A Message From: Clayton Thomas Muller – 350 Canada


I am truly speechless. In my decades of community organizing on climate and Indigenous rights, I have never witnessed anything of this scale. 

I am still buzzing with energy as I sit down to write this. Over 7 million people took to the streets for the global climate strikes — including 12,000 here in my home city of Winnipeg. This was the largest climate mobilization ever.

We made history today folks. Let that sink in. 

In Canada, I am hearing 800,000 people and counting joined the climate strikes. In Montreal, Indigenous youth led the charge as 500,000 people marched to demand bold climate action. It was the largest single climate march in the world.

Visit the Global Climate Strikes site to see the stories and photos from climate strikes all over the world. We also made a short video of all the powerful actions from coast to coast to coast: 

Today was truly epic, but we know movements aren’t built in a day. We are only a few weeks away from what might be the most important election of our lives, and now is the time to organize. And we have a plan to scale the energy from the strikes in the lead up to the federal election. We need to make sure every single federal party leader in this country responds to this moment. That’s why we’re asking you to join us and look for answers in the federal leaders’ debate on October 7th. Join our digital watch party. 

People from all walks of life showed up today because they are tired of empty rhetoric from our elected officials. People are ready for real, bold action and it’s time for our elected officials to step up and do what it takes to tackle the climate crisis and rising inequality by backing a made-in-Canada Green New Deal that is centered on respecting the rights and sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples.

This movement is so beautiful, and this is only the beginning. See you in the streets, out on the land and at our digital watch party on October 7th! 

In Respect and peace, Clayton Thomas-Müller

350 Canada is supporting the Our Time campaign along with local hubs led by young people across the country. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, and donate to keep this movement strong and growing. 

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