Climate Change News, Nov 2019



* Here Are Five of The Main Reasons People Continue to Deny Climate Change

* Democratic Primary Debate Moderators Are Failing to Center the Climate Crisis


* Hundreds of thousands of students join global climate strikes | School climate strikes | The Guardian


* The five corrupt pillars of climate change denial


* UN Warns Only Rapid and Transformational Action Can Stave Off Climate Disaster


* We’ll see an ice-free Arctic this century, latest research says | CBC News

* Scott Morrison and the big lie about climate change: does he think we’re that stupid? | Richard Flanagan | The Guardian

* Climate change: Greenhouse gas concentrations again break records | BBC News


* The climate science is clear: it’s now or never to avert catastrophe | Bill McKibben | The Guardian


* In 2039, How Will the US Military Fight a Climate Crisis Reality?


* World Scientists Call for Global System Change to Address Climate Emergency

* Norway flaunts its green credentials – so why is it drilling more oil wells? | David Boyd | The Guardian

* If the US military is facing up to the climate crisis, shouldn’t we all? | Michael Klare | The Guardian


* Teachers Unions Could Move the Climate Strikes Into Phase 2


* Young climate activists chain selves to Washington pier amid pipeline delivery | Washington state | The Guardian

* 11,000 scientists sign declaration of climate emergency | CBC News