Why we need a plan

The other day I read an article that captioned Bill Gates as saying ‘I Don’t See Anything Worthy of the Word Plan to Fight Climate Change’. I was somewhat disappointed as he didn’t seem to have much pf a plan to offer either.

I am all in favour of Greta Thunberg’s climate initiatives and I was there on the 27th. I am such a fan that I have a copy of TIME magazine framed in my office as she sits in a rather silly green gown.  But as I have said on Twitter, Activism does work, but we still need to give lawmakers a plan.

Activism does little beyond showing that we are upset and that we want some resolution to the problems. We however offer no categorized and prioritized plan as to how we might do that. Consider for one minute that you were a lawmaker trying to curb climate change – what would you do when there are 193 nations with countless lawmakers and thousands of problems to resolve with all of them trying to satisfy other priorities.

Do I have a plan? Yes I do. It may not be a good plan; like any major endeavor, it needs input and refining as obstacles arise. Have a look at civismundi.net and offer your help.