Climate Change News, Aug 2021



GOOD Tesla Model 3 Leads Europe Electric Sales As Competitor Range Claims Wilt

* Summary for Policymakers — Global Warming of 1.5 ºC

* Sixth Assessment Report

* Road to Decarbonization: The United States Electricity Mix

* IPCC Press Conference | YouTube

* Indigenous Resistance Against Carbon | Indigenous Environmental Network

GOOD Chevy Bolt Battery Fix To Increase Range By 8%, More For Older Cars

* Astronauts’ Best Photos From Space in 2021 Show Beauty and Destruction

GOOD 7 game-changing candidates who can transform Canada’s climate politics | by 350 Canada | Medium


* Why are all the electricity suppliers saying ‘no’ to installing a meter? | Consumer affairs | The Guardian

GOOD What’s it like to charge an EV on a 1,725-km road trip from Vancouver to Regina? Tim Bray has some notes to share

GOOD Loom Solar unveils 440W/530W bifacial modules – pv magazine International

* ‘It’s not the cow, it’s the how’: why a long-time vegetarian became beef’s biggest champion | Food | The Guardian

MIXED HHS launches new climate health office | TheHill

GOOD Heimdal pulls CO2 and cement-making materials out of seawater using renewable energy – TechCrunch

BAD ‘Everything is changing’: the struggle for food as Malawi’s Lake Chilwa shrinks | Global development | The Guardian

BAD Chaos as Caldor fire forces unprecedented evacuation of Tahoe tourist town | Wildfires | The Guardian

MIXED A note left on a Tesla Model 3 shows just how little people know about electric cars | Electrek


* Tesla Model Y: How Is Build Quality Improving Amid Crazy Demand?

MIXED Is deep-sea mining a cure for the climate crisis or a curse? | Mining | The Guardian

BAD Invasive earthworms are remaking our forests, and climate scientists are worried | CBC News

GOOD Floating wind turbines could open up vast ocean tracts for renewable power | Environment | The Guardian


GOOD The weekend read: Electromobility meets battery storage – pv magazine International

* Confusion brews as retro-style EV startup Alpha Motor turns on the charm

* Climate change will alter where many crops are grown | The Economist

* Air conditioning is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century. It’s also killing the 21st – TechCrunch


GOOD Researchers Create Rechargeable Battery That Can Store Six Times More Power Than Other Units | Technology News

GOOD Hyundai Hints at Upcoming Hydrogen-Powered Sports Sedan

GOOD Good news: The most popular material on Earth can store CO2

* Caldor fire burns on both sides of US Highway 50, footage shows | YouTube

GOOD Best Used Electric Cars Under $20,000


* GOOD World-first hydrogen helicopter to certify plug-and-play H2 powerplant

* GOOD UK firm to replace internal combustion engines to hydrogen with new tech

* GOOD Toyota will make hydrogen fuel-cell modules in the US starting in 2023

* Toyota Will Make Fuel Cell Modules for Hydrogen-Powered Heavy Duty Trucks | autoevolution

* BAD Toronto feels hotter than the hottest place on earth right now

* MIXED Swiss Re Signed a $10 Million Carbon Capture Deal

* MIXED Reporting on the climate crisis: ‘For years it was seen as a far-off problem’ | Environment | The Guardian

GOOD “Extremely fast-charging” electric vehicle battery one step closer as patent filed

* BAD NASA scientists spot troubling melting in Greenland from a plane

* GOOD Lucid Air First Drive Confirms It As An Absolute Threat To Tesla

* Looking at the world’s largest solar power stations – pv magazine International

* JinkoSolar unveils details of its TopCon 620 W bifacial solar panel – pv magazine International

* BAD 95% of existing ocean climates could disappear by 2100 if CO2 emissions continue to climb | CBC News


* GOOD Watch: Gravity-based renewable energy storage tower for grid-scale operations – pv magazine USA

* GOOD Turning traffic into clean energy: How this startup plans to power the streets of Istanbul | Euronews

* GOOD Toyota to start building truck fuel cell modules in Ky. Camry plant in 2023 | Automotive News

