earth is dimming due to climate change

* Check out these photos of some of the 23 species just declared extinct | Popular Science


* World’s second biggest rainforest will soon reopen to large-scale logging

* Researchers propose fire-preventing “anti-short layer” for EV batteries

* Researchers identify and clear efficiency hurdle for organic solar cells

* Is Tesla Becoming A Threat To The World’s Largest Utilities?

* HDF Energy Breaks Ground On World’s Largest Green Hydrogen-Power Project

* Ford Mustang Mach-E fails a key safety test that the Tesla Model Y aced

* Can Rolls Royce Spark An Electric Plane Revolution? |

* BC lays out $260-million, five-year plan to move away from fossil fuels | Vancouver Sun

* A battery that aims to disrupt the history of battery technology | ISRAEL21c


* Researchers uncover signs of ecosystem collapse in significant PNG wetland

* Renewables vs. Nuclear: 256-0 – pv magazine International

* Over 150m households, 23m businesses could switch to solar by 2050 — report | MINING.COM

* Large area perovskite solar cell with copper metal contact – pv magazine International

* How many climate disasters will today’s children face? Scientists release estimate | CBC News

* EU lawmakers vote to prolong fossil fuel gas subsidies until 2027 | Gas | The Guardian

* Deep learning for early warning signals of tipping points | PNAS

* Cummins Continues Efforts To Scale Green Hydrogen Production With $5m DOE Electrolyzer Project 100 MW Capacity

* ‘Blah, blah, blah’: Greta Thunberg lambasts leaders over climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian


* Watch this electric Rolls-Royce plane fly for the first time | Popular Science

* VW Software Conveniently Helps Drivers Cheat Emissions Tests, Again | ExtremeTech

* SunDrive creates sustainable, cheap solar cells with world-record efficiency | Inceptive Mind

* Race to the bottom: the disastrous, blindfolded rush to mine the deep sea | Deep-sea mining | The Guardian

* Nuclear needed for hydrogen production, study says : Energy & Environment | World Nuclear News

* Cop26 climate talks will not fulfil aims of Paris agreement, key players warn | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* Adani, Reliance to set up solar gigafabs in India – pv magazine International


* Tesla Model Y Interior Space Comparison Vs Rivals

* Stranded Tesla: Towing Adds Much More Range Than You Might Expect

* Ranked: The World’s Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers

* Our climate projections for 2500 show an Earth that is alien to humans

* Climate change to bring today’s kids 3 times the disasters, Science study finds | The Washington Post


* This haunting vision of climate change could concentrate minds at Cop26 | Tim Adams | The Guardian

* The climate crisis has made the idea of a better future impossible to imagine | Ian Jack | The Guardian

* How Much Does It Cost to Install Solar Panels?

* Greta Thunberg: ‘I really see the value of friendship. Apart from the climate, almost nothing else matters’ | Greta Thunberg | The Guardian

* Extreme, deadly heat in Canada is going to come back, and worse. Will we be ready? | The Globe and Mail

* Carbon Capture Is Expensive, Too Small-Scale to Address Climate Change


* Young global climate strikers vow change is coming – from the streets | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* Why I resigned from my tenured position teaching climate science in college | CBC News

* When climates produce extreme heat, our bodies are left shorthanded | The Globe and Mail

* Vast area of Scottish Highlands to be rewilded in ambitious 30-year project | Scotland | The Guardian

* New electric vehicle battery technology can charge ‘quicker than refueling an IC car’ | Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International

* Late-night talk shows put competition aside for joint focus on climate change | CBC News

* Global climate strike: thousands join coordinated action across world | Environmental activism | The Guardian

* Climate crisis: do we need millions of machines sucking CO2 from the air? | Carbon capture and storage (CCS) | The Guardian

* Climate change: Whisper it cautiously… there’s been progress in run up to COP26 | BBC News

* Bearish Hedge Fund Manager: ‘Nothing Can Save Oil’ |


* Would you fly in this electric airplane by yourself? | Popular Science

* US north-east faces rapid warming amid global climate crisis | US news | The Guardian

* Hydrogen Fueled Cars Are Making A Comeback |

* How long do residential storage batteries last? – pv magazine International

* CO2 crisis makes a mockery of ‘global Britain’ | Letters | The Guardian

* Chinese scientists report starch synthesis from carbon dioxide

* China Bailing on Overseas Coal Should Be a Boon for Renewables


* Sustainable solar cell leans on copper to claim world-record efficiency

* Melting of polar ice shifting Earth itself, not just sea levels

* Investors Managing $6.6 Trillion Call for Funding Carbon Removal

* German auto giants place their bets on hydrogen cars | Reuters

* Can YOU Fix Climate Change? | YouTube


* Residential rooftop solar 101: From azimuth to zoning – pv magazine International

* Hybrid PV-thermal modules providing heat source to brine-water heat pumps – pv magazine International

