Meetup Group: Senior Citizens for Climate

All citizens, whatever their age or interest, feel the need to show their commitment to doing something tangible about the Climate Emergency in which we currently find ourselves.

Senior citizens (55+), being a politically highly visible voting block, have greater influence on current governmental policies. Politicians listen to us.

Therefore, Matt Foster of Cambridge, ON has started a MeetUp(.com) group for seniors that want to get involved in helping solve the climate emergency.

It is going to take a lot of work and persistence to counteract the dis-information campaign that the large corporations have foisted upon us. Please help out.

If you, your friends or parents, or somebody you know would like to see progress on the climate problem please check out the “Senior Citizens for Climate” MeetUp(.com) below.

Senior Citizens for Climate

Cambridge, ON
3 Members

It is proposed that Cambridge (Ontario) seniors interested in both social and environmental issues could come together to act like a self-appointed Citizens’ Assembly. As such…

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