* GOOD Totally electric cargo ship sails silently — and autonomously | Roadshow

* GOOD The World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Is Being Built in China

GOOD The Dream of Carbon Air Capture Edges Toward Reality | Yale E360

* MIXED New research provides realistic hope for carbon-capture technology | CTV News

* GOOD Metacon Signs Distribution Agreement For Japan

* BAD Madagascar may soon experience the world’s first climate change famine | Euronews

* BAD Lake Tahoe shrouded in smoke from surging Caldor fire – in pictures | US news | The Guardian

* GOOD Italian railway goes green with hydrogen

* MIXED Is climate change to blame for extreme weather events? Attribution science says yes, for some – here’s how it works

* MIXED ‘How is it sustainable if only 1% can afford your food?’: the man on a quest to change farming | Environment | The Guardian

GOOD How do solar batteries work? | CNET

* GOOD Green Hydrogen Systems tech to provide 389kg of hydrogen daily in Norway

* GOOD Giant Wall of Turbines Could Reduce the Cost of Floating Offshore Wind

* MIXED Germany eyes world’s cheapest green hydrogen from Namibia amid global ‘race for best sites’ | Recharge

* GOOD Control methane to slow global warming — fast

* BAD Climate change wiping out billions of sea stars: study |

* MIXED Australia is ‘more and more isolated’ on climate, former EU trade commissioner says | Climate crisis | The Guardian


* World’s largest floating wind farm completed | Splash247

* GOOD Why I Think The New BYD Dolphin Will Convince Millions To Go Electric | CleanTechnica

* GOOD United States nears first major steps to control CO2 emissions | Climate News | Al Jazeera

* MIXED These techniques are helping Prairie farmers grow crops despite drought | CBC News

* GOOD Tesla Model Y Vs. VW ID.4 In-Depth Comparo Has A Clear Winner

* GOOD Technion researchers crack battery-free solar energy storage

* BAD So much ice is melting that Earth’s crust is moving

* GOOD Regenerative Braking & Energy Storage Without Batteries? Hobbyists Are Figuring It Out | CleanTechnica

* MIXED Q&A: did the climate crisis fuel Henri and the Tennessee flooding? | Tennessee | The Guardian

* MIXED People keep moving to the worst places for climate risk

* GOOD NASA Awards $750,000 in Competition to Convert CO2 into Sugar | NASA

* Madagascar on the brink of climate change-induced famine | BBC News

* GOOD Largest Floating Offshore Wind Farm Stands Complete | Offshore Wind

* GOOD Japan targets floating wind farms for its deep coastal waters

* It’s about to get even hotter in Toronto with temperatures expected to feel like 44 C

* GOOD Green roof improves solar panel efficiency by 3.6% on average – pv magazine International

* GOOD Dust-sized supercapacitor packs the same voltage as a AAA battery

* GOOD Diesel Killing Locomotive of the Future Runs on Solar Power

* GOOD ‘Decarbonising aviation’: the Electric EEL could be the future of flying | Airline emissions | The Guardian

* MIXED Climate change: Consumer ‘confusion’ threatens net zero homes plan | BBC News

* GOOD 10 Reasons to Love Water Batteries | CleanTechnica


* World’s biggest wind turbine shows the disproportionate power of scale

* World’s Largest Hybrid Drive Wind Turbine Has 387-Ft Long Blades, Can Power 20,000 Homes | autoevolution

* MIXED When Greenland was green: rapid global warming 55 million years ago shows us what the future may hold

* GOOD Solar power in Australia outstrips coal-fired electricity for first time | Energy | The Guardian

* GOOD Solar-accelerated carbon-dioxide splitting to recycle a deadly greenhouse gas – pv magazine International

* GOOD Sixty-three PV projects to compete in South Africa’s 2.6 GW renewables tender – pv magazine International

* GOOD Scientists Just Smashed World Records When it Comes to Solar Cell Efficiency

* MIXED Rumor of Tesla Model Y with 400-mile range explained | Electrek

* GOOD Queensland’s First Five Hydrogen Cars Hit The Road

* MIXED Pacific islands call for zero carbon shipping by 2050, citing IPCC report

