Climate Change News, Jul 2021



Waterloo Region's climate action strategy | EngageWR

If the Hardiest Species Are Boiled Alive, What Happens to Humans?


Climate tipping points are difficult to predict. In Canada and beyond, they might have already arrived | CBC News


The activists sabotaging railways in solidarity with Indigenous people | Environmental activism | The Guardian

Reducing Climate Pollution Saves Lives, Study Finds : NPR

‘Gathering Storm’: How ‘Rogue’ Companies are Buying up North Sea Oil and Gas | DeSmog

‘Climate change has become real’: extreme weather sinks prime US tourism site | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Challenging the Need for Deep Seabed Mining From the Perspective of Metal Demand, Biodiversity, Ecosystems Services, and Benefit Sharing | Marine Science

Both firms have rights to the same seabed off England’s coast


Why is a big oil company investing huge amounts of money in Wyoming wind? | Environment | The Guardian

Thousands of scientists warn climate tipping points ‘imminent’ | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

How many years until we must act on climate? Zero, say these climate thinkers | Jennifer Francis , Michael Mann , Holly Jean Buck and Peter Kalmus | The Guardian

Critical measures of global heating reaching tipping point, study finds | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Bolsonaro’s 1,000km Amazon railway will cause climate chaos. It must be stopped | David Miranda | The Guardian


Wildfires in Canada are creating their own weather systems, experts say | CBC News

Toyota bet wrong on EVs, so now it’s lobbying to slow the transition | Ars Technica

Scientists who Issued ‘Climate Emergency’ Declaration in 2019 Now say Earth’s Vital Signs are Worsening | DeSmog

Scientists understood physics of climate change in the 1800s – thanks to a woman named Eunice Foote | Sylvia G. Dee | Louisiana Illuminator

Climate capitalism and ‘regimes of obstruction’ | Canadian Dimension

Chinese university develops new material to accelerate solid state battery production | Electrek


The truth behind corporate climate pledges | Environment | The Guardian

Subscribe to read | Financial Times

House Committee Seeks Interview with Exxon Lobbyist Caught On Tape | DeSmog

Climate Scientists Meet As Floods, Fires, Droughts And Heat Waves Batter Countries


Yep, it’s bleak, says expert who tested 1970s end-of-the-world prediction | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Why Tree Planting Is So Important in the Fight Against Climate Change


Q&A: Will England’s National Food Strategy help tackle climate change? | Carbon Brief


Smoky skies, poor air quality across Canada as nearly 900 wildfires burn | CTV News

Q&A: How ‘Fit for 55’ reforms will help EU meet its climate goals | Carbon Brief

‘A false solution’: 500+ groups urge US, Canadian leaders to reject carbon capture | Canadian Dimension


Canada’s fighter jet purchase is a waste of public money—and a disaster for the climate | Canadian Dimension


Will Postmedia Face a Reckoning for Its Climate Coverage? | The Tyee


Singapore unveils one of the world's biggest floating solar panel farms | Reuters

MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows We’re on Schedule.

Amazon rainforest ‘will collapse if Bolsonaro remains president’ | Amazon rainforest | The Guardian


Building solar panels over canals saves huge amounts of evaporating water


Charging an Electric Vehicle In Public Can Cost Triple What Fueling Up a “Gas-Guzzler” Does | Torque News


It’s Time to Unplug the Hype Over Electric Vehicles


‘Heat dome’ probably killed 1bn marine animals on Canada coast, experts say | Canada | The Guardian


Frontiers | A Mismatch in Future Narratives? A Comparative Analysis Between Energy Futures in Policy and of Citizens | Sustainable Cities


Nordic countries endure heatwave as Lapland records hottest day since 1914 | Environment | The Guardian


Pipelines or Progress: Government support for oil and gas pipelines in Canada | International Institute for Sustainable Development


Tragedy in fire-ravaged Lytton, B.C., could be catalyst for global action on climate change, expert says | CBC Radio

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