Climate Change News, Dec 2019



Emissions – Global Energy & CO2 Status Report 2019 – Analysis | IEA


What you can do in 2020 to keep the world from burning up: Don Pittis | CBC News

Statistic of the Decade: The Massive Deforestation of the Amazon


Climate change denial may have been defeated in 2019. But what comes next won’t be easier | Carlo Invernizzi-Accetti | The Guardian


Record Hit for Most Ice to Melt in Antarctica in One Day, Data Suggests: “We Are in a Climate Emergency”

Fossil Fuel Knocks the Wind Out of Renewable Energy Movement in Ohio


This Turkish Chef Is Fighting Climate Change With the Help of Syrian Refugees


Climate activists dump cow manure in front of Doug Ford’s Etobicoke office | The Star


‘The tipping point is here, it is now,’ top Amazon scientists warn

2019 has been a year of climate disaster. Yet still our leaders procrastinate | Geoff Goldrick | The Guardian


Australia's most populous state declares state of emergency amid bushfire threat | CBC News


'Greatest existential threat of our time': Ottawa makes carbon tax case in court | CBC News


Watch live as Alberta Court of Appeal hears cases for and against carbon tax | CBC News

Students at Prestigious Universities Rise Up Against Fossil Fuel Money

Since Paris Agreement, Financial Firms Have Sunk $745 Billion Into New Coal

Kenney's claim carbon tax damaged Alberta economy is refuted in court documents | CBC News

Chile blames 'big polluters' for 'insufficient' agreements out of climate summit | CBC News

Alberta's top court hears arguments on federal carbon tax | CBC News


Longest UN climate talks end with no deal on carbon markets | CBC News


For Real Democracy, We Need Political Participation at All Levels of Public Life

ALEC Behind Ohio Bill Criminalizing Protests Against Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

A greener tour? Musicians work toward net-zero emissions on the road | CBC News


Polluting Companies Are Sponsoring COP25 Talks in Exchange for Tax Breaks

Beware terrorists but don’t sweat the climate crisis – how blind can Morrison be? | Jeff Sparrow | The Guardian

Agriculture needs changes to help save climate and farmers, says national agriculture group | CBC News




UN: Climate Change Will Create “New Great Divergence” Between Rich and Poor

Trudeau will fuel the fires of our climate crisis if he approves Canada’s mega mine | Tzeporah Berman | The Guardian

Renewables Are Gaining Traction, But We Need to Be Able to Store the Energy

Exxon found not guilty of fraud over true cost of climate regulations | ExxonMobil | The Guardian

Arctic ecosystems and cultures threatened as region continues to warm | CBC News


Fighting the climate crisis need not mean halting economic growth | Joseph Stiglitz | The Guardian

Earth's frozen 'water towers' threatened by warming, population growth, report says | CBC News


The Climate Emergency Has Already Begun as Earth Systems Collapse


'We would love some action,' Greta Thunberg says at climate summit in Madrid | CBC News

Job killer or job creator? Experts predict a climate employment boom: Don Pittis | CBC News


Whatever happened to the promise of hydrogen-powered cars? | CBC News


Wood pellets cause more climate pollution than coal when they’re burned. So why does Europe call them ‘carbon neutral’? | Energy News Network

UN Climate Convention Switch From Chile to Spain May Hinder Climate Justice

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps Las Vegas Training | Climate Reality

How and why to have climate change conversations | David Suzuki Foundation

CMIP6: the next generation of climate models explained | Carbon Brief

Climate crisis: what is COP and can it save the world? | COP 25: Madrid climate change conference 2019 | The Guardian


What is Climate Change? | Start Here | YouTube

Thousands Stage Protest at German Coal Mines for Bolder Climate Policy

Scientist’s theory of climate’s Titanic moment the ‘tip of a mathematical iceberg’ | Climate crisis | The Guardian

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