* GOOD Norwegian company developing 1,000-foot-tall offshore wind turbine farms that could power 80,000 homes each | News | Archinect

* GOOD MingYang Launches World’s Largest Offshore Hybrid Drive Wind Turbine | CleanTechnica

* GOOD MIC Tesla Model 3 SR+ Shines In Bjørn’s 1,000 Km Challenge

* GOOD Kokam battery to act as “virtual synchronous generator” in Tahiti, edge out diesel | RenewEconomy

* GOOD I Live In A Small Northern Town And Bought An Electric Car. Here’s What I’ve Learned | Chatelaine

* GOOD Great Wall Motor delivers 100 hydrogen trucks in China

* MIXED GM recalls every Chevy Bolt ever made, blames LG for faulty batteries | Ars Technica

* GOOD First hydrogen fuel-cell vessel: San Francisco ferry ready to go

* MIXED Denmark Opens Doors to Unsolicited Offshore Wind Bids | Offshore Wind

* MIXED Companies and cities are taking the lead on clean… | Canary Media

* BAD Climate change: Europe’s extreme rains made more likely by humans | BBC News

* GOOD China Muscles In on Middle East Renewables With Alcazar Deal

* GOOD Carbon Dividends: A Win-Win for People and for the Climate | Scientific American

* MIXED Canada Hydrogen Alliance launched

* BAD As Subsidies Roll in, the Fossil Fuel Industry Is Winning Efforts to Cast Blue Hydrogen as a ‘Clean’ Fuel | DeSmog


* GOOD Tesla Model Y: An Honest Account After 1 Year And 20,000 Miles

MIXED Monocrystalline Vs. Polycrystalline Solar Panels: What’s Best? | EcoWatch

* MIXED Monocrystalline solar panels vs. polycrystalline solar panels: Find out which ones are right for you | CNET

* Letters: to halt global heating, we must change our society | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* BAD It’s not just a heat wave, it’s a record-breaker. And it’s not going away | Montreal Gazette

* GOOD Insurance industry seeks to limit fossil fuel exposure amid growing climate threat | Business News |

* Green Car Congress

* GOOD Giant CA Energy Storage Facility Hoovers Up Excess Wind And Solar

* MIXED GE Developing 3D-Printing-enabled System to Capture CO2 from the air

* GOOD GAC Aion V 6C Promises 8-Minute Charge Times, 1000 Kilometer Range | CleanTechnica

* MIXED Energy storage is ignored crisis within the climate crisis | Nikkei Asia

* GOOD Dodge Electric Car Concept Coming In 2022

* MIXED Denser cities could be a climate boon – but nimbyism stands in the way | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* BAD Carbon from UK’s blue hydrogen bid still to equal 1m petrol cars | Hydrogen power | The Guardian

* MIXED Can synthetic fuels save the combustion engine?

* GOOD Arcola Energy to lead hydrogen road freight study in Scotland; green hydrogen refueling | Green Car Congress


* Sweden’s tallest mountain is shrinking from climate change | Space

* GOOD Reducing the health effects of hot weather and heat extremes: from personal cooling strategies to green cities | The Lancet

* New Tech Sucks Carbon Dioxide Out of the Atmosphere with 97% Efficiency

* GOOD Model 3 Owner: VW ID.4 Makes A Great Choice As Someone’s First EV

* GOOD Let’s prioritize American renewable fuels over foreign oil and minerals | TheHill

* BAD How climate change will impact the flight of the bumblebee | CTV News

* GOOD Hot weather and heat extremes: health risks | The Lancet

* Forget Pure Plays, Here’s the Diversified Way to Invest in Clean Energy | The Motley Fool

* 1 Massive Market Opportunity for This Renewable-Energy Stock | The Motley Fool


* GOOD Which EV can travel the furthest on a single unit of energy?

* GOOD Volkswagen ID.4 Pro 70-MPH Highway Range Test

* The Weather Network | Substantial rains to put dent in drought, wildfires in Manitoba, NW Ont.

