Fossil of the Day 09 December 2019

Submitted by Meva on December 10, 2019 – 1:18am

Today we have a special star for Fossil of the Day! The United States (US) managed to get its name on three fossil awards in one day! This country is really making its best effort to be the worst for future generations and vulnerable communities worldwide. 

The US is doing great at getting its name down in history as the frontrunner in destroying planet Earth. Is it possible that it is hiding a Planet B somewhere, or is it just enjoying leading the world peeps to mass suicide?!

Fossil 1:

Today, we award the first fossil to the US for insisting on staying in the process just to block money, while refusing to pay its fair share for causing all the loss and damage so painfully felt by poor and vulnerable people worldwide through droughts, heatwaves, hurricanes, fires and other extreme weather events.

We’re here in the halls of power, and the table is set. Despite leaving the Paris Agreement, the US is inviting itself to have a seat at the table, while making it clear they have no intention of paying the bill. The US is trying to bully other countries into letting them stay on the board of the loss and damage Executive Committee, a core institution in the Paris Accord.

Meanwhile, Southern Africa faces its worst drought in 35 years. Eleven million people are facing climate induced starvation.

But what is the US even doing here at the table – it did boast about leaving the Paris Accord, didn’t it? They have been leading a pack of blockers, part of the “rich boys club.” If these countries follow the US example, they’ll be forcing those hardest impacted to foot the bill. To that we say: “If you are going to leave, then you get out of the way…”

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