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Democracy Now! coverage of the 2019 UN climate summit in Madrid, Spain.

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Story: Dec 13, 2019
COP25: Developing Countries Charge Ahead with Bold Climate Plans as Rich Countries Drag Their Feet
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Story: Dec 13, 2019
Climate Refugees: Climate-Fueled Drought, Sea Level Rise, Storms & Fires Displace Millions Worldwide
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Story: Dec 12, 2019
Greta Thunberg Slams COP25, Says Response to Climate Crisis Is “Clever Accounting and Creative PR”
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Story: Dec 12, 2019
“We Want People Power Solutions”: Activists Ousted from COP25 for Protesting Corporations at Summit
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Story: Dec 12, 2019
Uganda’s First Fridays for Future Climate Striker, Vanessa Nakate, Joins COP25 Protests in Madrid
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Story: Dec 12, 2019
Marshall Islands Climate Activist Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner Shares a Poem for Survival as Sea Levels Rise
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Column: Dec 12, 2019
Climate Youth Declare: “We Are Unstoppable! Another World Is Possible!”
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Story: Dec 11, 2019
Billionaire Presidential Hopeful Mike Bloomberg Addresses Press at COP25 But Won’t Take Questions
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Story: Dec 11, 2019
“The Most Extreme Fires We’ve Ever Seen”: Record Climate-Fueled Wildfires Engulf Australia in Smoke
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Story: Dec 11, 2019
Rep. Ro Khanna Urges “Universal Condemnation” of Trump as Democrats File Impeachment Charges
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Story: Dec 11, 2019
“Shame!” Indigenous Leaders & Delegates from Global South Stage Dramatic Protest at COP25 in Madrid
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Headline: Dec 11, 2019
Protesters at COP25 Continue Demands for Urgent Action: “You Can’t Drink Oil, Keep It in the Soil!”
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Story: Dec 10, 2019
The U.S. Has Almost No Official Presence at COP25 But Is Still “Obstructing Any Progress
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Story: Dec 10, 2019
Asad Rehman on the U.K.’s “Climate Election” & Explosive Afghanistan Papers Revelations
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Story: Dec 10, 2019
Amazonian Forest Protectors Rally Outside COP25 Amid Death of Two Indigenous Chiefs
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Story: Dec 10, 2019
“Listen to Mother Earth”: Indigenous Youth Leaders at COP25 in Madrid Protest Fossil Fuel Extraction
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Story: Dec 10, 2019
Indigenous Youth & Elders at COP25 Protest Canada’s Support of Dirty Tar Sands Projects
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Headline: Dec 10, 2019
Protests Continue in Madrid, Spain, Amid COP25
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Story: Dec 09, 2019
At Major March in Madrid, Indigenous & Youth Activists Slam Global Leaders for Climate Inaction
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Story: Dec 09, 2019
Meet the Climbing Kids: 8- & 11-Year-Old Siblings Who Rappel from Bridge Demanding Climate Action
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Story: Dec 09, 2019
Indigenous Leader Sônia Guajajara: The Amazon Is Burning & Its Defenders Are Being Assassinated
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Story: Dec 09, 2019
Spanish Actor Javier Bardem: We Need Urgency, Ambition & Reduction to Confront Climate Crisis
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Story: Dec 09, 2019
Greta Thunberg at Madrid March: Hope in the Streets, Not the U.N. Climate Summit
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Story: Dec 09, 2019
Greta Thunberg, Rose Whipple & Eriel Deranger on Listening to Indigenous People Amid Climate Crisis
Seg6 toxic tour
Story: Dec 09, 2019
Police Halt Activist-Led “Toxic Tour” of Spain’s “Dirtiest” Corporate Polluters Sponsoring COP25
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Story: Dec 09, 2019
Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron & BP Could Be Legally & Morally Liable for Climate Crisis in Philippines
DN! in the NewsDec 09, 2019
Democracy Now! runs full-page ad in the New York Times about the importance of independent news coverage of the climate crisis
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Story: Dec 06, 2019
COP25: Alternative Climate Summit Honors Those “Suffering the Crimes of Transnational Corporations”
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Story: Dec 06, 2019
“It’s Our Future”: Meet the Youth Activists Behind Fridays for Future Movements in Uganda and Chile
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Story: Dec 06, 2019
Why Are Some of Spain’s Biggest Polluters Sponsoring U.N. Climate Summit?
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Headline: Dec 05, 2019
Report: Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Hit Record High in 2019
H2 european union environmental agency report extreme heat climate change greenhouse gas emissions
Headline: Dec 04, 2019
Report: Europe Could Face Annual Extreme Heat Waves Due to Climate Change
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Story: Dec 03, 2019
My Generation Needs to Say “Enough”: A Swedish Climate Striker Speaks Out About Fridays For Future
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Story: Dec 03, 2019
“We Are Facing a Global Emergency”: Greta Thunberg Arrives Back in Europe to Attend Climate Talks
H5 philippines half million people forced evacuate powerful typhoon kammuri archipelago manila landslides
Headline: Dec 03, 2019
Half a Million Forced to Evacuate as Typhoon Kammuri Slams Philippines
H1 cop25 opens madrid amid dire warnings about climate change united nations spain nancy pelosi democrats
Headline: Dec 02, 2019
COP25 Opens in Madrid Amid Dire Warnings About Climate Change
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Headline: Nov 15, 2019
Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Sets Sail for Europe
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Headline: Nov 01, 2019
Spain to Replace Chile as Host of COP25 U.N. Climate Conference