* The Power Of Wind: Interview With Bound4blue Founder | CleanTechnica

* The Hydrogen Stream: First vessel to operate on solar-powered methanol in Denmark, giant green hydrogen project in China – pv magazine International

* The climate science behind wildfires: why are they getting worse? | YouTube

* MIXED Motor Mouth: Volvo’s electric future is built on gas | Driving

* MIXED Millions of electric car batteries will retire in the next decade. What happens to them? | Environment | The Guardian

* BAD Kenyan health experts say climate change fuelling disease burden

* Ford teases electric crate motor so you can EV swap your classic | Driving

* Climate change: Will I still be able to fly in a net zero world? | BBC News

* MIXED Airlines commit to reducing carbon emissions | The Washington Post

* BAD A billion children at ‘extreme risk’ from climate impacts – Unicef | Climate crisis | The Guardian


* The US city that has raised $100m to climate-proof its buildings | Environment | The Guardian

* These electric submarines map the seafloor to make way for wind power

* Tesla is planning a “super long range” Model Y electric crossover

* Steel made without fossil fuels delivered for 1st time | CBC News

* Fires, probes, recalls: Automakers spend billions in shift to EVs

* MIXED Effect of ‘eddy killing’ in oceans is no longer a matter of guesswork

* Contradictory Headlines Show Fossil Fuel Market Confusion | CleanTechnica

* GOOD Candela Builds Most Efficient Boat Motor Ever– OF COURSE It’s Electric!

* Big Bucks Get Behind New Solid State Energy Storage Technology

* Australian researchers develop bifacial solar cell with 96.3% bifacial factor – pv magazine International

* GOOD Artificial photosynthesis technology emerging


* ‘We’re normally pretty cool’: Experts offer advice as heat wave sweeps across N.L. | CBC News

* US’ First 100% Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Commercial

* Toronto bracing for muggiest August 19 on record in over 65 years

* BAD The US public schools redesigning buildings with climate in mind | US education | The Guardian

* BAD The mountain town sheltering Dixie fire refugees: ‘Each year we hold our breath’ | Climate crisis in the American west | The Guardian

* The market’s big net-zero carbon goals aren’t off to a great start

* Tesla Model 3 Vs Toyota Camry: Ultimate Ownership Cost Analysis

* Solar farms and biodiversity: How clean energy affects wildlife conservation | Vox

* Rimac Nevera Faces Tesla Model S Plaid In Hi-Powered EV Showdown

* Repairing ozone layer is also reducing CO₂ in the atmosphere – new study

* Logic Explained Deep Neural Networks: A General Approach to Explainable AI | Synced

* Ikea is now selling renewable energy

* Hydrogen vs. Battery Electric Cars | YouTube

* How extreme heat from climate change distorts human behavior | Science News

* Genesis Reveals All-Electric GV60 Crossover

* Counter-spinning turbine design draws double the energy from ocean waves

* Britain’s ageing fishing fleet a key contributor to climate crisis: report | Environment | The Guardian

* Billionaire investor Chris Sacca wants to help fix climate change

* Are We Finally Ready to Tackle the Other Greenhouse Gas? | The New Yorker


* UK medical schools must teach about climate crisis, say students | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* BAD Too hot to work: the dire impact of extreme heat on outdoor US jobs | Extreme weather | The Guardian

* Thousands evacuated as 266 wildfires burn across B.C. | The Globe and Mail

* GOOD This town is the first in America to ban new gas stations – is the tide turning? | Fossil fuels | The Guardian

* The ultimate shutdown: what if we could avoid climate crisis by sleeping for a year? | Stage | The Guardian

* BAD Surging wildfire tears through northern California town and threatens others | California | The Guardian

* Study Finds EV Cost Of Ownership Is 40% Lower Than ICE

* ‘Paralysis by analysis’: financial sector focused on climate data instead of action, report says | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* Greece wildfires: New blazes burning outside of Athens | CBC News

* BAD Exxon’s oil drilling gamble off Guyana coast ‘poses major environmental risk’ | Environment | The Guardian