* Climate reporting reaches melting point | BBC News

* Australia Created the Most Efficient Solar Cell Ever. With No Silver

* $25,000 Tesla Compact Car: Let’s Look At The Competition


* Nickel-hydrogen battery for large scale renewables – pv magazine International

* Deadwood Releasing 10.9 Gigatons of Carbon Every Year – More Than All Fossil Fuel Emissions Combined


* ‘They screwed up our lake’: tar sands pipeline is sucking water from Minnesota watersheds | Tar sands | The Guardian

* The world is hungry for solar panels. Why did we stop making them? | ABC News


* Want to save the Earth? Then don’t buy that shiny new iPhone | John Naughton | The Guardian

* The German activists starving themselves to make politicians face the climate crisis | Germany | The Guardian

* The computer chip industry has a dirty climate secret | Environment | The Guardian

* Fossil-Fuel Companies Spent Millions to Play up Your Carbon Footprint


* The Climate Crisis Inequality All the Parties Are Ignoring | The Tyee

* No Matter Who Wins, the Climate Youth Will Be Watching | The Tyee

* Environmentalists warn of close ties between oil and gas sector and UK’s North Sea regulator | Fossil fuels | The Guardian

* Carbon-dioxide shortage threatens food security | meat industry | BBC News

* Are we eating ourselves to extinction? | Science and nature books | The Guardian


* Rolls-Royce new all-electric aircraft makes flight test

* Production of forever chemicals emits potent greenhouse gases, analysis finds | Pollution | The Guardian

* Mental Health Could Be the Next Casualty of Global Warming | BNN Bloomberg

* Climate change not slowed by the COVID pandemic, UN warns | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

* Apple Claims Their iPhone Is ‘Green,’ but It Isn’t Made to Last

* 500 HP Rolls-Royce Electric Aircraft Flies Closer to World Record Attempt | autoevolution


* Solar Power Could Become a Catalyst for a Major Synthetic Fuel Upgrade


* With many African climate activists unable to access vaccines, should Cop26 go ahead? | Mohamed Adow | The Guardian

* The climate advocates who say Harvard’s oil divestment is a mistake | Fossil fuel divestment | The Guardian

* Nuclear power: Why molten salt reactors are problematic and Canada investing in them is a waste

* Most plans for new coal plants scrapped since Paris agreement | Coal | The Guardian


* Colombia’s 12-year-old eco-activist refuses to let death threats dim passion | Environmental activism | The Guardian

* Climate activists are being killed for trying to save our planet. There is a way to help | Bill McKibben | The Guardian


* ‘We’re going after creatives that greenwash fossil fuels’: the group targeting ad agencies | Business | The Guardian

* Technion researchers discover efficient method for producing hydrogen | The Jerusalem Post

* An actor, two big bees and a lot of experts: a week spent tackling the planet’s problems | Environment | The Guardian


* The quest to find African American graves before they’re lost to climate crisis | US news | The Guardian

* See New Images Of The Subaru Solterra

* IPCC 2021 report: How bad will climate change get? | Vox

* How chlorine stabilizes next-gen solar cells at an atomic scale

* Climate change means “whole paradigm has to change” for skyscrapers


* World’s biggest machine capturing carbon from air turned on in Iceland | Carbon capture and storage (CCS) | The Guardian

* Why climate change is still the greatest threat to human health

* Volkswagen’s Tesla Model 3 Rival Begins Public Testing With 435 Miles Range | autoevolution

* The Weather Network | World’s largest carbon capture plant will soon operate in Iceland

* Solar Startup Born in a Garage Is Beating China to Cheaper Panels

* Hurricane Ida drowned 11 New Yorkers in their own homes. The climate crisis is here | Ross Barkan | The Guardian

* How Trudeau learned to stop worrying and love the Alberta carbon bomb ⋆ The Breach

* Climate Change Is Causing Some Animals To Grow Larger Limbs And Beaks : NPR

* Caterpillar, Chevron Team on Hydrogen Power | Railway Age

* Big oil’s ‘wokewashing’ is the new climate science denialism | ExxonMobil | The Guardian


* Western Australia to ban native forest logging from 2024 in move that blindsides industry | Western Australia | The Guardian

* Visualizing the Products and Fuels Made from Crude Oil

* Tandem solar cells edge towards 30% efficiency | Physics World

* One ride in the new electric Ford F-150 told me everything I needed to know

* Humans aren’t as stupid as they seem—something else is blocking climate action | Canadian Dimension

* How To Avoid Climate Change Jargon : NPR

* Empa has smashed the record for efficiency in flexible solar cells | SlashGear

* Decarbonize now: Why scientists say majority of remaining fossil fuels must now stay in the ground | CTV News

* Climate science is supporting lawsuits that could help save the world

* Climate change: Fossil fuels must stay underground, scientists say | BBC News

* A Startup Begins Tests on 2-Megawatt Electric Aircraft Engines


* Zero-emission freight ship uses swappable containers as its batteries

* Will the UK’s Hydrogen Strategy help us get to net zero? | BBC Science Focus Magazine

