Climate Change News, Sep 2019



Sea Levels Are Rising, and So Are We


The Short List Of Climate Actions That Will Work | CleanTechnica


Worried about climate change? You've got a tough decision to make | CBC News

Climate lessons from the classroom spill into the streets | CBC News


'We are changing the world': Greta Thunberg addresses hundreds of thousands at Montreal climate march | CBC News

Would the Liberals' climate plan really add 31 cents to pump prices? | CBC News

THE GRETA THUNBERG PROBLEM, so many men freaking out about the tiny Swedish climate demon | First Dog on the Moon | The Guardian

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg 'a bit surprised' to be Time's Person of the Year | CBC News

Message of the youth climate strike threatens comfortable illusions of baby boomers |

Hundreds of thousands march in Canada for climate | CBC News

How 'organized climate change denial' shapes public opinion on global warming | CBC News

Greta Thunberg to attend Vancouver climate strike | CBC News

Greta Thunberg meets Trudeau, tells him he's not doing enough to fight climate change | CBC News

Canadians rally across country to call for bolder action on climate change | CBC News


Greta Thunberg’s 495-word UN speech points us to a future of hope – or despair | Richard Flanagan | The Guardian


Facing Climate Crisis, Senators Have Millions Invested in Fossil Fuel Companies

Activists Shut Down DC Streets as Climate Activism Heats Up


Tackling climate change means purging privilege from politics |


US and Canadian Bird Population Dropped by Nearly 3 Billion in 48 Years

Explainer: How climate change is accelerating sea level rise

Explainer: How climate change is accelerating sea level rise

Can Nuclear Power’s Deadly Waste Be Contained in a Warming World?


We Need Biodiversity-Based Agriculture to Solve the Climate Crisis

The global climate strike is just the beginning |

"Climate Anxiety" Starts in Elementary School. Friday's Strike Channeled It.

Indonesia: Indigenous Peoples Losing Their Forests | Human Rights Watch


Groupthink – is it a valid argument against climate science?


Meet the Climate Whistleblowers Muzzled by Trump

Being Arrested Scares Me, But the Climate Crisis Is Pushing Me to Act


HydrogenOne Capital Growth plc


The science behind climate change | CNN

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