* BAD Climate report shows world pushed to the brink by fossil fuels |

* BAD Burning out: the silent crisis spreading among wildland firefighters | Wildfires | The Guardian

* B.C. wildfires: Nearly 23,000 properties now on evacuation alert | CTV News

* Anti-pipeline activists mark one year of treetop occupation in Burnaby | CBC News


* World’s largest solar-powered battery system is now 75% complete

* UK net zero delay has left room for sceptics’ attacks, says government climate adviser | Green politics | The Guardian

* Record Levels Of Lithium Found In Unlikely New Hotspot |

* Property insurers update risk modelling as Canada braces for climate impacts | CBC News

* Opinion | The Bad Economics of Fossil Fuel Defenders | The New York Times

* Norway shows us glimpse of the future as electric cars make gas-powered car sales vanish | Electrek

* Nio’s Mass-Market EV Brand To Rival VW And Toyota, Undercut Tesla

* New salts raise the bar for lithium ion battery technology

* Latest Details: 2022 Kia EV6 | Driving

* In photos: High winds intensified numerous wildfires burning in British Columbia forcing more evacuation orders | The Globe and Mail

GOOD Imagining the climate-proof home in the US: using the least energy possible from the cleanest sources | US news | The Guardian

* Humans ‘pushing Earth close to tipping point’, say most in G20 | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* Here are the 3 biggest trends in rooftop solar and battery storage

* Heat wave continues across southern Manitoba Monday, cooler temperatures expected by mid-week | CBC News

* Globe Climate: Five climate change myths to shut down | The Globe and Mail

* ‘Fingerprints’ of extreme weather revealed by new statistical approach

* EV startup Canoo is gearing up for production in Oklahoma factory – TechCrunch

* Deutz hydrogen engine ready for market

* Cooling consumerism could save the climate | Letters | The Guardian

* Climate risk scores could reshape Canadian real estate markets, some experts say | CBC News

* Big Oil Will Rule The Energy Transition |

BAD Biggest US reservoir declares historic shortage, forcing water cuts across west | Climate crisis in the American west | The Guardian

* Bendy, lightweight organic solar cells could be fast-tracked by new research | RenewEconomy

* B.C. wildfires: Dozens of homes lost, hundreds evacuated as wicked wins fan flames | CTV News

* Affordable BYD Dolphin (EA1) Enters The Market In China

* 3D Printed Solid-State Battery Rivals Lithium-Ion | IEEE Spectrum


* Wildfire threatens thousands of California homes as western U.S. contends with blazes | CBC News

* Volkswagen Takes 3 Out Of Top 4 Spots In July In Germany — Plugin Vehicle Sales Report | CleanTechnica

* Spain launches inquiry after dams drained for profit during drought | Spain | The Guardian

* Renewable electricity deals investigated by UK government | Energy industry | The Guardian

* Oil Companies Look to Make Renewable Fuels

BAD It’s now or never: Scientists warn time of reckoning has come for the planet | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* Ioniq 5 Takes Hyundai Plug-in Sales To New Record In July 2021

* Instead of miles per gallon, look for this key number | Popular Science

* In cities and on the land, Manitoba holds possible answers to climate crisis | CBC News

* How Tesla’s Model 3 triggered The Osborne Effect, and caused the ICE market to melt

BAD Germany ‘set for biggest rise in greenhouse gases for 30 years’ | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian

* Fighting the climate crisis? It’s a no-brainer | Letters | The Guardian

* EXPLAINED: How National Hydrogen Mission Announced By PM Can Boost Climate Fight

* Climate change puts North Water Polynya, a source of Arctic life, in imminent danger | CBC News

* BYD Delivers First Electric Cars To Customers In Norway

* “Blue” Hydrogen Is Supposed To Be Clean Energy, but May Actually Be Worse Than Gas and Coal


* Warmth from the earth and air: could heat pumps replace our gas boilers? | Energy industry | The Guardian

* Want to Slash Carbon Emissions? Start With These Power Plants | WIRED

* UK can’t fight climate crisis with austerity, warns expert | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* ‘They said we were eccentrics’: the UK team developing clean aviation fuel | Airline emissions | The Guardian

