Video: Waterloo Region RISES for Climate Justice and the Global Climate Strike!


RISE for CLIMATE JUSTICE! Sept 27th, 2019 / Waterloo, Ontario – People from across the region gathered today at Waterloo Town Square, in the largest environmental gathering the region has ever seen, to call for immediate and urgent action on climate change. The 5000+ people here joined more than 7 million participants in over 160 countries around the world who took to the streets this week to make it clear that we need urgent and ambitious action TODAY, as part of the Global Climate Strike (

Today’s strike brought together indigenous people, students, parents, and workers, all calling for one single thing … the right to a livable future! In a year that has seen new heat records, the strongest hurricanes, intense rainfall, and rapid melting of the ice caps. In a year when Canada declared a climate emergency and bought an oil pipeline. In a year that has seen the Amazon rainforest, often known as the lungs of the Earth, burning for cattle. In this year we have seen the largest climate strikes ever recorded.

In this year the students and young people have taken to the streets to stand up for their future. And today the Waterloo Region community and the global community gathered to stand up with the students to demand action!

Over the past year, we have had several scientific reports, including the IPCC SR1.5, the WMO Global Climate in 2015-2019, and the IPCC SR on Ocean and Cryosphere, that have presented the stark impacts of climate change and the action needed to avoid the worst of these impacts. The science is clear we need ambitious action today!

We URGENTLY NEED all levels of government to commit to a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030, leading to net-zero emissions by 2050, if we are going to be secure a livable planet for future generations, and deliver a safe climate future for all life on earth.



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