* The 8 Best Alternatives to Adobe Products That Run on Linux

* Swiss scientists achieve 21.4% efficiency for flexible CIGS solar cell – pv magazine International

* Porsche CEO Says Ferrari, Lamborghini Shouldn’t Be Exempt From EU Combustion Engine Ban

* Keeping The Chevrolet Bolt EV/EUV Recall In Perspective

* Italy Moves to Protect Supercar Makers From EU’s 2035 Gas Engine Ban – Robb Report

* ID. Life: VW reveals tiny, cheap electric SUV aimed at first-time car buyers | CNN

* Hyundai says hydrogen car pricing on par with EVs by 2030 | Driving

* Hyundai Motor vows to make hydrogen cars as cheap as EVs

* Here’s How We Could Brighten Clouds to Cool the Earth | IEEE Spectrum

* Direct solar hydrogen generation tech powered by 24.3%-efficient tandem perovskite-silicon solar cell – pv magazine International

* Climate groups call for COP26 summit delay over vaccines, costs

* Climate change: Dragonflies spread north in warming world | BBC News

* Climate-altering negligence is endangering our children |

* Christian leaders unite to issue stark warning over climate crisis | Religion | The Guardian

* As Madagascar faces climate-linked famine, UN warns more to come

* Animals are ‘shape shifting’ in response to climate change | CTV News

* 690-HP Hyundai Sports Car Previews Brand’s Future Fuel Cell Strategy

* 20 meat and dairy firms emit more greenhouse gas than Germany, Britain or France | Meat industry | The Guardian


* Zero FXE first ride: Testing out the latest, greatest electric motorcycle

* Rooftop PV for water heating – a residential super saver – pv magazine International

* ‘No point in anything else’: Gen Z members flock to climate careers | Environment | The Guardian

* COP26 summit urged to prioritise adaptation as climate risks rise

* Co-evaporated perovskite solar cell with 19.5% efficiency – pv magazine International


* Tesla Has A Genius Plan That Gas Cars Can’t Ever Beat

* More than 230 journals warn 1.5 C of global warming could be ‘catastrophic’ for health |

* A Decade Of Wind, Solar, & Nuclear In China Shows Clear Scalability Winners | CleanTechnica


* Why Tesla Has Sold Over One Million Model 3 Electric Vehicles — From An Owner | CleanTechnica

* The true social cost of carbon needs to factor in mortality | Vox

* Mental health needs to evolve for climate change, experts say | The Washington Post

* Louisiana Shell refinery left spewing chemicals after Hurricane Ida | Louisiana | The Guardian

* How to fight climate change: Six actions that really matter

* Climate change deniers are as slippery as those who justified the slave trade | Nick Cohen | The Guardian

* Climate activism isn’t making young people anxious. Climate change is | Natasha Abhayawickrama | The Guardian

* Chevy Bolt EV owners live ‘nightmare’ awaiting battery-fire fix | Driving

* Anxiety and biscuits: the climate cafes popping up around the world | Climate crisis | The Guardian


* This wildly reinvented wind turbine generates five times more energy t

* ‘Tesla of the skies’: This French start-up wants to take zero-emissions electric aircraft mainstream | Euronews

* Southeast Asia could lose $28 trillion from climate inaction: Deloitte

* Record High 19.8% French Plugin EV Share In August — Tesla Model 3 Bestseller | CleanTechnica

* Ozone recovery is offsetting Southern Hemisphere climate change trends in summer | ABC News

* Homebuyers not worried about climate change: Redfin CEO

* German carmakers reject environmental groups’ climate demand | CTV News

* California firefighters ‘stretched to limit’ as devastating blazes become the norm | Climate crisis in the American west | The Guardian


* Why pregnant people are more vulnerable during natural disasters like Hurricane Ida | The Lily

* The role of chlorine in thin film solar – pv magazine International

* Nikola and Bosch ink deal for hydrogen fuel cell modules – TechCrunch

* Lithium-ion vs lead-acid batteries – pv magazine International

* India gigafactory for 24M’s SemiSolid electrode lithium battery cells | Energy Storage News

* Green roofs may improve PV system performance by 8% – pv magazine International

* Climate Change Is Bankrupting America’s Small Towns | The New York Times

* Climate change: Arctic warming linked to colder winters | BBC News

* Chevrolet Bolt Owners Struggle As They Wait For Battery Fix

* 2021 Tesla Model 3: Opt For New LFP Battery Pack Or Wait For NCA?


GOOD Toyota To Launch Hydrogen-Powered Prius And Corolla In 2023

* StoreDot Announces 4680 Battery Cells Rechargeable In 10 Minutes

* Canada burns and the election heats up. Trudeau’s still trying to figure out if he’s a climate warrior. | POLITICO

* Air pollution is slashing years off the lives of billions, report finds | Air pollution | The Guardian