* The best plug-in hybrids you can buy used for $25,000 | Driving

* The Atlantic

* Prairie farmers struggle as drought set to become among worst in Canadian history | CBC News

* Kia Sorento PHEV Gets 32 Miles Of EPA EV Range

BAD ‘I can’t do it’: Portland residents battle grueling heat in unprecedented summer | Portland | The Guardian

* Hyundai Tucson PHEV Gets EPA Range Rating

* High heat: Spain clocks prelim record of 47.2 C (116.96 F) | ABC News

* Geoengineering is conspicuously absent from the IPCC’s report | The Economist

* GAC Aion V Can Charge 0-80% In 8 Minutes At Almost 500 kW

* Flow Batteries Are An Area Of Strong Innovation & Opportunity | CleanTechnica

* FedEx Orders 120 Xos Electric Trucks | CleanTechnica

* BC Wildfire Service said burn went well Friday at Bunting Road fire | Vernon News |

* BBC Weather issues update on heatwave ahead of the weekend | Birmingham Live

* Average Global Temperature Has Risen Steadily Under 40 Years of Neoliberalism

* At the frontier of the climate crisis, one scientist’s quest to record the ‘invisible world’ of the Arctic | Arctic | The Guardian

* As climate crisis worsens in US, pressure on Biden and Kerry grows | CNNPolitics

* Agora CO2 Redox Battery Wins Global Deeptech Competitions & Has 1 Year ROI | CleanTechnica

* 2 Renewable Growth Stocks Show Green Financial Results | The Motley Fool Canada


BAD ‘Your outfit is killing the planet’: the company putting a label on fashion’s climate impact | Environment | The Guardian

* US: Tesla Model 3 Standard Range+ Sold Out For 2021

* Toronto is designed for a climate that doesn’t exist anymore and it needs to ‘face the reality,’ experts say | CBC News

* The Three Fastest-Selling Used Cars In The US Are All EVs

MIXED The IPCC’s latest climate report is dire. But it also included some prospects for hope | Rebecca Solnit | The Guardian

* Tesla Model S Plaid Turo Rental Races 900HP McLaren 600LT

* Spain prepares for record-breaking high temperatures as heatwave intensifies | News | EL PAÍS English Edition

* Ottawa organization gives away record number of trees, as city fights worsening heatwaves | CBC News

* New Study: Renewables Much Cheaper Than Fossils — Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) Study | CleanTechnica

* Metro’s low-income households feel heat more than wealthier neighbours | Vancouver Sun

* Leaks from IPCC climate report say greenhouse emissions need to peak by 2025 | SCIENCE News

* Large-scale solar and windfarm investment in Australia records major drop this year | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* India hails ‘milestone’ for its renewables capacity, challenges remain

* Hydrogen-powered vehicles: A realistic path to clean energy?

* How this summer’s drought could have you paying high beef prices again next year | CBC News

* Heat waves aren’t just scorching people, they are incinerating local businesses

BAD Global sizzling: July was hottest month on record, NOAA says

* Earth just had the hottest month since humans have kept track | The Verge

* Council policies ‘inconsistent’ with climate goals | BBC News

* Climate change: July world’s hottest month ever recorded | US agency | BBC News

* Chevrolet covering cost of Level 2 home charging for Bolt buyers | Driving

* Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) And Hydrogen Paradises Are Fossil Fuel Delay Tactics | CleanTechnica

* Canada’s biggest public pensions heavily investing in fossil fuels, new report suggests | CBC News


* World’s largest battery manufacturer bets big on sodium-ion batteries

GOOD We Spotted The Hummer EV, And Its Acceleration Blew Us Away

GOOD Using aluminum and water to make clean hydrogen fuel

BAD Temperatures soar as Washington and Oregon endure another major heatwave | Climate crisis in the American west | The Guardian

* Pyka shows off its new electric passenger plane, the P3 – TechCrunch

* Methane: The lesser-known greenhouse gas that’s key to solving climate change | Vox

* Is carbon capture and utilization a lifeline for oil and gas? | Business | Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 12.08.2021

BAD Is Biden serious about climate? His 2,000 drilling and fracking permits suggest not | Wenonah Hauter | The Guardian

* IPCC report: How UN climate scientists revolutionized extreme weather attribution | Vox

* Heat waves like the one smothering Hamilton expected to become more common, say experts | CBC News

BAD Greenhouse gas emissions must peak within 4 years, says leaked UN report | Climate science | The Guardian

* Good news: Some climate change impacts are ‘reversible.’ Here’s what that means | CBC News

GOOD Foxconn to build EV plants in US to offset slowing smartphone industry | Electrek

BAD First Thing: Oregon declares emergency as another ‘extreme heatwave’ looms | US news | The Guardian

* Feds investing $5M for first made-in-Canada electric vehicle | Orillia News

MIXED Energy commission dials back plan to charge households to send rooftop solar power to grid | Australia news | The Guardian

BAD Dangerous record heat bakes the US on both coasts | CNN

BAD Climate change is making people think twice about having children

* CityNews

GOOD Chinese Tesla rival Nio narrows losses as revenue surges 127%

* Calling hydrogen a zero-emissions fuel is wrong, new study says — energy industry cries foul | MarketWatch

* Bill Gates wants in on Congress’ big climate infrastructure push | The Verge

MIXED Biden-backed ‘blue’ hydrogen may pollute more than coal, study finds | Hydrogen power | The Guardian

* B.C.’s third heat wave of the summer will peak Friday and last until Sunday |

* ‘Ecological grief is very real’ and it can impact mental health of Canadian youth |


BAD Why a top climate scientist may stop contributing to future UN assessment reports | CBC News

* We need a pandemic-like response to tackle the climate crisis | Canadian Dimension

* Welcome to the ‘plastisphere’: the synthetic ecosystem evolving at sea | Plastics | The Guardian

MIXED The ‘tragedy of the commons’ and why it is helping to scorch our planet | CBC News

GOOD Tesla: Model 3 Is The First EV Priced On Par With ICE Equivalents

MIXED Surging demand for solar will boost 3 metals, Wood Mackenzie predicts

* Scientists say limiting methane could seal our fate on climate change | CNN

MIXED Sask. farmers using trees, winter crops to combat climate change-driven heat | CBC News

* Request for water conservation continues in the Grand River watershed | Guelph News

BAD Oregon declares state of emergency as another ‘extreme heatwave’ looms | Oregon | The Guardian

* If You Want to Tackle Climate Change, Start With Methane | WIRED

BAD How will B.C. prepare for this third unprecedented heat wave? Province provides an update |

* CityNews

GOOD Canadian EV program Project Arrow gets $5 million in federal funding | Driving

MIXED ‘Abolish these companies, get rid of them’: what would it take to break up big oil? | Environment | The Guardian

* 1 Top TSX Energy Stock to Buy to Play the Transition to Renewables


MIXED ‘No going backwards’: How Waterloo region can prepare for extreme weather, climate change | CBC News

GOOD Windbreaks, surprisingly, could help wind farms boost power output | Science News

GOOD When Do Fossil Fuel Car Sales Collapse? | CleanTechnica

GOOD UN climate report raises pressure on Biden to seize a rare moment | Joe Biden | The Guardian

BAD Toronto summers to get hotter as climate change intensifies, expert says | CBC News

MIXED Scott Morrison walks back ‘end the weekend’ rhetoric on electric vehicles | Electric vehicles | The Guardian

BAD ‘I still feel it isn’t real’: Gold Rush town residents reckon with wildfire devastation | California | The Guardian

GOOD Greta Thunberg: ethical fast fashion is ‘pure greenwashing’ | Fashion | The Guardian

BAD Dixie Fire: New before and after imagery shows a California town largely reduced to ash | CNN

MIXED Coalition’s misleading tactics will no longer cut it – the IPCC report shows our future depends on urgent climate action | Adam Morton | The Guardian

GOOD BYD’s budget electric hatch poised to beat Tesla low-cost rival to market

GOOD 44.01 secures $5M to turn billions of tons of carbon dioxide to stone – TechCrunch


BAD Worst polluting countries must make drastic carbon cuts, says Cop26 chief | Cop26 | The Guardian

MIXED What the new UN report warning of climate impacts means for Canadians

MIXED What is the IPCC and why is its new climate report different from others? | Climate crisis | The Guardian

BAD The UN climate report pins hopes on carbon removal technologies that barely exist | MIT Technology Review

* ‘The ocean remembers’: Study suggests ocean maintained relatively steady temperature through most of 20th century

MIXED The IPCC report is clear: nothing short of transforming society will avert catastrophe | Patrick Vallance | The Guardian

* The Atlantic

* Released IPCC Report Says Window Is Rapidly Closing for Climate Action

MIXED Opinion | To Address the Climate Crisis, Focus on More Than Carbon Dioxide | The New York Times

GOOD ‘Not too late’: Australian scientists call for urgent action to avoid worst of climate crisis | Australia news | The Guardian

BAD New report reveals how the climate crisis is supercharging extreme weather | The Verge

GOOD New EV Chargers Coming to Waterloo Region |

BAD Major climate changes inevitable and irreversible – IPCC’s starkest warning yet | Climate crisis | The Guardian

HUMOUR It should not come as a surprise that climate change is worse than we thought and also getting worser | First Dog on the Moon | The Guardian

BAD IPCC report’s verdict on climate crimes of humanity: guilty as hell | Climate crisis | The Guardian

MIXED IPCC Press Conference | YouTube

BAD Human influence on global warming is ‘unequivocal,’ IPCC report says | Space

* Fires rage around the world: where are the worst blazes? | Wildfires | The Guardian

* ‘Code red for humanity’: IPCC report warns window for climate action is closing fast | Canadian Dimension

BAD Climate crisis ‘unequivocally’ caused by human activities, says IPCC report | Climate crisis | The Guardian

MIXED Climate change: Seven key takeaways from the IPCC climate change report | World News | Sky News

GOOD Canada opens call for studies on carbon capture technologies | BOE Report


BAD World’s climate scientists to issue stark warning over global heating threat | Climate crisis | The Guardian

* Diess Gives Ionity A Scathing Review Online | CleanTechnica

BAD Climate change: Time running out to stop catastrophe | Alok Sharma | BBC News


GOOD Railways invites bids for hydrogen fuel-based technology for diesel-run trains | Latest News India | Hindustan Times

* How Long Does It Take For Solar Panels To Pay For Themselves? | CleanTechnica

BAD Climate change: New report will highlight ‘stark reality’ of warming | BBC News

BAD Climate change: Low-income countries ‘can’t keep up’ with impacts | BBC News


* ‘Unimaginably catastrophic’: Researchers fear Gulf Stream system could collapse | Canadian Dimension

GOOD Tidal power project in Canada secures support of Japanese firms

GOOD Rust? Trains? Why clean energy is turning to exotic ideas to fix its storage problem

BAD Reduce methane or face climate catastrophe, scientists warn | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian


BAD What happens when millions – or billions – of sea animals die on one day? | Emily Carrington | The Guardian

GOOD Solarflux FOCUS Parabolic Dish Concentrator Converts 72% Of Solar Energy Into Usable Heat | CleanTechnica

BAD Scientists warn of Gulf Stream collapse leading to ‘climate catastrophe’ in Canada, world | National |

GOOD Magna Says Its eBeam Tech Is The Fastest Way To Electrify Pickups

GOOD Future Farmers To Farm Microbes With Solar Power And Carbon Capture

BAD Climate crisis: Scientists spot warning signs of Gulf Stream collapse | Climate crisis | The Guardian


GOOD Orbital Marine Power’s latest renewable energy project is a tidal turbine that can provide electricity for 2,000 homes! | Yanko Design

BAD It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Damage | The New Yorker


MIXED The “degrowth” movement to fight climate change, explained | Vox


GOOD Wafer-thin solar film could be a game-changer for harnessing British sunshine as renewable power


MIXED The oldest tree in eastern US survived millennia – but rising seas could kill it | Trees and forests | The Guardian